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If  Ever You Need Me

As I look upon the ocean,
While winds blow up a breeze,
I hear whispers set in motion,
Lord I bow to my knees.

Every day I sit here praying,
Oh Lord I'm Yours to be,
Tell me to Heed what You're saying,
If ever You need me.

As I hear the sounds of beauty,
Lord I know they're from Thee,
Since You open doors with Your Key,
In awe I'll ever be.

The waves are coming in closer,
Lord I'll pray and agree,
For You're the Divine Endorser,
If ever You need me.

For I love You with all my heart,
And I'll help those in need,
Any time my prayers I'll impart,
Lord let me plant a seed.

Lord thank You for using me now,
Your vessel sends a plea,
And to Heaven flows my new vow,
If ever You need me.

©Sondra McPherson
August 3, 2004

Title to Our Life

When buying a car a title we get.
This we don’t allow the dealer to forget.
We get a title for a new house
and include the name of our spouse.
Earthly items we buy and a title we expect.
Looking for flaws we closely inspect.
We bargain with God to answer prayer.
If He says no we think Him unfair.
Title to a soul saving document
Jesus did freely give.
That is the guarantee
of our sins to forgive.
We make a lifetime commitment
when taking a wife.
But to our Lord and Savior
have we given Him title to our life?
The title gives God full control,
so that Him we may serve best.
Our faith may even be put to the test.
Faith is trusting and believing
in everything from God,
As down the highway of life we trod.

©Richard E. Funnell


When I Think Of You

It was a dreadful rainy night,
As lightning strikes gave off their light,
When I remembered true delight,
‘Twas then I thought of you.

Another time in darkened room,
When everything was draped in gloom,
Then smelled a hint of your perfume,
‘Twas then I thought of you.

And then I walked out in the park,
When I had felt life lost its spark,
And all around me was so dark,
‘Twas then I thought of you.

It seems each times I’m feeling down,
When lower lip sags to the ground,
And smiles have been replaces with frown,
‘Tis Then I think

And every time I think of you,
Those dark days when I'm feeling blue,
Are soon replaced by feelings true.
I'm glad I think of you.

Those feelings are how much we care,
The thoughts and hugs we often share,
And then I look at you and stare,
I think I may love you.

©James O'Brien




The mountains are ablaze
with brilliant colors
that stagger the senses.
Summer is gone and Autumn
plays her grand finale.

The October sky is crystal clear
with cumulus clouds akin to
fluffy white wool.
The urge to recline there,
if it were possible,
would be almost irresistible.

The air turns crisp like
freshly bought celery.
Daylight is brief,
and darkness is a welcome
respite to dream of this
intoxicating time.

The trees gently shed
their leaves of red, and gold
while all of nature claps her hands,
and glorifies the Creator!
The apples lay down their bounty
and scent the air with the freshness
of a crisp fall morning.

The squirrels prepare
a place to hoard nuts,
while the birds migrate south
to a destination foreordained.

We'll relish some steamy
chili made with hot peppers
these chilly, uncertain,
days of Autumn.

A fresh quality of excitement
is in the air, while
Chimneys bellow out their protest
of the soon coming cold.

O' Holy Father, I thank
and praise you for
the beauty of nature this day,
and for all of your provisions.

©Doris J. Niswonger



You gave me a beautiful Grandaughter
We named her just for you.
She is the apple of our eye
And I know you love her to.

Please keep her safe
Each day Lord.
She is vulnerable you know.
She really is so precious,
And we love her so.

©Carolyn Morgan


Speak to me Lord

Speak to me Lord, Tell me what to say.
I need to help someone in trouble,
find their way.
Lord speak to me whether it be poetry,
or song I know if the words come from you
I can't go wrong.

©Vickie Howard


Summer To Fall

As the golden sun rays illuminate the leaves on the trees,
The reds, the yellows, and the orange colors intensify,
Like a golden spot light, the sun displays their colors
They are so beautiful in the widgewood sky.

What a beautiful way to end the Fall Season
With migrating birds flying in the air,
Jack Frost waits breathlessly too to have his turn,
He knows you'll need warmer clothes in his air.

Old Man Winter will be here very soon
For the Harvest moon has taken its turn,
Everything is programmed by the Almighty,
We need to be perceptive so that we can learn

As the sun's golden rays illuminate the colored leaves
The Summer season is slowly changing into Fall,
Mankind is getting ready for the Winter Season
Which is invigorating and refreshing for our Spirit and Soul.

©Anne R.C. Neal


Far Apart

Whenever the wind is blowing
Just listen ..and you may hear
My whispered words calling
To you in the twilight., my dear

And if you are looking into the waters
And thinking of us, so far apart
You may feel the warmth from me....
And may feel me touching your heart.

When you look up and see all the stars
on a warm summers night
Watch their glow and you will feel
my hand reaching out to you in the moonlight.

When you are troubled or sad
Look inside your heart
And you will see my love for you,
That will never let us part.

When you feel sad or alone
Just shut your eyes real tight
Then you will not be lonely.
As you will hear my whisper,so light.

When you need me to be there,
You will hear me, and feel my touch
And I know you will be here with me
Because I love you so much.

©Annie 11/07/04


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