Knees Of Steel

With two hands helping her she sits in her pew,
White gloved hands placing a Bible in her lap.
She feebly reaches for a hymnbook,
But even this she cannot do,
Her Body says it's time for a nap. 

With a little help and with trembling, withered hands,
She turns to today's song.
She sings from her heart those life long loves,
And rejoices that it won't be too long.

After the service she shuffles to her spot,
To the missionary table to pay the little fees.
The little kids laugh at the things she brought,
But one asks, ''Have you seen her knees?''.

Joy builds in her heart as she nears her home,
And sees the new car in the drive.
Two grandsons all over the front yard do roam,
To call out their names she strives.

All afternoon she smiles and prays,
For the two little boys that she loves.
That one day maybe one would grow up,
To take the Good News while led by the Dove.

Her body is tired and desires to sleep,
The boys are still busy as bees.
She puts them to bed with, ''Now not a peep!''
But brother asks brother,
''Have you seen great-grandmas's knees?''

Dawn not yet come but she is up,
Taking her pills and juice and bread.
She goes to her room and shuts the door,
And falls to her knees near her bed.

No pain is felt as those knees hit the floor,
They've done it thousands of times.
For hours and hours just like before,
They stay there until 3 times the clock chimes.

Missions, family and friends prayed for,
She's given God her pleas.
Her Grandsons come in and quitely ask,
''Grandma, can we look at your knees?''

I wish you were here so that I could tell you,
That all of my flesh I've slain,
And to tell you that I'm going now,
Your prayers didn't go in vain.

You loved missions, and God has called me to that,
I can see you rejoicing in Heaven's breeze.
No softening the ground with a simple prayer mat,
Grandma, I want your knees.

This poem is about my great-grandma, Flo.
She prayed for hours every morning for missions
and like the poem says, I wish she was still here
so I could let her know that God has called me
into missions.  I wish I had her here praying for me.  I
hope that one day I can have her caloused knees that
were always bent against the floor.  I don't know
maybe God already told her that I'm called.  She
doesn't have to pray anymore; she can sit in his lap
and talk with Him face to face, and when I get to
Heaven, I want to show her my caloused knees and tell
her all about my mission trips and all about
the many people that were saved because she prayed for me
when I was young.

©Ryan Thomas, Missionary
Just arrived in Paraguay!
January 2005


In The Stable

I am the Innkeeper who owned the Inn,
There was no room inside it, within,
I felt so sad, I had no more room
Except the stable which seemed to have gloom,
I offered the couple the only place that I had
Mary and Joseph went there, they were so glad,
For Mary was going to have a baby soon,
That night a brilliant star shone in the sky with the moon,
We built a manger as best we could,
It was strong and sturdy and made of wood,
Clean hay was laid inside the manger
I didn't know Mary and Joseph, they were strangers,
But low and behold Baby Jesus arrived,
Then the Star shone even brighter in the sky,
It was humbling indeed to see the three of them,
Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in the stable, Amen

©Anne R.C. Neale


Changing the Score

Walking on Water ~ as Turbulent Tides Soar

Trapped in a Den ~ the Hungry Lions Roar

Being Confronted ~ with Oil Boiling Sore

Midst the Woods ~ Facing a Wild Boar

Falsely Accused ~ Your Garment Tore

Locked in Prison ~ Tribulation in Store

Attacked and Bleeding ~ Sawn to the Core

Lost in a Desert ~ Famished and Poor

Conversing with God ~ an Open Door

Hope and Victory ~ Trials no More

Overcoming Satan ~ Changes the Score

© by Joyce C. Lock


Christmas Past

Papa, Papa how you provided
Mama, Mama how you attended
Your Yule table was always filling:
Turkey, dressing, yams, desert.

Brothers, Brothers how you cleared
The table and washed the plates
Sisters, Sisters how you dried
And returned them to their cabinet.

Oh family, our family how we gathered
In front of the living room’s fireplace
Admiring the sparkling Christmas tree
And below, our snow covered crib.

Our throats resonated with carols.
Silent Night, Adeste Fidelis, Noel
Oh Holy Night, Away in a Manger
Echoed harmoniously throughout.

Today, tonight I recall those days
That brought us ever closer together.
While we are spread coast to coast,
We remain ever close to each other.

© James M. Cannon



Oh Lamb of God, hear you calling
calling, calling, come to me,
Oh Lamb of God, I feel your drawing
drawing, draw me close to thee.

Oh Spirit of God, I feel your yearning
yearning for to heal this land,
Oh Spirit of God, my heart is turning
as you take lost loved ones by the hand.

Oh Holy Ghost, I hear you speaking
to the churches across the land,
God fearing christians you are seeking
to lead lost souls from sinking sand.

Oh Heavenly Father, hear me praying
help me be more like my Lord,
Help me know what to be saying
teach me more, your Holy Word.

©Shirley Jean Harwood


God Bless Tsunami

The day was warm the sky was blue
Like any other day
The beach was calm and lovely
As the water's churned in play.

Little did anyone know
How angry that churn might be
Until the giant wave came
And made the people flee.

Death and destruction
Has left an angry path
Laughing faces yesterday
Has felt the water's wrath.

Lives lost forever
In a grave so wet and cold
Children's lives beginning
Many young and many old.

I know we should not question
Gods work from up above
Our prayer is He meets them
With open arms of love.

We know there is a reason
When things happen as they do
Let the precious people of Tsunami know
Our prayers go out to you.

©Ginny Bryant



Sweet Heavens’ Songs

I heard a voice inside my heart one night, as I lay in bed.
I thought it was from Heaven, as I heard a sweet voice that said,
Come go with a Savior that willingly died for you one day.
And I determined I would go with Him, all the long, long way.

I can hear the voice inside me, sweeter than any bird that sings
Telling me of His Holiness, and how blessing’s He doth bring.
I thought of long ago, when I’d climb into my bed, each night,
Just after I accepted Him to my heart, and I knew it was right.

Come into my heart sweet Savior; always dwell with me there.
I bow my head to Thee, sweet Lord, as I say unto Thee a Prayer.
I'll trust Thee always and forever; I'll dream dreams of Thee today,
Whilst Thou dear sweet Jesus, showeth me the lighted way.

I dreamt I saw a teardrop a-falling, form Thy precious face…
Let me never cause one tear Lord, only let me come to Thy place.
Sweet Heaven Jesus, where loved ones have gone, long before.
I want to see them again, my mother, and dad upon Heaven’s shore.

I want to see all my people that have been washed in Thy blood,
And already looking all over Heaven, and the River of Life’s flood
I know it must be a mighty river, to flow through Heaven’s gate.
Please await me sweet Jesus; I'm coming on; Thou made it my fate.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker


Our Lord 

If I were an artist, I'd find the richest hues
Of every color in the rainbow and other ones too.
Must find the best canvas that money can buy
And set it on my easel and then I would try.

Where do I start, how can it be done?
To paint the love of God and His Son.
There have been many who have accolades
For their perception of how it's made.

But I know in my heart, it's not a reality
To capture all that Heaven holds for me.
How can man perceive the Glory of His Face?
And stroke the canvas full of His Amazing Grace.

There are not enough colors displayed in any chart
To describe all the majestic qualities He imparts.
Men of old would hide their faces in His presence
Because of His most illuminating countenance.

Until we are called to join Him in our Heavenly home
The greatness of all He possesses will never be known
So do all you can to make your self ready to go,
Enjoy His presence in your heart, while you await the show.

©Shirley Barr



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