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Mercy And Grace

Mercy and grace was He as Jesus knelt to pray
Sweating drops like blood fell away
Take this cup Oh Father he would pray
But thy will be done I'm willing to pay

He who was without sin knew the cost
but was willing to pay for all those that would be lost
From the beginning of time till the end
He was willing to die and take on this world of sin

His flesh cried out but he stayed
Knowing in his Spirit He would not be swayed
He came to give life more abundantly
So that all that would come may one day see

Mercy and Grace He gave for sinners like you and me
to rise again from the grave on the third day
Through His mercy and grace He so freely gave
To be a light to all, where by, we may be saved.

©Marcie Hill


I Believe

I believe in God, He is not dead.
I believe He protects me from all dread.
I believe I can go to Him, in prayer.
I believe He will meet me there.

I believe God is my best friend.
I believe on Him I can depend.
I believe He knows my truest needs.
I believe God for every good deed.

I believe God lives within.
I believe God can use others to speak for Him.
I believe each has something new to share.
I believe it's our loss when we do not care.

I believe in faith, hope, love, and peace.
I believe in home, family, and community.
I believe there is a purpose for every one.
I believe we're to love each as if His Son.

I believe God honors all our labors of love.
I believe we can bring Him smiles, up above.
I believe in blessing God first.
I believe God will heal our earth.

I believe the lame will walk anew.
I believe in the recovery of sight.
I believe that which is torn will be made whole.
I believe God will keep His word to all.

I believe we'll receive praises from God.
I believe Jesus is coming to claim His bride.
I believe God will, again, dwell with man.
I believe we'll be free to serve God, again.

© 2005 by Joyce C. Lock


God's Grace Brought Me Through

To My friends and loved ones there below,
God made the decision that I should go.
My trials and sufferings are no more,
I now am safe on Heavenís shore.

It is finished my race is run,
It is finished my testingís done.
You should see the new body God has given me
It works perfectly and Iím completely pain free.

I am so happy just being hereó
No sin, no doubt, no sense of fear.
Iím looking forward to seeing each of you
When God says your work on Earth is through.

Cry for a while, itís ok to be sad,
Then remember where I am and let your hearts be glad.
It was great spending time with each one of you,
And because Christ died you can come here too.

My passing is a cause for celebration by every one of you
As you remember our good times and our tough times too.
Offer praise to our loving God for giving what is best,
And be happy that Iím now in the land of the blest.

It is finished Godís grace brought me through.
It is finished Iím here waiting for you.
Dear friends and loved ones, so long for a while.
Jesus was with me throughout every mile.

©Bob Hefner


Domestic Engineer

Clothes need washing,
Floors in want of a mop,
Meal should be cooking,
For groceries, I need to shop.

Dust bunnies hopping around,
Ceiling fan blades are full,
Furniture needs polishing,
In all directions I am pulled.

The phone keeps on ringing,
Telemarketers with a sale,
I dash about all day long,
Breath is beginning to rale.

Vacuum is on the blink,
Carpet is showing abuse,
Dishes are piled in the sink,
Seems all have been in use.

Dishpan hands and housemaid knee,
Are afflictions I seem to bear,
Bleach spattered clothes I don,
Dust particles decorate my hair.

Mirrors covered in fingerprints,
I need to scrub the bath,
The house is cluttered end to end,
I will have to kick a path.

What are you looking at,
Is there something I failed to do,
Well honey child just listen up,
You happen to live here too!!!!!

I have run holes in my shoes,
My fingers are worked to the bone,
IF you dare say one negative word,
I am afraid you will sleep alone.

©Gayle Davis
April 30, 2003




The Day Approaches

Can you feel the excitement
As time is drawing near?
The signs are all around us,
And will this be the year!

We shall look upon His face...
Love, full of mercy, full of grace.
The tenderness we shall know
Will like a mighty river flow.

Oh joy, will be the rapture,
Hallelujah, shouts of glory come!
Praises be to our loving God
Who washed away our scum.

Let me tell the story true
Of the Savior who bled and died,
For, you have no need to fear,
And from a loving Savior hide.

Can you hear him calling you
From unbelief and sin
Will you not yield to Him now?
Let eternal life begin.

How glorious will be that day!
In the clouds we shall see Him.
The trumpet will sound with a blast,
And we will go home at last.

Praise the matchless Name of Jesus!

©Doris J. Niswonger
Copyright 2005


My Garden

My garden is such a special place
That I may go and see
The many wonders of Gods great gifts
That he created for us to see
In my little garden
I stroll along it's path
Seeing beauty all around me
Gentle winds whispering, among
the garden path
Blossoms of color, sweet-scented perfume
Melodies of songbirds, calms my soul
My garden holds many memories
And in silent, my dreams unfold
So tranquil in my resting place
My haven, my garden home
In times when I feel lost and lonely
I walk my garden path
To feel the wonder and see his beauty
My little garden, my magical home

©Marty Ford


Nature, The Universal Mother

A flexible confusion is far and near
Why the Nature is called a Mother ?
And what have made Her so reverend
As the infinite and omnipotent ?

The confusion in its dialectical sense
Has no base to make any fence
Against the dictum that's going on
To foil the truth and to abandon.

The Nature with Her earth and water
Brings forth plant and other creature
And adorns them in forms and feature
In cosmical design as she desire.

A female species alike on earth
Is known as mother for giving birth
Then why the Nature won't be mother
For giving birth to plants and creature ?

The Nature rears all as mother
And feeds them thro' Her cosmic power
With the help of grains and water
And let them survive till She desire.

She pollinates stamen in the anther
And sprouts the seeds in earth and water
Her cosmogonical action in the womb
Creates a fetus with sperm and ovum.

The rays and sound that emerges from Her
Are known on earth as cosmic power
Her will and attention and attraction
Are known on earth as worldly illusion.

Her worldly illusion sprays as shower
upon the inmates to live on together
The power of cosmogony is innate in Her
She's thus infinite and universal Mother.

©Pabitra Mohan De.


 I Know Jesus Loves Me

Jesus loves me unconditionally,
without Him I don't know what I'd do.
He walks me through my problems, I'd
otherwise not make it through.

He is the light that brightens up the
darkest of my nights. He's with me
as I awaken to the suns radiant light.

I feel His love as it surrounds me;
it's like a breath of fresh mountain
air. He shows me every single day
how much He really cares.

He forgave me of the sins I had
collected throughout the many years.
He wiped away my sorrows and all my
guilt felt tears.

I know that Jesus loves me, it's so
very plain to see. Who else could
love another soul throughout an eternity?

©Peggy Ann Hardy





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