They say everyone has a soul mate
I am in search of mine
I'll look to the heavens and to the stars
I'll look until my heart shines

I feel unbelievably connected
To this man I've yet to meet
I'm determined I'm going to find him
These odds I am going to beat

At times I get discouraged
Seems my search will never end
Then something inside me feels all warm
My journey starts once again

I know he's out there somewhere
I'll find my way to him
And once I feel his touch
My life will then begin

©Deb Offenberger



Spiritual Rest

One can be in Christ, be very committed,
Yet in his life not FEEL acquitted.
Still living with guilt that's not his own,
Yet, the bible makes it plain and he is shown;

Jesus paid the price with His own blood,
For all of men's sins, all of the crud.
Knowing this, he enters another test.
This time out of life has gone all zest.

So working for God will be his goal,
Hoping by this to gain a large dole.
For certain, God must put him on a shelf
To gain a perspective, die more to self.

His flesh wants some activity,
For he loathes this state of passitivity.
His nerves are jangled from so much quiet.
Lonliness becomes a steady diet.

He always thought he had much to give,
But restraint is the way he must live.
Searching each day for the answer why,
Very seldom, if ever, are his eyes dry.

Why is he destined to such a dry place?
If only the reason he could trace!
Praying hard but the answer was detained,
Almost every night his pillow was stained.

One day in prayer the answer came...
Such glory inexpressible was his claim!
Not wanting to move lest turmoil return,
Soaking in the glory, the lesson he'd learned.

Finally, at last his soul reached the crest...
It was the best God had... sweet place of rest!
In sabbath rest the soul will trust
The plan of God for it is just.

Entering rest is so refreshing,
No fleshly activity and threshing,
Just joy and peace and whatever he wills,
Leaving the letter for it only kills.

Rest, sweet rest, and oh, so sublime!
He can work with God for it's the time.
He's able to take life's hardest blows,
Resting in Jesus while God's Spirit flows.

©Doris J. Niswonger
Copyright 1982


Life Is For The Living

You are alive, you have your life to live,
Are you enjoying it, or dragging through each day?
How is your life? are you accomplishing your dreams and your wishes?
Or are you plodding along disillusioned in some way?

Life is not easy, we are being tested every minute,
Life is a learning experience for us every day,
Enjoy each minute and take time out for you,
Life it too short, enjoy it while you may.

©Anne R. C. Neale


The River Of Life

Over this river of life we flow,
Down the currents sail,
Upon the changing tides we go...
Fighting it ''tooth and nail''.

It is a long and rocky route
For all us sailors be;
Some souls will reach their goals throughout,
Some sink within the sea.

We're traveling with a hope for peace,
Of love, and harmony;
And striving for all wars to cease...
'Til everyone is free!

So we're sailing on this river of life
To some far better place;
Where absent are the woes and strife,
Just dwell in God's embrace!

William E. Hardison / copyrights recorded



God's Great Plan

My DNA determines
Exactly who I'll be
This was all of God's plan
When he created me.

God gave us all a purpose
And my purpose I do know
He put me here for others
And ''His Way'' I am to show.

Some of us are rich
And some of us are poor
Because I have the Lord's love
All I ever need is more.

Our paths all lead to righteousness
And, sometimes mistakes we make
It's up to us to correct these
Because our ''salvation'' is at stake.

God asked me to show you
How perfect life can be
I'm glad that I'm his vessel
And that he speaks through me.

God wants you to be patient
Kind and loyal too
So that he may share and spend
''Eternity'' with you.

Although we may not feel as though
We get what we deserve
It's important to remember
It's our Lord that we must serve.

In the end we'll be together
And have everlasting life
For once you'll know eternal peace
And end your toil and strife.

I hope that you will join me
At the party God has planned
We'll be there all together
At the Almighty's right hand.

©Rebecca Ann Rence


What A Joy It Was To Know You

Sweetheart, we already miss you,
And we know we’ll miss you more,
But it’s a cause for rejoicing
That you’re safe on Heaven’s shore.

Your life here ended suddenly.
For all of us it was too soon.
We know you’re singing Heaven’s praises,
With perfect rhythm in perfect tune.

What a joy it was to know you,
As friend, grandmother, mother, wife.
And we, each one, are so privileged
That you came into our life.

You were friendly, you were lovely,
And you were so much fun.
We can’t wait again to see you
When our journey here is done.

Thank you for the memories,
We’ve enjoyed you so much, Dear.
And forever and forever
We’ll rejoice that you were here.

We know you’re enjoying life in Heaven,
Not a worry, not a fear,
And that in God’s perfect timing,
By his grace we’ll join you, Dear.

©Bob Hefner 6-28-04


To Love A Friend

Life is like a flowing river,
That flows from day to day.
It chooses its direction,
And flows along its way.

New waters fill the water’s flow,
And old ones never stay.
That is how we live our life,
With what we do and say.

We know not what’s before us,
Or how each day may end.
Is this the day we find our love,
Or just another friend?

The choice for this is up to us,
On our heart we must depend.
We never shall find happiness,
Until to others love we send.

© Ralph Bolick




As I walk along the sandy beach
And I watch the setting sun.
I think about some things you said,
And some that we have not done.

We’ve shared our thoughts so many times
And how someday together we would live,
And often you have told me that its better
To show our love and also give.

And then there were some painful times,
When sadness filled my heart,
And you said you've always loved me
Right from the very start.

I’ve often felt hurt by others words
And each time I've cried and prayed
But in time its made me love you more,
And has helped me along the way.

And as I walk along the beach again
I can feel you here with me,
For I am thinking of our deep love,
And you, waiting back there for me.

©Annie 11/25/04



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