I'm just a fellow with some words
That seem to always rhyme,
But they are just the same ole words
We all use all the time.
I pick them from collected words
I've gathered here and there,
Then try to be selective when
I have a thought to share.
Then often when I have a thought
Or message to convey
I sift through all the words I have,
That rhyme in what I say.
Some call my writing poetry
And that I guess is true,
And if you want to do the same,
I'll tell you what to do.
As you sift through your box of words
Be patient as you do,
And then select those special words,
That are just right for you.
And soon you'll find the words that rhyme
And fit so perfectly
Then you'll have written out your thought
That will be poetry.

©James OíBrien
July 2004



Follow Me
You asked me if I'd follow
I said, "I'll let you know"
"Just know that I am with you
I'll never let you go".
My heart said "yes"
but my mind said "no"
I was completely confused
which way I should go.
I said, "I hardly know you"
He said, "just take my hand"
I'll take you to a Special Place
I call the Promised Land".
He said "if you are ready
then, please just take my hand
and no matter what may happen
you must always take a stand"
"Whenever you falter,
If ever you stray,
Just call out to me
Because, I Am The Way".

©Rebecca Ann Rence


Flying High

Flying high in the sky,
Glimpse of the glorious by and by,
Up in the clouds of anointing,
Flowing from high to His Highness,
Feeling good like I should,
Trouble donít come my way.
Thereís no place here for you today.
Worry free no problems for me,
This is a day of Jubilee.

Though all of my days are not like this,
They are often pulled from troubleís list.
I canít be touched; I canít be crushed.
Iím dancing through hallelujah's rush
Of fresh fire and fragranced rain.
I feel no hurt; I feel no pain.
If I will elevate my thoughts
In prayer and praise, my freedoms bought.

Then I will continue to fly at ease,
Clap my hands like the trees.
The difference is I wonít fall down.
I wonít turn brown like a withered crown.
Yes, I am flying high in the sky
In the center of Godís eye.
Stay right here, donít have to race;
I am in Godís secret place,
Covered with His feathered lace.

Under His wings, holding me close,
Receiving the blessings I need most,
The angels are waiting to help or else;
But God says, ďnot this time Iíll do it myself.Ē
I found that I donít have to leave.
I can take this with me if I please.
Itís a state of mind, not place or time.
I am under His shadow, and He is mine,
Covered and kept flying high.

©Virginia Jack


Love Is Special

Love is special, Love is sweet
Love is what makes Life complete.
Love is giving, Love is kind
Love is joy, And peace of mind.
Love is laughter Seldom tears
Sharing, caring, Through the years.
Love is more than words express
But mostly Love is happiness.

©Barbara Ellen Powell


My Lord

My Lord,
Your love is stronger than the roaring sea.
Your faithfullness greater than the mountain breeze.
I know the depth and breath of your love.....
And I weep.
I weep with humility,
That you would love me.
I weep with the knowledge that You will never leave.
I know your love, your desire that I would be,
Ever closer and closer, nearer to thee.

My Lord,
My inspiration when trouble comes.
My hiding place, when I know not where to be.
To you I owe my life,
For You give me everything.

Lord, my Lord
help me to be,
More like Jesus, as I seek
Your will for my life...
Yours to keep for your service,
This is my plea.

©Carolyn Morgan


That Man Over There

You see that man over there
the one with the tattered shirt.
The one over there, you can see
he's scroungy and covered with dirt.

He doesn't have a home
yet he goes about and hums.
Just lives on the streets
he and the other bums.

I wouldn't be singing all the time
you could bet on that, not if I were him.
I'd be worried and frustrated too
no family, they just call him Jim.

I'm glad I'm not like that
the poor wretched old guy.
He doesn't have much in life
and sleeps under the open sky.

You'd think he'd be worried
and try to make something of himself.
Instead he wanders about like that,
a wrinkled dried up old elf

I'm glad I'm not like that
no money, no savings, no stash.
What a dirty old man, all alone
Just out on the street like trash.

You see that man over there
the one with the pressed clean shirt.
The one over there you can see
all clean and polished no dirt.

Yes, he's got all the fancy things
but he doesn't sing at all.
Just lives in that big house
with his wife, children and all.

I'd be singing if I were he
I'd be happy cause he's got it all.
But they fight all the time
I think they call him Paul.

I'm glad I'm not like that
that fancy sad rich guy.
For all he seems to have in his life
I know he's not happy, don't know why.

You'd think he wouldn't worry
and not to fuss so much.
He just goes back and forth
from home to work and such.

I'm glad I'm not like that
with all the money and stash.
A lonely sort of guy when he's about
always sad and angry, that's trash!

©Charles W. Hill


Heaven's Visions

Lord,will you meet me at Heavens gate
Reaching out your hand,showing me
the way
When I've dream,of what I might see
You were there waiting,to walk with me
Your golden gates opened,and we passed thru
There were visions of bright lights,
surrounding you
My soul felt such peace,as I looked upon
your face
The softness of your voice,echoed deep
within my faith
I know when I saw you,I wasn't afraid
I felt so much love,the essence of your
My Father,I have come to you,my arms
opened wide
I've come home,to be with Thee
Your waiting arms,to shelter me.

©Written by Marty Ford


Not Alone

My life is stressed and full of pain
But I am not alone
Someone that's very close to me
For many years I've known.

When I am sad and weary
My friend is always there
Never doubting my need for Him
I live with His infinite care.

When I can't sleep at nighttime
Or do things I need to do
I'll have a talk with my friend
And His guidance I'll pursue.

Even though my quality of life
Is not what I'd like it to be
My dearest friend is Jesus
And He's always there with me.

©Ginny Bryant






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