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Book of Life

A time to live.
A time to die.
Dust to dust.
Book of Life.
One day the earth and sky we shall not see.
In the presence of God that day we will be.
Seated in Heaven on a great white throne
we face His judgment while standing alone.
How will we feel when before God we stand?
God’s face is solemn while raising His hand.
From the “Book of Life” He begins to read.
Now it is too late to cry and plead.
Our good deeds we recall and retrace.
No lawyer can help us plead our case.
The only loop holes we are able to find
are the ones we create in our minds.
Not hearing our name will make us perspire.
Knowing our soul is doomed to a lake of fire.
Long after our body to dust does return
our soul will then eternally suffer and burn.
We must accept Jesus to honor and serve.
Then a place for our soul in heaven
God will reserve.

©Richard E. Funnel



Dear God, what a disaster
It's just beyond belief
I know how hard it's going to be
To just provide relief.

Such total devastation
Seems like such a waste
It's impossible to fathom
Just what those people faced.

There wasn't any warning
To alert them of this quake
And, no one knows but you God
How many lives this quake will take.

God only you can end the pain
And touch the souls that have been lost
Dear God, please help these people
No matter what the cost.

©Rebecca Ann Rence
December 29, 2000


.A Father's Pain

Why is my love thought to be less
Is my pain any less real?
Do I not have hopes and dreams?
And other things that I feel

I want to cry and ask God why
Not hold my feelings within
To say that is gone a part of my life
Not seen in this life again

I never bore you inside a womb
But your life was birthed in my heart
A part of me granted by God
But now from my soul depart

I’ll stand strong as if chosen by God
To show the power of love
That a man survives the trials of life
By strength from a Father above

This child of mine cannot return
Though memories stay evermore
But one day I know I’ll go to him
When I step through that heavenly door.

©Ronnie Leviner
Copyright 2001



Two Sense Worth

As everybody knows
there's a reason for the nose;
created for the sense of smell.
And the sense of sight applies
when pertaining to the eyes,
and to the ears for hearing just as well.

Then the tongue was duly placed
to test the strength of taste,
and a set of nerves to touch and feel.
These are the senses five,
God gave us to survive,
but left out two for us to deal!

And they are.. learn at our expense
how to use some common sense,
to make it number six upon the list.
Number seven, but not least,
is one that should not cease,
and that's a sense of humor to exist!

©William E. Hardison



Where Did They Go
(My Friends)

I close my eyes and wonder
''Where are the Friends I knew?''
The Friends I made along the way
that numbered quite a few

The neighbor kids and classmates
back in my ''grow-up'' years
The fun we had with laughter
And sharing those ''learning'' tears

The Family friends I gathered
with my spouse and children too
The Friends we cared and shared with
Living life as our families grew

I open up my weary eyes
and search for the Friends I love
Seems fate has knocked on many doors
and most are ''Home'' above

I’m thankful for the memories
for not many Friends will call
But in my heart they linger
And I remember ''One and all''

©Mr. Doug


Woodland Path

The air is invigorating,
and this is a special day that
evokes memories...that are
kept alive by images.
Come walk with me
on this aged woodland path.
Just think of all the things
we will discover for ourselves,
creating once again a memory.
Without a doubt, there will be
butterflies dipping about
as they do on such days.
The fat caterpillar inches
his way along the path,
as though unaware of anyone
Once around the bend
we will discover dogwood trees
forming a lacy canopy that
we will walk under.
Freshly polished Rhodendron
will grace our walk.
There will be fronds of ferns
unfurling with life.
Rays of sunlight casts a Presence
where wildflowers of many
colors are blooming.
We'll stop
and pick a few
to remember
our lovely time together!
The hummingbird's small body
is suspended
in air as he gathers
nectar from flowers.
How very trusting he is!
It isn't hard to imagine squirrels
leaping from one
branch to another, while
wise ones
are stashing their acorns
under dead tree limbs.
Look up ahead...
there's a red fox!
Do you suppose
he's looking for Brer Rabbit?
Pleasant melodies
as the sound of little
song birds sing praises
to their Creator.
I wonder where this path goes?
Anywhere you can imagine!
Come walk with me once again
on this aged woodland path.

©Doris J. Niswonger
Copyright 2004



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