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Faith is just a simple word,
But one with such deep spirit.
For if you have faith in all around,
The faith they will inherit.
So try to give your very best,
And receive all that you merit.

To have faith one must show it,
In any way one can.
Not simply just declare it,
But show it man to man.
For faith is deep and constant,
Yes, part of your life’s plan.

Faith, in many things you need,
But have no need to preach.
By living life within your faith,
Then others you will teach.
Teach them also to believe,
When they for faith beseech.

Sometimes we need not see it,
In any but mind’s eye.
For ‘tis there for you to look at
If you take the time to try.
To search your inner feelings,
And never pass them by.

So have faith in all things always,
Wherever they abound.
For faith can help to see you through,
Your problems most profound.
Have faith in God forever,
And you will one day wear the crown.

Your faith will lead you always,
Towards God for evermore.
For if your faith in God is strong,
There’s one thing remains for sure.
That on that day of reckoning,
You’ll be welcomed at God’s door.

So if one day sometime ahead,
You find yourself alone.
Now always in darkness,
Where once a bright light shone.
Wait for just a moment, remember,
God’s will is being done.

Allow your faith to carry you,
Through the darkest of your days.
Forget not that God is asking,
For you to perhaps pray.
Then your faith will be rewarded,
In so many different ways.

When darkness goes and light does shine,
Upon you once again.
Then gone also forever,
Will be that lonesome pain.
Believe it, do not question,
Your faith you will retain.

Oh faith is such a simple word,
One that can cause much despair.
By having faith however,
You will with others share.
A life so full and joyful,
And belief in power of prayer.

You must have faith in people,
You must have faith in God.
You must believe in where you’re going,
Not simply where you’ve trod.

©Dark Blue Knight
June 1999
All Rights Reserved



Being Positive

If you think positive thoughts all the time
You will fine your life happier and you'll be fine,
Negative thoughts brings despair, depression too,
Your life becomes dreary and you feel ''blue'',
Do you have positive goals up ahead?
Or are you just coasting along until you are dead?
You can change your life, the choice is yours
To be positive always is not a chore,
You can change today to make a positive life,
You will be much happier then in your life's strife,
Being positive is certainly a great thing for sure,
Positivity brings inner peace and that is a cure
For worry, depression, despair too,
Being positive is really the best thing for you to do,
So start today with a positive attitude,
You'll find your life happier and you'll be in a good mood,
Positivity's the best to strive for each day
And also be sure each day to Him pray.

©Anne R. C. Neale


Our Lord's Image

If I were an artist, I'd find the richest hues
Of every color in the rainbow and other ones too.
Must find the best canvas that money can buy
And set it on my easel and then I would try.

Where do I start, how can it be done?
To paint the love of God and His Son.
There have been many who have accolades
For their perception of how it's made.

But I know in my heart, it's not a reality
To capture all that Heaven holds for me.
How can man perceive the Glory of His Face?
And stroke the canvas full of His Amazing Grace.

There are not enough colors displayed in any chart
To describe all the majestic qualities He imparts.
Men of old would hide their faces in His presence
Because of His most illuminating countenance.

Until we are called to join Him in our Heavenly home
The greatness of all He possesses will never be known
So do all you can to make your self ready to go,
Enjoy His presence in your heart, while you await the show.

©Shirley Barr




You make a mistake
You learn a lesson
But even if you learn
It may not be enough

You make a mistake
You pay a price
Give in or resist
You will pay

You make a mistake
You try your hardest
To stand back up
And dust yourself off

You make a mistake
you stand back up
Only to be knocked back down
By someone you love

You make a mistake
You cry your hardest
''Please take this away''
But no, you must pay

You make a mistake
You suddenly realize
Everyone is watching
With their ''Perfect Eyes''

You make a mistake
You feel their gaze
Ever watching
Ever judging

You make a mistake
You with your own ''Perfect Eyes''
Ever watching
Ever judging

You make a mistake
You watch and judge
The very same people
Who watch and judge you

©Danny Clausen


A Dozen More

I don’t know why God didn’t make
A dozen more of you
I’m sure the world would benefit
And there’s so much more to do!

Your hands are always willing
Your shoulder, always there !
You’re quick to give it all you got
To show someone you care.

I’ve seen your eyes just sparkle
From the tears you held inside,
When, even though you knew ‘twould hurt
Your arms you opened wide.

I felt your prayers when I was ill
And when downhearted too
I think we’d be much better off
With a dozen more...of you!

©Joan Clifton Costner



Child of Mine

I am with you, said the Lord
I share in your worries, your fears, your woes
The tears you shed, I will wipe them dry
When there pain in your heart, I'll
carry it to mine
On a cloudy day, I'll will be your
warmth of sun
In darkness of night, I'll be the light
that will shine
When storms appear, I will shelter you
If you weaken in faith, come unto thee
I will heal and purify, I will cradle you

My kingdom is home, to all that seek
The love, the faith, inside the golden gates

My Heaven is eternal
I am, the light inside your soul.

©Marty Ford


Tribute to my Little Dude. Jack

You came into my life
trembling and shaking.
At a time, so long ago.
My little Dachshund. Jack.
Little did I realize the bond
that we would share.
Has it been so long ago, that you
waited expectantly for me
to return home?
Tail wagging, and a high pitched bark.
Oh my Little Dude,
I miss you so.

Has it been so long ago,
that you shared our bed?
You had a ritual that you did
every night.
No one could sleep,
until you were finished.
Oh, my Little Dude,
I miss you so.

Has it been so long ago,
that you did your milk dance?
Around and 'round you would
go, Yipping and yapping.
Until you received your fill.
Oh, my Little Dude,
I miss you so.

Has it been so long ago,
That you gave your all?
Your unconditional love,
to me? I was yours,
and you were mine.
The memories that we could
share. If you were here.
Oh, my Little Dude,
I miss you so.

Then, one day, you became terribly ill.
The doctor said. He could help, but,
it wouldn't be a quality life for you.
I had to make the decision, to let you go.
You lay in my arms,
Trembling, and shaking.
The doctor came, and took you away.
With great sorrow, I stood and watched
As the needle went in.
And I heard, your final sigh.
Oh, my Little Dude,
I miss you so.

©Leona Koziarski


The Winding Road

There is a dusty winding road
That goes beyond the dale.
As I sit upon my porch swing
I can see the travelers well.

They haven't seen the roses that grow
Wild and free in the vast stretching fields.
But they can smell their sweet aroma
Before they even reach the hills.

I've walked all around that dusty road.
Many steps I've travelled just to see
What beautiful blossoms God had grown
To show His Master's Degree.

I smile as I see them passing by
For I know in my heart what they will find.
Petals most precious scattered around
By the Artist who created all space and time.

© Sybil Shearin
(1-05) Copyrighted
All Rights Reserved
Watching for the Son!







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