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A Soldiers Heart

The weight of the world on his shoulders
Seems each day he is a year older.
The decisions he makes effects our world
As each day they are unfurled.

Our leader, yes! He leads our troops
Our Armed Forces, wonderful groups!
Together they work for our freedom
And they are all mighty and fearsome!

9~11~01, let's never forget that day,
The many lives that were taken away,
In a moments time the terrorists did reign,
A place in hell they did gain!

Our Leader and our warriors keep watch
And they are the best, topnotch!
We can rely on them as we go about,
Trust them daily without a doubt.

Did I mention that our Leader turns to God?
The decisions he makes musn't be flawed!
In God's wisdom he does tend to lead,
This man of God is of a special breed!

Let's remember our troops in prayer,
Till the day we hear them declare,
That peace does reign in the land
And they come marching home again!

Matthew 24: 6~7
And ye shall hear of wars and rumors
of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for
all these things must come to pass, but
the end is not yet. For nation shall rise
against nation, and kingdom against
kingdom: and there shall be famines,
and pestilences, and earthquakes,
in divers places.




Although We've Never Met

This is my gift to you
since miles keep us apart,
Although we've never met
you've always touched my heart.

May God always bless you
and keep you safe within,
As with His love for us
our friendship will never end.

For everything happens for a reason
and in this huge world of internet,
Someone saw we needed each other
they helped our two heart to of met.

I could thank you for so many things
your friendship and all that you do,
But most of all my dear friend
I thank you for ... ''being YOU''.

Words could never express
how glad I am you are there,
Please always remember
I'll ALWAYS .. be here.

©Deb Offenberger



To My Little Girl...

Your little hands, your little feet.
Your heart is pure, your smile, so sweet.

To know such innocence is such pleasure.
To hold you close, I'll always treasure.

I love to watch you grow each day.
To see your first step, the first word you say.

A wonderful blessing, a bundle of sweetness.
You have filled my world with such completeness.

Life's so vague before there was you.
And now, to God, all my thanks are due.

©:Cheri Browning

The Fountain of Youth

Some folks may think that life is through
when YOUTH has fled away.
They moan because they're growing old,
that they are turning gray.
They search for YOUTH in potions,
in pills, or at a fount.
But YOUTH is measured not by AGE:
It's attitude that counts.

Please, may I ask you, gentle folk,
when did YOUTH's beauty fade?
What day was it you realized
you'd joined the age parade?
AGE is not reckoned just by years.
It has no special date.
Some folks are old at forty,
some, young at ninety-eight.

If you still see God's handiwork
in flowers, birds, and bees;
if you still hear His whisper
in the sighing of the breeze;
then years, my friend, don't matter.
You still are young at heart.
Each day's a special challenge.
Each day's a fresh, new start.

There are great gains to added years.
It pays to be a sage.
You view the world quite differently,
with practiced eyes of AGE.
You value every passing day
as if it were a gem.
The hours, you treasure carefully,
and make the best of them.

© Helen Dowd


Friends Are Jewels

Some friends are DIAMONDS, sparkly and bright.
Their smile will turn the darkness to light.
They come in all sizes, all colors, all shapes.
They'll do anything for you, whatever it takes.

Some friends are DIAMONDS still in the rough.
They are jewels hidden, their exterior rough.
But when given the chance, their beauty will shine.
They will come thru for you, time after time.

Some friends are SAPPHIRES with eyes of blue.
Their words touch your heart and comfort you.
They take the time to listen, and then will say
Just the right things to brighten your day.

Some friends are TOPAZ with eyes of brown.
They cheer you up when you're feeling down.
Their eyes sparkle and snap with golden hue
Knowing what to say and just what to do.

Some friends are EMERALDS with eyes of green.
A manner so quiet, their voice so serene.
A friendship so priceless, it cannot be bought.
The type of friends that are so often sought.

Some friends are RUBIES with hair of red.
They bubble with laughter when jokes are said.
Their hearts are pure and full of love.
A blessing for sure, sent from Angels above.

Some friends are PEARLS, quiet but rare.
Unassuming, in the background, but they care.
Their luster deepens as time passes by.
They sense your feelings, and hear your cry.

Yes, friends are jewels more precious than gold.
Felt it was time the true story was told.
I have fortunes in jewels, my friends you see
Are all so priceless, a Treasure to me.

© Marilyn A. Yeomans
© 2003 Marilyn A. Yeomans (All rights reserved}


If I Had The Chance

If I had the chance
To hug my Mom, to see her dance again
I'd play a song that would never end
Just to see her grace the floor
A smile on her face, a light in her eyes
There is nothing she loved more
I miss her so
I know my Mom's in heaven looking down on me
I'm sure she knows

If I could hear my Dad call my name
Even when I was in trouble
What have you done, that's a shame
I am going to have to put you in your place
I would do it all over again
Just to share a hug, to see his face
I miss him so
Being in Heaven looking down on me
I'm sure he knows

It seems like all too soon you both were taken from my life
I cling to the memories of all the happy times
Mom and Dad, you left in my mind
A forever loving smile
I knew someday we would have to part
Yet I know you both still have a home
A place that will forever exist in my heart

An angel that dances with the morning sun rise
Until the evening star light
I see these visions even in my dreams
I know what all this means
Mom, Dad, you are happy and at home
With your lingering memories, I am never alone

The memories and dreams I have will keep you alive
If someone says the moon never cries
They've never seen the love for you in my eyes
Though the time has come for you to go away
I know once again I shall see you another day
I know you see me from a high
Assuring me in thought you never said good-bye

And with these words to you I write
Thanking you both for your love in my life
Teaching me and showing me all things
Letting me follow my own dreams
And for letting me be me
Traveling along by my side
Even when things didn't go right
Thank you for being there always for me
And for leaving me the best legacy
All my precious and treasured memories

Thoughts and memories that still
linger in my heart. By Kegers
with the help of my love, Rain.

You Raise Me Up

Lord, Raise me up and make me strong
Hold me tight and keep me from hidden dangers and harm.
Please show me in this cruel world the right path to take
And let me know exactly where I belong.
Let me walk in harmony with all my Sisters and Brothers
Let me with and open mind use all the talent and wisdom
That I was taught, by my Father and Mother.
To give of myself to others as You would have me do
To be a good servant as I come in contact with the unlovable.
Let me not be harsh or break any of the golden rules
The King came and raised me up from doubt and shame
He took away my agony and released all pain.
I can be strong and walk on any stormy sea
You let me live up to everything that was expected of me.
Let me not lack integrity when it comes to treating every
Person on this earth the same
It seems some will never give into righteousness
With drinking and dirty talk, People seem to have no shame.
Help me Lord to be a good listener and a good witness of your love
For everything I have came from above.
Give me your shoulders to cry on when my burdens seem
To overflow.
Greener pastures is where I can frolic and grow.
You raised me up and now I am free
Into eternity with You is where someday my home will be
©Nancy Hoback



Our Father Is Always There

What a privilege to kneel in prayer
Knowing our Father will always be there
He patiently waits on us to call his name
longing for us to come to share our pain

Whether just to praise Him, ask forgiveness or strength
Jesus reaches out and takes us to any length
Our Father is always there to help and care
He carries us through, knowing what we can and cannot bear

What a mighty God we serve knowing he's always there
Standing with his arms wide open, our burdens to help bear
God's love leads us to be in his Will
He says my "Child trust Me ,come, peace be still

I will never leave you, I'm always here
Cast your burdens upon me, I truly care
I shed my blood and paid the cost
that none of my children shall be lost"

©Marcie Hill





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