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If I Could Be

If I were just a pair of shoes,
I’d want to be on you
For I would cushion all your steps
And hug your feet, I’d do.

Yet, If I were a simple comb,
I’d be yours if I could.
I’d fondle every hair with care,
I’d be your pet, I would!

But if I were a sweet perfume,
I’d rest behind your ear,
And I would be the sweetest scent
And cherish you, my dear.

But if I had a choice to be
A very special thing,
I’d be a kiss upon your lips,
T’would make my spirit sing.

There are so many things to be,
But each I’d choose for you,
So I could touch or be a part
Of everything you do.

© James O’Brien
October 2004



Face The Sun {A Lost Love}

In the middle of the night to be awakened,
And told that you, my love had been taken.
Left this world so quickly, and way too soon.
Took flight and went to live beyond the moon.

An accident, a single car crash,
A thing I had never thought would come to pass.
That night your love was was taken from me,
As the wind and rain raged, twas' so stormy.

I felt as though my heart would break,
Of that there was no mistake.
How could I stand and face the morning sun,
When all I wanted to do was run!

Hide from this tragedy that I must face,
My Lord, only through your grace
Will  I face the days and nights ahead.
There are so many things that were left unsaid.

Thank You God, that I have our dear child,
Who is so sweet with a manner so mild.
With her love and Your Guidance from within,
I will make it till I can face the sun again.



Psalms 34:17~19

The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth,
and delivereth them out of all their troubles.
The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a
broken heart; and saveth such as be of a
contrite spirit. Many are the afflictions
of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth

In The Wonderful Hands Of God

No matter what may come my way
Some pain or gain or loss
I live by faith in hope today
Christ claimed it on the cross

When earthy problems try my soul
When doubts and fears assail
I know my Master’s in control
Through Him I will prevail

When sickness comes and makes me weak
When days and nights are long
I lean on Christ, it’s Him I seek
He keeps my spirit strong

I’ve found in Him a lasting peace
That nothing can destroy
To Him my burdens I release
He fills my heart with joy

I’m in God’s hands, He holds me tight
He’ll never let me go
He turns my darkness into light
Through Him The Blessings Flow !!!

© Jim Lake


John 10:27-29 “My sheep hear My voice,
and I know them, and they follow Me;
and I give eternal life to them, and they
shall never perish; and no one shall snatch
them out of My hand. My Father, who has given
them to Me, is greater than all; and no one
is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.”

Into the Light

I walked up to the light
And a image appeared
His hand reaching out, touching
onto mine
As I looked upon his face
A voice softly spoke
Walk with me, into the light
Your time has come, my precious one
Our crossing together, brings great joy
Don't be sad, and be-not afraid
Thy Father is waiting for you
My beloved Child.

©Marty Ford


Sharing Blessings

As a lovely rose blooms in beauty,
A lily blossoms uniqueness,
So live flowers in my life that be,
Sharing blessings of God’s sweetness.

The rose gives the fragrance of Jesus,
One and only preciousness lives,
Ever so loving He’s close to us,
Sharing blessings of friends He gives.

Now the lily’s fragile and graceful,
With an elegance thus refined,
Mirroring Jesus’ love beautiful,
Sharing blessings with me Divine.

I’m honored by all flowers giving,
My heart’s filled with love for each one,
Each shine in brilliance rare and living,
Sharing blessings bright from The Son.

Thank God for all these lovely flowers,
Graced I grasp their beauteousness,
Preciously they touch Him in deep prayer,
Sharing blessings of loves’ kindness.

There’s a song in my heart for my friends,
Sweet, kind, loving, they’re graciously,
Flowers with angelic glows who send,
Love, sharing blessings dear to me.

©Sondra McPherson
January 4, 2005
*For All My Dear Sweet Friends*


My Savior Lives Within Me

My Savior lives within my life,
pure sacred and so dear,
I yearn for heaven's paradise...
that brings me comfort here.

I rise up when the morning calls
with Jesus on my mind;
and when the evening darkness falls,
He's made my day sublime!

Dear Jesus has complete control
as time goes marching by,
the very thought He owns my soul
will keep my spirits high.

And in my heart I'll hold Him there
from now to glory be,
for all my troubles He will bear
from here.. eternally!

©William E. Hardison



Jesus Is Our Valentine

Jesus Is Our Valentine
And He's our hero, too.
He sacrificed His precious blood,
To atone for me and you.  
There's never been a greater love
Upon this earth that's known
That compares to His unconditional love,
So unselfish and incredibly strong.

He perceives our every weakness.
He discerns our every sin.
And with steadfast love and loyalty,
He forgives us, again and again.

So when I think of Valentines
His name is the first that comes to mind.
For, had He refused to bear our cross,
Our souls forever, would be lost.

So, on this loving Valentine's Day
Let's get down upon our knees and pray.
And thank him for his love divine,
And tell Him,''He's our Valentine.''

©Vickie Lambdin



The Angel's Song

Angels came to sing that night,
Their voices loud and clear.
They said we should be filled with joy
And not be filled with fear.
We have forgotten what they sang,
Our thoughts are on The Child.
So we should read the verse again
And think a little while.

They sang a song of peace and joy
Of love sent from above.
They told us who our Father sent
To teach us how to love.

We should recall the Angel's song
And live the best we can.
Let's fill our heart and mind with love
And goodwill toward all men.

©Ralph Edward Bolick






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