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Said goodbye with an ''I love you''
An ''I love you'' not said enough
An ''I love you'' for all of time
But sometimes love says goodbye

This is a goodbye not meant to hurt
This is a goodbye hated
This goodbye is a remedy
Said out of love

©Danny Clausen


Heavenly Father up above,
please protect the trucker I love.
Guide him through the ice and snow,
and free from dangers only you know.
Make his mind as strong as steel,
and be his hands upon the wheel.
Be his mortal sight each day,
on streets where little children play.
Give him strength for every trip,
that he may care for what they ship.
Bless the four wheelers as they pass,
and teach them not to go so fast:
Bless our family home that wait;
and help us understand his fate.
Give us wisdom that we may show,
how much we love him, as you know.
And keep him mindful every mile,
that life is but a little while.

©Rose Katzenstein


You Raise Me Up

Oh Lord, this burden seems too much to bear
seems the enemy's always knocking on my door.
Please calm the raging storm that brews within,
for I do not know that I can take much more.

My heart is heavy with the load I must carry,
tears of sorrow are streaming down my face.
Come and dry my tears and soothe my fears
as I wait for you, here in this secret place.

Gently, you remind me of all my prayers,
lifting me up, holding me close as I cry.
''My child, I've not left you for you see,
it's through the trials, my answers I apply.''

Lord, help me not to look at my circumstances,
ever gazing up, I want to keep my eyes on thee,
put aside my fears, attend unto your loving face,
walking steadily onward to you upon stormy seas.

For me, you have a plan and your ways are best,
for Lord, you are all knowing and ever wise.
I would always know that all is under control,
if only I could see things through your eyes.

Without your grace, I know I'd surely die.
Through the storm, you have been carrying me.
In your unfailing love, my spirit's lifted high,
By your strength, I'm much more then I could be.

Lifting my hands in praise, I see the sun appear,
casting it's golden hues on storm tossed seas.
Clearer I can see, you are leading me through
thank you Jesus for it's like you, I long to be.

©TinasHeart 11/14/04



Jesus - He is love

As I awoke this morning
I paused a while and thought
Just what an awesome Lord I have
And what joy he's brought.

My life could not be the same
Without the peace He brings
And never could I cope the same
Without His love and grace.

Jesus! What a wonderful man
To die on Calvary
My Lord and saviour
Giver of life to all eternity.

I know He loves my soul
And that He died just for me.
You too can know His love
And He will walk close to thee.

©Carolyn Morgan


Miracles Still Happen

Some 2,000 years ago,
In the town of Bethlehem,
Was born a little baby boy,
Of a virgin --
They called Him 'JESUS'.

Miracles Still Happen!

© by Joyce Lock


I'll Send You My Love

I'll send you my love forever,
Never to part from you,
Loving intense and devoted,
My love is always true.

I'll send you my love forever,
If you will but want me,
Yes, I've been calling so long,
My love is always free.

I'll send you my love forever,
With the scent of a rose,
Vivid and fresh, tender and strong,
My love grows, sweetly flows.

I'll send you my love forever,
It is pure and complete,
Never with stain, but unblemished,
My love defies defeat.

I'll send you my love forever,
My heart has feelings too,
Tears of compassion are falling,
My love truly wants you.

I'll send you my love forever,
If you will but ask me,
I am Jesus, I am waiting,
My love is yours to be.

©Sondra McPherson
November 15, 2004



For every loss thereís a cost.
The price is always right.
Those bereaved, they must receive
Much wealth in solitude and comfort.
What goes around comes again.
Next time you may have to help a friend.

Comfort and compassion cannot be bought.
It certainly cannot be taught.
It is earned, and not learned.
Unless you know within yourself
Your neighborís turmoil and sorrow,
Unless you know the route
The heart for sure will follow,

Youíll never really know how deep youíve reached.
But, if you have experienced the hammering,
The hammering of the soul,
The nailing of the hands and feet,
Then you will surely not retreat.
It will be experienced in your life.

Loss is never the end;
It is only another place to begin, love.
Those passed away will not be forgotten,
But that will pull you up to a higher height
In compassion and love for hurting others.
They are waiting, for your cover.

©Virginia Jack


I Must Say Farewell

When seeing twin tower rubble
I still get a tear in my eye.
It has been a long time
yet my soul still does cry.
Seeing rubble that used to be
more than just a tall tower
reveals the brutal strength
of Satanís destructive power.
After a brief period of time
my tears turned to hate.
Closure for many families
will be a long wait.
Piloted by animals in a plane
from the sky high above
came murdering terrorist
I find impossible to love.
Victimís chance for salvation
was forever taken away.
For the unsaved lost souls
I often take a moment to pray.
Buried deep beneath the ruins
are souls forever lost.
The price of eternity in hell
carries an incalculable cost.
Only Satan and fallen angels
are doomed forever to hell.
Even terrorist can be saved
if removed from Satanís spell.
Jesus is the only one
who can offer terrorists salvation
for the sin of murdering people
of our great nation.
Deliverance is available
to everyone still alive.
Even to the terrorist,
if they repent before judgment arrives.
We are human, weak and helpless
so to God we must seriously pray,
that in the battle for every soul
our God will have His way.
Even the terrorist have a soul
but that is difficult to concede.
Yet the Bible warns us
about Judging otherís deeds.
When I pray to God above
otherís destiny I must NOT conclude.
When I pray for the souls of others,
myself I must be sure to include.
I judged and hated the terrorists.
Even wishing them to eternal hell.
This is not what Jesus would do.
So to my hate I MUST say farewell.

©Richard E. Funnell


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