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The Perfect Song

If I could write the perfect song
if I could find just the right words to say
It would have to start with Love and Hope
and thoughts of a bright new day

If I could write the perfect song
If I could find just the right words to say
It would have to include peace and joy
and happy thoughts portray

If I could write the perfect song
and make it come from the heart
life and liberty it would have to declare
and happiness would be a major part

If I could just do it, just this time
and write the perfect song
I’d sing it over and over
every day and all day long

If I could write the perfect song
and find just the right words to make it a hit,
I’d be so proud. I can feel it
down in my very being,
down deep in my soul.

It is there like a fresh new butterfly
wanting to spread wide its wings and fly.
I can feel it like a volcano
building up with such pressure
and waiting for just the right moment
to erupt and let everyone know that it is alive.

It is a beautiful song, I know it is.
One that everyone will want to sing
for as long as they live.
The notes are placed in such a way
that everyone is amazed by its simplicity
and yet complex rendition.

The harmony, oh the harmony, sweet and mellow
and yet a powerful force seems to drive it.
Sing everyone....sing! It is my song....
a song with such emotion.
The song I feel with every fiber of my being,
with every ounce of churning
that beats within my heart.

I feel like I’m going to burst
and out of my mouth will come
the most beautiful song
that anyone has ever heard.
If I could just write the perfect song.

©Charles W. Hill 2003


Portrait of an Angel

I saw a little girl, very sad kneeling and alone,
Holding a kitten white and fluffy, where both had no home
For in a world of strangers, they hid
down her cheek ran a tear into the soft white fur from her eye lid
a mirror of glass touched by normal vision hung on the wall
and in her reflection, and only there, for a moment there were wings that I saw
wings of an angel never seen by anyone, no one knows they are there
she smiles again, and laughs, but in the mirror never sees the wings anyplace or anywhere
however many people, she has touched with her love
they swore she had wings, but they were never seen
she did not live forever
just as mortals do, they die
but near her pillow by her bed side
there is where feathers lie

©Christine Jordan


There Is A Place

There is a place
somewhere in time
Wholly a state of mind
You may fear what it might be,
or you may fear what it might not be
You may hardly dare approach the boundary
of what it might mean to your eternal soul
Yet you're fascinated with its power,
and linger on the threshold of desire
to know what it might hold for you
Will it be the heaven you've wanted
or the hell you've always feared
And the interesting thing is,
that it's always been up you

© dennis j hopkins



The Cross I Have To Bear

My load is heavy,
I don't feel strong.
But I'll bear my cross,
My whole life long.

I will not falter,
For I can see.
To carry that load,
Is my destiny.

But I'm not alone,
I understand.
If I put faith in God,
He'll lend a hand.

There's times I stumble,
With the seeds I've sown.
Try to bear that cross,
All on my own.

Spend endless days,
And with nights I share.
So my life becomes,
One long nightmare.

Seems that things,
Are not the same.
To have one's life,
So filled with pain.

I cannot help it,
And sometimes fall.
Then pray to God,
My cross recall.

I seem to lay,
Upon the ground.
Amazed that somehow,
New strength is found.

Someone helps me to my feet,
Tells me, No it's not the end.
The load is lighter,
I've found a friend.

Sometimes that friend,
I cannot see.
But He bore his cross,
On Calvary.

I then remember,
My Lord's own pain.
Arise and bear,
My cross again.

I know not when,
This load I'll shed.
This cross I bear,
The pain I dread.

But I do know,
And do believe.
One day this cross,
Somewhere I'll leave.

No more crosses,
No more tears.
No more pain,
No more fears.

I'll stand before my God,
And he will see.
I bore my cross,
With dignity.

I pray I will,
Have done enough.
Throughout my life,
That seemed so tough.

My God will say,
Come, Heaven share.
I've seen you carry,
The cross you bear.

The cross is lifted,
For all time.
You bore your cross,
Like I bore mine.

Your pain and suffering,
I do revoke.
No more for you,
That painful yoke.

©Dark Blue Knight
All Rights Reserved


The Dust of Destiny

God made a man from the dust of the earth
And miraculously fashioned his frame
He blessed him with values and purpose and worth
And gave him a marvelous name

He was called Adam the first of his kind
In likeness and image of God
Perfect in body and spirit and mind
The angels of heaven were awed

In all of creation this man was the best
And yet he was standing alone
The creatures of earth with their mates had been blessed
Yet Adam lacked one of his own

God sent a deep sleep to encompass this man
And removed a rib from his side
When the work was completed in purpose and plan
This man had a beautiful bride

Bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh
A Woman, A Partner, A Wife
In the rivers of love we will often refresh
We are linked by the Father for life

In His wonderful way, God’s working today
When you trust Him the blessings will start
Then with joy you can say, He is molding the clay
And He lives and abides in my heart

In this moment in time, there’s a reason and rhyme
To pay heed to the things we’ve discussed
When your God’s in control, He’ll be stirring your soul
With the way He’s still using the dust !!!

©Jim Lake


Genesis 1:26a, 27, 31, 2:7 …Then God said, Let us make man in Our image,
according to Our likeness; …Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the
ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became
a living soul. And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. And God saw every thing that He had made, and behold, it was very good.

I Miss The old Songs

I miss the old songs of salvation.
The ones the church was built on.
To save a soul such as mine.
To God be the glory.
great things He hath done.
Once rang to the rafters,
now has gone silent.

He hideth my soul
in the cleft of the rock.
Surely, His hand
still covers me?

I've found a friend in Jesus.
Are his arms still stretched
out for you and me?

The Old Rugged Cross
made the difference.
Without the blood of
We all die.

Christ is all, yes all in all,
My Christ is all in all.
They all once rang to the rafters.
To save a soul such as mine.
I miss the old songs of salvation.

©Leona Koziarski


Worlds Apart

My thoughts are high up in the mountains
So very far from me, here below
Up there is a world unlike no other,
And with many secrets froze in snow

The beautiful eagles soar so gracefully,
With the wind beneath their wings
Do they know the tales of other times,
And of such wonderful magical things.

I am down below the mountains,
And where the grass grows so green,
And He is high there ,up above
Where the air is pure and clean.

As the gentle winds whisper to me
Reminds me of special times gone by,
When we were alone and danced
Under the stars up in the sky.

Here at the bottom of the mountains,
Where the winds flow through the trees,
I can hear your distant laughter,
Thats been carried by the breeze.

In your place up there on the mountain
Where you live so proud and free...
I am here in my world , and all alone
And in your world I may never be.

Annie 1/05/05



Oh, how softly and faint the voice is
And as I strain to hear the oncoming sound
I feel it is very far off, yet clear
Through melodious words,
It pleads with me to put them down.

The voice so peaceful, and smooth
Somewhat like an echo from above
It will be gone for some time,
Then as if beckoned, it returns in love

I cannot pen a poem, nor would I try
As the Father sends one from above
To recite the words that flow
On the paper and with much love

Sometimes they come often,
Yet when I rush and feel stressed
The words get flooded over,
And to hear them I must have rest

Oh, peaceful rest, how I love thee
Visions of softly flowing streams
Satiny clouds gracefully moving
And silence, for visions and dreams.

Yet not asleep, I can sit in the realm
Of tranquility and hear a bird sing.
I feel the breeze move softly through the trees
And happiness like none other it can bring.

Then, and only then, the words go down on paper
Inspired, these words coming in through the melody
And as I write them, I feel a caress within my heart
In addition, a peace, overwhelming,
Singing such as a psalmody.

© Kentucky Lady
January 4, 2005



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