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I Love My Country Living

I love to live here in the country
Born and raised here, where I want to be
In this beauty under a clear blue sky,
And as far as I can see.

There is a softness in the country air,
That brings so much happiness to my soul.
As a child here I had fun just playing,
And jumping in the old swimming hole.

My momma made the best fried apple pie,
Every day for our supper time
Always kept supper warm
And my daddy came home just in time.

And I still love my country living,
Its the place where my heart will dwell
A penny bought a lot back then,
at the little grocery store I knew so well.

With my friend, we would sit on a bench
Under the clear moonlight,
We would hold hands and talk
And then we would say goodnight.

Once on a tree beside our house,
He carved our initials in a heart,
to remind us of the love we had,
Even if we had to part.

So I still love my country living,
and those down home country ways,
the land that our Creator made us,
that will have beauty always.




Why are you so happy?
Why are you so glad?
Who has faded all your doubts
And cast away your fears?
Why are you so radiant?
Who drew the glow upon your cheeks?
Who brought the peace into your heart?
And calmed life’s blissful bow?
Why are you so loving?
Who whispered freedom in your ear?
Who cast your mountains seaward?
And who washed away the mire?
Why are you so trusting?
Why are you so strong?
Who gave to you a two-edged sword
To keep away all wrong?
Why are you so sure?
Why are you so free?
Because I am loving God, and He is loving me!

©Virginia Jack


Think of God

When the World Seems Shallow - LOVE

And Everything's Amiss - PEACE

Just Think of God - TRUTH

And Remember Who He Is - JOY

© by Joyce C. Lock

Sweetness Of Love

In the heart of days as existence shines,
And I feel loves' abiding heart,
I grasp all I find and how God combines,
And know sweetness of love's His Art.

As I watch the lovely roses still bloom,
And I sense love’s perfume that airs,
I touch a beautiful petal or plume,
And know sweetness of love that shares.

In the heart of days as two grey doves pose,
And I see such closeness as one,
I view wondrous life all the while it flows,
And know sweetness of love begun.

As I hear all over sweet life is love,
And I reflect on loving things,
I listen to natures' sounds from above,
And know sweetness of love that sings.

In the heart of days as the sun beams bright,
And I feel loves’ heart cry all through,
I grasp all life as God breathing delight,
And know sweetness of love with you.

©Sondra McPherson
October 19, 2004


Coming Days

One day as I went through a field
That grows not far away,
I saw a special loveliness
Just at the end of day.

This was a large and spacious field
With rows of colored blooms,
For they were roses of all kinds
With scents like their perfumes.

And then as I looked out across
This multicolored view,
The sun began to set for it
Had done all it could do.

Then as I watched the orange ball
Depart the western sky,
The beauty of this spectacle
Brought moisture to my eye.

And with the last descending light
These words I had to say,
I’ll see you in the morning when
We start a brand new day.

And then I smile a grateful smile
With sun’s depleting rays,
With faith to guide a hopeful heart
To meet the coming days.

©James O’Brien



The Way of Life

My sins are forgiven
But only because you died.
There on the tree
They did take your life.

You gave your life for me Lord.
For me you bore the pain.
And I want you to know Lord,
You did not die in vain.

I may not be perfect Lord,
You know I'm far from that.
But Lord I try to think of you
And just how you would act.

I see my brother hungry
And I give him my food.
When I see a person hurting
I try to heal the wound.

But somehow Lord
It seems so little
And I've come to know the truth.
The good deeds are important
But my heart means more to you.

You care not what I do Lord
But the motive you do see
That I seek only to please you
Let me be closer to thee.

©Carolyn Morgan



During the course of living
many appointments we make.
Often the time and date
we change for convenience’s sake.
When we should see the dentist
we promise to eat less sweet food.
When we should see the doctor
we may not be in the mood.
We make appointments with God
promising to church we will go.
But find it easier to stay at home
if it rains or the wind should blow.
Two appointments we cannot delay.
The first is physical death
to end our earthly stay.
The second appointment
is where our soul will forever be.
The Book of Life is the real key.
But there is good news
that makes us rejoice.
God sent us Jesus
and gave us a choice.
Like taxes, physical death,
is going to happen one day.
But the choice is ours
where our soul will forever stay.

©Richard E. Funnell


Love’s Memory

I strolled down the lane of memory today
Along the paths I walked yesterday.
Places and faces all gathered around
Faces in places now deep in the ground.

Friends and loved ones I could see
Some of them seemed to beckon to me.
Knowing my days could not be long
A feeling to be there became very strong.

A feeling of sadness then came over me
For some I still cherished and never set free.
Some I have loved and never let go,
The pains in my heart they could not know.

Then back to the present my mind did return.
I thought of those present and how I do yearn
To tell them how my feelings are now.
To express my love to them somehow.

This expression I should do right away
Since life as we know could end any day.
A phrase I must form with words that’s true,
I must find the courage to say, I love you.

© Ralph Bolick


A New Look

Some never know what they really can do,
unless they gives it a go;
they can wish all they may
and day-dream away,
but just wishin' won't make it so.
With talents galore, but hidden in store;
like that in a buried drum;
by the strong, and the frail,
whom surely will fail,
just wishin' for things to be done.

So, grab some brushes and paint,
and don't say you ''caint'',
for this word is not in the book;
and color the things that come in your dreams,
will show how good you can look.

Next, say what you think
with your pen and the ink,
expressing just how you feel;
then fix in your mind some wording that rhymn,
those that will fit the bill!

Now here's an adage as clear as a bell;
one referring to doubt;
that ''if you don't try, you'll only get by,
which isn't enough to shout;
that.. ''pitch it on in, and try it again,
if first you don't succeed;
that in the end you'll always win,
if you keep on planting the seed!''

And after it's done you've proven someone,
could do what he thought he couldn't;
and that only to try, and understand why:
''that proof lies there in the puddin'!

©William E. Hardison - copyrights recorded





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