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Patty, you left me

But thatís all right,

I only miss you

All day and all night.


Iím doing ok most of the time,

And Iím adjusting to living alone.

Iím doing my own cooking and washing,

And Iím also answering the phone.


The checkbook seems to be going along,

And Iíve paid all the bills and such.

I only miss hearing your voice,

And seeing you and feeling your touch.


I look around me at ball games and church,

But I know that you wonít be there.

The only place that I go and miss you,

Is a place called everywhere.


©Bob Hefner 8-22-04

(Patty passed away this past year
and will be remembered always as she was
the one who sent Bob's beautiful poems to the
Poet's Desk.  She was loved so much by
those that  had the opportunity
to know her, especially through  the Poet's Desk.)
Mirror Inside
There's more then just the skies
The boundry of my eyes
I can't see You, but I know You're alive
There is hope with Your reflection mirrored inside
I feel a gentle breeze
You put my world at ease
I look deeper, envisioning scenes
You're my sight
My reflection mirrored inside
There are times I close my eyes
but I cannot forsake you Lord
For You have given everything, You gave Your life
And I cannot replace the love you entrust in me
You are the sunrise Lord, You are my mirror inside
Thunder clouds may come my way now
but they pass away into time
I turn around and I see You here
You're the reflection in my mirror
You are the sunshine
You bring me comfort inside
You reflect all the love in my eyes
You alone are the mirror, my mirror inside

©Paul Gentry


(the music file)

Praying To God

Prayer is connecting yourself to God,
You must open your heart and let God in,
There is no handle outside you see,
You must open your heart to Him from within.

Prayer makes a difference, so pray all the time,
Whatever you are doing keep focused on God,
God always will help you in all you do,
But you must stay connected to Him from earth's sod.

A sin is not obeying God's commandments,
In prayer confess your sins to Him you see,
He will forgive you after you ask for forgiveness,
He is a loving God for an eternity.

You can petition God always for some help,
He's always ready to hear your prayers,
Praying is powerful, prayer is good,
Pray to God, He loves you and He cares.

©Anne R.C. Neale


Storms of life

I awake in the middle of the night,
fear overcomes me, I'm alone.
My mind races with troubles I
have no where to run in the dark night.
I get out of bed , get on my knees,
I start to pray, Dear God come into my heart,
my home, take away the fear,
that has overcome me.
I wait, I listen for his answer,
His voice whispers the storm is over.
My heart begins to fill with peace.
I pray father thank you for loving me.
Thank you for the storms in my life
because I know that is when you are
nearer to me. That is when I need you
the most dear Father.

©Vickie Howard



The voice was soft and understood
No mistaking was meant was said
Troubling words heard before
The voice brought hope instead

Speak softly now O Lord I pray
For on whom shall I call
Today I stand in need of you
To be my all in all

These things I can't do myself
Though try and try again
This body now that traps my soul
Has burdened it with sin

Voice of God bring right words
Ones my heart can hear
Let Your Spirit flow inside
As my soul draws near

My soul will proudly sing again
Of things Your Word has done
That works by Grace in my heart
Until You and I are one

©Ronnie Leviner 2004



Autumn Is Here

Soft spoken shadows crouch
hushed, as
Sun dappled patterns on the pavement
weakly filtered through misty haze,
lie scattered there.
Summerís picnic is over;
leaves litter the grounds
once verdantly green,
now yellowed and bronzed
like carelessly tossed wrappers
of carefree revelers,
the confetti and streamers of Summerís parade
in the gutter now
Like the pre election politicianís hollow ring
Springís sweet promise
lies in ash piles now
pungent acrid smoke signals tell usÖ
Autumn is here.

©Karen A. Lech


Poor Jack

Many, many years ago
When I was just a lad,
My mother from her sickbed called,
Her voice was sweet, but sad.
Respect your father, darling boy,
And treat him very well,
But keep him off the demon drink
Or He'll surely go to Hell,
Look after both your sisters too
And see they never lack
For clothing, shelter, warmth and food,
You'll do this for me Jack?
Oh, and don't forget your uncles three,
There is no sense about them,
But at least they are your family,
And you cannot do without them
And then there is your Grandma Jane
She's getting old and frail,
She needs her broth---Why Jack,
you've gone quite pale!
Oh mother mine' I trembling cried,
This is all too much for me
These tasks need not one small boy,
But adults - and two or three!
Remember this my mother dear
In years I am but seven,
So you can stay down here on earth,
'Tis I will go to Heaven!

©Brian J. Pearce


Reflections of Love

I glance at the past, then to the future to see
all of loveís reflections have been of you in me

Reflections of love mirrored in the sea
in the oceans lullaby for an eternity

Gentle the breezes of memories past
the kisses of yesterday that sweetly caress

Reflections of love echoed in a song
my heart always knew together we belonged

Tender the melodies sweet touches to my soul
just as beautifully played now as in days of old

Reflections of love in the velvet blue sky
lifting my spirits with each kiss and each sigh

You are my shining star shimmering so bright
safe and warm as kindred spirits in the night

This haven of dreams held tenderly in love
whispering my thank you to God up above

©jane kelley







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