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Smile Down On Me

We spent so long together,
But seems it all is past.
For God has taken you my love,
May you rest in peace at last.

So many times you suffered,
But complaints I never heard.
For you were truthful to yourself,
And truthful to Godís word.

You placed your faith in God above,
For all those torturous years.
Quietly asking for strength in prayer,
Never saw you shedding tears.

You never asked for more from me,
Than the love I had for you.
Returning your love to me always,
With a love that was so true.

But youíve gone to join the Angels now,
You deserve the very best.
Through lifeís trials and tribulations,
You have passed the hardest test.

For you loved your fellow man,
Was there for all to see.
All I ask of you from now,
To simply smile on me.

You are in our Godís presence now,
Iím sure with God youíre reminiscing,
So please ask God on my behalf,
For a smile, and He will listen.

Smile down upon me from above,
To help me tote the load.
Until I come to meet you,
When itís time to leave this road.

Just knowing that your smile is there,
Will the pain to bear.
The pain of loneliness I have,
With no one here to share.

I may be so very lonely,
And feel life has no worth.
But I know youíre smiling on me,
While I am here on Earth.

Smile down upon me Angel,
Get all the other Angels too.
To send their smiles towards me,
So I can smile for you.

For I know when you are smiling,
For I that smile will see.
So please my love I ask you,
To simply smile down upon me

©Dark Blue Knight


Our Love Is A Safe Harbor

In the storms of life, our love is a safe harbor.
This circle of three has no beginning, no end;
anchored in Christ, the center of our marriage;
on this sure thing, we can always depend.
Written in stone, two are better then one,
one can lift, if fallen, the other makes a mistake.
Together, we can resist any raging onslaught.
A rope made of three cords is hard to break.

When tempest winds begin to blow,
I'll run to the shelter of your arms;
my best friend, my haven of strength,
with God in our midst, I'm safe from harm.

For me, there's nothing more romantic
when in your embrace, we kneel in prayer.
We can be assured, God hears each plea
He sees our heart and knows our every care.

God knows there are times we need Him in the flesh.
He gave you to me and in you, His splendor I see.
If ever I'm lost, the light of love will lead me home
for our love is a beacon shining on darkened seas.

©TinasHeart 11/22/04



Thinking of you

For the first time in my life
I feel I have found real love
I know that it was sent to me
By our Father up above
The things you say are so special to me
You always make me smile
I know that we were meant to be
Even if we have to wait awhile
I think of you each morning
I think of you each night
I long to be beside you
Wrapped in your arms so tight
The time we are apart
Only makes our love grow strong
I love you more each passing day
I will never do you wrong
I look forward to our future
Whatever it may hold
I know we can get through anything
As together we grow old
I'm so happy that I met you
My life is now complete
I love you with all my heart
Too many times I can't repeat
So until the day that you come home
I will be yours forever true
Think about me every day
I'll always be thinking of you

©Bob Sell


When Will The Hurting Stop

When will the hurting stop?
Will it never, ever end?
I miss you my darling sweetheartó
My companion and best friend.

You were special to me always,
And I know you were God sent.
So many happy hours
The two of us, together, spent.

I find it hard to believe youíre gone,
I know itís real but yet itís not.
I donít know how Iíll live without you
But Iíll give it my best shot.

When the tears well up inside me,
When I feel sadness through and through,
I remember youíre in Heaven,
And someday Iíll be there too.

How well will I do without you,
Itís too soon for me to say.
Iím trusting Godís love, grace and infinite wisdom,
To give me direction and strength each day.

©Bob Hefner 7-19-04


In God's Eyes

When your feeling so down and out
And think that no one cares
Just lift yor eyes up to the skies
And say a little prayer
It doesn't matter, where or when
In times of need, the Lord don't care
Your words need not be perfect
Just let it flow, from within your heart
In prayer your heart is speaking
True meaning, from deep inside
Words that flow so gently
Your soul, you share with him
His love is ever unending
Your prayers, your every need
In Gods eyes, we are his children
His love awaits, for all that seeks.

©Marty Ford


Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever wondered
How many stars are in the sky?
Or, what it really means
When someone say's they're ''flying high''?

I wonder if they're ''flying high''
Because of God's great love
I'm pretty sure this feelings sent
From our Father up above.

Have you ever wondered
About God's Amazing Grace?
How our Lord has enough
For the entire human race.

Have you ever listened to
The rustle of the trees?
And how that gentle rustling
Causes such a sweet, cool breeze.

Have you wondered about salvation
Or, What is God's Great Plan?
God's given us the road map
To every living man.

Accept the Lord's son, Jesus
Because he died for you
And then ask for forgiveness
That's all you have to do.

©Rebecca Ann Rence


I'm In A Crowd

I'm in a crowd
and so alone.
People coming and going.
People in their cliques.
I'm in a crowd
and so alone.
I feel that I'm a phantom.
I try to speak,
but, they move away.
What am I to do?

I'm in a crowd
and so alone.
Finally, I have someones attention,
but, someone blocks my way.
I cry out in pain,
no one listens.
Oh, what am I to do?

I'm in a crowd
and so alone.
I go to my corner
and wait for someone to speak.
They never do.

I guess I'm one of those
the crowd passes by.
I'm in a crowd
and so alone.
Author unknown.
(Leona is Author)

©Leona Koziarski



Sometimes as I sit here all alone
the gentle sounds of a rippling stream
bring tears to my eyes
as I remember our once shared dream

Sometimes when I sit all alone
my emotions have no where to hide
then a whisper from the wind
gives release to those tears inside

Sometimes as I sit alone
a smile will begin to curl on my face
with precious memories of you and me
leaving in my soul such a gentle trace

Sometimes as I sit alone
as twilight falls and shadows surround me
I pray to God that this dream in my heart
I will be allowed to forever keep

©jane kelley




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