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Open Up Loves Door

Will you be mine and love me from
now till ever more?
If you will, you have the key to my heart,
just open up loves door.

I've waited a whole lifetime for you
to come to me.
I just didn't know it then, but now, I
plainly see.

I need to have an answer and I want
you to be sure.
My heart has opened up to you and
my love for you is pure.

If you decide to be mine, I'll hold you
oh so tight.
I'll give you all my hugs and kisses
and our love will find new heights.

You're all I ever wanted and I can't
imagine life without you by my side.
Just put your hand in mine and God
will be our guide.

Will you be mine and love me from
now till ever more?
If your answer is yes, then use your
Key, and open up loves door.

©Peggy Ann Hardy


My Willow Tree

As I think back when I was a child
And how things back then use to be
I was a little country girl
Riding horses and climbing trees

We lived far out in the country
So many many years ago
Running barefoot across the field
And up the tree I would go.

The willow was my hiding place
My climbing speed was a dismay
So much time I would spend there
Daydreaming or enjoying myself at play

To me this tree was so perfect
As it was so close to the ground
The limbs were like I was behind curtains
As they almost touched the ground

Many days I spent up in my willow
Dreaming of the years to come
This special time in a young girls life
Dreaming of her future someone

He came to me one day, as I dreamed
We shared our thoughts and hearts
We promised each other on that day
That we would never be to far apart.

I think back of those days again
To those young and happy ones
And all the dreams that pony tailed girl had
And the willow tree that was left all alone>

Someday I will act like that tomboy
With my jeans cut off to my knees
I will go back and dream as I once did
Back up in my old willow tree.

©Annie 2/7/05



Please Find Me

Touch me gentle, Hold me tight
Love me, Day and night
Look deep, Into my eyes
Only truth, No lies
Don't want much, Must be real
It is love, I want to feel
Never leave, Always stay
Chase my fears, Away
Do not judge me, For what I do
Be honest, Be true
Never alone, My dream
Please, Find me

©Deb Offenberger




This is where my children live
This is their home
Our Home
Here they are safe
Here they are loved
This home is quite spacious
There is always room for one more
I have managed to house an entire family over the years
This home never closes
It has opened its door to strangers as well as friends
It runs like clockwork
Only sometimes skipping a beat
This home has had its share of wear & tear
Some damage beyond repair but still weathers each storm
They say 'home is where the heart is'
My heart such a home


©Debbie Stevens



I Am The One

I am the one who sings you to sleep
In my heart I will always have peace
I am the one who dries your tears
In my arms I hold you without fear
I am the one who helps you learn
In my eyes you do nothing wrong
You are good, kind and loving to me
When the time comes I will set you free
I am the one who gave you a heart
I did not give you birth
Yet I played a part
I am the one you call mom
I helped you feel that you belong
You may not be my blood
But you are my very soul
I am the one who kisses you every night
Then say a prayer you will be all right

©Linda Ann Henry


Searching for Something?

Do you know what you are searching for?
Maybe you are looking for love or a star
If you need something like piece of mind
Just Think!
You could have had it all the time.
Look up above and ask ...
Praying is not such a hard task.
Always pray before you start your day
You will find it always pays.

We should always thank the Lord for the night
And the next morning thank Him for daylight.
It is very nice to help out a friend
You will find it will pay off in the end.

The Lord doesn't care if we comb our hair,
He loves us no matter what kind of clothes we wear.
So let's take one day at a time
Because tomorrow may not be thine.

Let's greet our neighbor with a smile,
For we will find it is worth while
Let's search the Bible for the right answers
And pray for understanding.

©Lorene Ellington


You Are Special

You are not a mistake,
You were created out of deep love by Him,
God took His time creating you in your Mother's womb,
He wanted you to be special, you are His kin.

You are not a mistake,
He gives you a purpose, a reason to live on earth,
You may not be aware of that might be
But He knew exactly what He was doing when He created your birth.

You are not a mistake,
God has a specific reason for why He created you,
He loves you unconditionally and He knows everything about you too,
He wants you to live a Godly life, that is what He expects of you.

You are not a mistake,
You are a miraculous creation made by the tender hands of God,
You are very special, a one of a kind , specifically created by Him,
Be proud of who you are, you are a very special person as you live on Earth's sod.

©Anne R. C. Neale


Potter And Clay

I am your Potter
And you are My clay
I want you to listen
And hear what I say

As I am molding you
And the clay becomes dry
I give you ''Living Waters''
And you give a big sigh

When I almost have you formed
You didn't understand why
I fed you more of my ''Bread of Life''
Now, there's no more reason to cry

When I took you off of the spinning wheel
Oh, how tall you are and how proud you stand
I need to do a little more work
But, look at what happened at the touch of the Masters Hand

©Vicki Wood 10-20-04








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