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  Joy Of Salvation

How sweet to know, He lives inside,
You see, His presence there abides
He dwells within, you're free from sin,
Everyday is a new day with Him.

Brightly beams the light from above,
Shining down within your heart with love.
Always there to confide your every need,
Just Praise Him and ask to receive.

Constantly abiding, never to retreat
Just leave your burdens at Jesus feet.
He gave His life to free your pain
He took each stripe, our healing to gain.

If your heart has an empty space,
Because you've never accepted His Grace
Then put away your fears and doubts,
Let yourself feel what salvation's about.

The joy of salvation is the greatest ever,
It fills you with hope and love together.
A joy that will remain and sometimes waiver,
But all you need to do is turn to the Savior.

Shirley Barr



Am I In Heaven?

The force of fire was exploding
Bodies falling all around
No place at all for me to go
Oh God! Will I be found?

Then a lurch of my body
Falling slowly to the floor
The last thing I remember
Was a masked man at the door.

As I look at my twisted body
I heard my voice say
"Why did it have to come to this?"
On that hopeless, fateful day.

There was no pain nor a wound on me
Seemed funny at the time,
A bright light in a tunnel
A hand reached out for mine.

"Is that you Jesus?
Have you come for me?
Is it now my time in Heaven?
An angel for me to be?

My family Lord, what will I do
How broken hearted they will be
To know my life has ended
On earth as it used to be."

The Lord said "Child do not worry
My awareness is with them today,
I'll let them know you are with me
And you will meet them soon half way

Just think my child, no hurt or pain
No days that are dull and gray,
No war to fight in the dead of night
Here you can safely stay."

The beauty of Heaven is far beyond
Any description I might give
Please do not fear the journey
To that mansion where we will live.

©Ginny Bryant



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Isn't It Amazing?

Isn't it amazing
The wonder of God's plan?
How he's planned every life
For every living man?

God is there at the start
From the time that we are born
Be it very late at night
Or, even early morn.

God's knows what we will become
He knows our wants and needs
God's always looking out for us
And, rewards us for good deeds.

Nothings ever left to chance
Life isn't one big scheme
Imagine your life as one big game
And that God's leading your team.

© Rebecca Ann Rence


Awaken Loved By The King

May you sleep in the arms of Jesus,
Rest peaceful while His angels sing,
A heavenly lullaby Divine,
Oh awaken loved by the King.

May you always know His sweet caress,
And His touch ever so tender,
Be gently enfolded in His love,
Cling to Him in sweet surrender.

May you feel His abiding love flow,
And the warm glow He’ll ever bring,
Refreshed with Jesus yielding sweet peace,
Oh awaken loved by the King.

May you sleep amidst celestial skies,
Knowing Jesus breathes in your cares,
Allow your heart to reach within His,
And sing Him sweet heavenly prayers.

May you rest in the arms of Jesus,
Be freshened and forever cling,
To the heart of our Lord's preciousness,
Oh awaken loved by the King.

©Sondra McPherson
January 10, 2005


Forever Friends...Cherished For Life

Friendship is a kindred thing,
And oh, the joy it does bring.
To willing hearts, it will enter,
And render you love, so tender.

Such beauty my friends do bring,
Make me happy, make me sing.
And distance has no part,
In the love that's in friend's hearts.

Friends cater to each other,
Freely love, never smother.
Lift you up, when you are down,
Set your feet on solid ground!

Jesus brings true friends to us.
If in Him we will trust.
If you need one, ask Him,
He knows how to bring them.

Into our lives, with ease,
He brings them gently as a breeze.
So open your heart to this delight,
Never close your heart in fright.

You will never know what you missed,
If on a closed heart, you insist.
I can testify to this,
Just to think of what I almost missed!

Thank You Lord, for my friends,
That to me You did send,
A faithful friend I'd love to be.
And that would please my friends and Thee.



Proverbs: 17~17
A friend loveth at all times

Change The Channel

We all know how to use the TV remote control
To change the channel by a gentle click,
When our lives are saddened or we are depressed,
We need to change our mind set channel really quick.

Our mind needs always to think uplifting thoughts
And not stay in a dreary and weary groove,
We need to change the channel of our mind
To happier thoughts, that's where we need to move.

Remember that if your Spirit seems '' blue'',
To change the channel of your mind you see,
You will find happiness if you do,
And be sure to find a program, that is Hosted by He.

©Anne R.C. Neale


His Safe Haven

When, in this world, my mind is troubled
With these heavy storms of care,
I look toward heaven, in awesome wonder,
And find my Savior waiting there.

'''Tis faith in Him that still sustains me
Until life's stormy waves have past.
Troubles vex and seek to pain me.
But, this too, I know won't last.

We know the end times are upon us.
Destruction lurks outside our door.
Mother nature's wrath has found us.
No man is safe here, anymore.

She causes hurricanes,
Tornadoes, earthquakes and floods.
While also bringing drought and famine,
We see the damage that she does.

But, the Lord will be our comfort
When mother nature's running wild.
He shelters us beneath His wings;
Protects us as His child.

He stretches out His loving arms
And keeps them open wide
So, when desolation seeks to find us,
In His safe haven we can hide.
© 2005 by Vickie Lambdin








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