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Forever Will End

Seems I am always alone, deep inside
This forever emptiness I struggle to hide
How can this be, what am I to do
Each and ever day become a struggle to get through.

I don't know how to ease my pain
Seems my hurt becomes another's gain
Yet whatever I do, doesn't matter
I continually watch my dreams shatter.

Just when I feel my heart my smile
I open my eyes and know all the while
It will never happen, I will never find
That one true love, always on my mind.

This emptiness will remain forever in my heart
I pray that forever, will end .. from the start.

©Deb Offenberger



My Promise

I shall be a rational man
And use my might and main
To build up myself and my person
And steer my mind in right direction.
To defeat my anger and animosity
And abandon my greed and vanity
And make me worthy and mighty
To explore truth and resort to beauty.

All that I promise to do
Is human and I have to glow
My sensitive organs and propensity.

To serve my fellowmen and humanity
And bear the yoke of Heaven in glee
If and when it may come to me.

 ©Pabitra Mohan De


Grandpas and Grandmas

Grandpas are such wise old men
With a sparkle in their eye
Never really act their age
So gentle and yes so spry

The Lord did good with Grandpas
Gave them lots of love and smarts
Built us a treasure of happiness
and gave us Grandpas for our hearts

The same thing goes for Grandmas
So wise and loving too
Can push that happy button
and make your dreams come true

Always has that ''great big hug''
and a way to soothe the heart
And knows what's best for everyone
right from the very start

So savor all the lovin'
that you get from them each day
and let the memories fill your heart
With Grandpa and Grandma's Way

©Mr. Doug



As our minds begin to wander, back to the days of yesteryear.
So many things, we thought were gone, can still bring forth a tear.
There are so many pages filled, and yet so much unsaid,
but all the while, our Memories, just keep running through our heads.

We think about our Mothers, and all the Memories we have shared.
We think about our Grandmas, and their big old feather beds.
We think about our Daughters, and the Memories, oh so sweet;
As we recall a house that's filled with the sound of tiny feet.

We know God truly cares for us; for He gave us a Mother's love.
A love so sweet and tender, it could only come from Heaven above.
A Love that guards and shields us from, so many heartaches and pains,
And when it can't protect us, we know Mother will be there just the same.

Her life is like an open book; filled with many stories untold,
And all the, time, she gives to us is worth so much more than gold.
She took the time to throw a ball, and to help us bake a cake
And these are happy memories, which she has helped us make.

A good night kiss, a gentle hug, and a smile upon her face;
These are among the Memories that, one day we will embrace.
When the Angels call, and on this soil, her feet shall trod no more;
We will know, she loves us still, as she strolls on Heavens shore.

This life is short, no time to waste on things that we can't change,
So, let's hold on to the good times and let, God, our lives arrange.
Then, as a Mother or a Daughter, don't let life simply pass with time
Start, Now, to make the Memories, for those we leave behind.

As Mother's we know our children will be the reflection of all they've seen;
For they learn by observation to see if what We say.....We mean.
So lead your children from this day, by a Godly example set,
And these are Memories, they will trust, and never will forget.

So, whether it be a tea party, or a movie and popcorn shared.
The child you love will cling to these, when life seems so hard to bear.
The Band-Aids on a fresh skinned knee; the heart that love has broken;
Can all be healed with Memories, of a Mothers love unspoken.

So if tomorrow began without you, what would your children say?
What would their hearts be filled with, that you have left along life's way?
Would their thoughts bring love and laughter, of the moments that you shared?
Would their Memories bring sweet assurance, and will they know how much you cared?

Will the memories from their childhood, show how much you loved the Lord?
And will they teach their own children, to obey and trust His Word?
Will they speak, of you, with joy and pride, and praise your loyalties;
For, if all of this is what you leave, then you will leave sweet

~ Memories ~

© 2003 by Loretta Coley Lipsey & Laura Lipsey Hayes



I Have

I have seen some of the beauty of His many creations
Like the beautiful sunrises appearing in the early morn,
I've heard the chirping of baby birds
As their Mother feed them and sings her song.

I've smelled the wonderful aroma of the myriad colored flowers,
I've felt the gentle rain upon my face,
I've touched the velvet of the cushion moss,
All of these wonderful things created by His Holy Grace.

I've heard the melodic swishing of the ocean splashing on the sand,
I've seen the migrating geese in their V formation too,
I've smelled the freshly cut green grass in the early spring,
I've touched the diamond looking moisture of the early morning dew.

I have seen, smelled, heard ,and touched some of the beauty of His creations,
I've tasted the magnificent honey the busy bee has made too,
All His creations are so prefect and so wonderful ,
Take time out of your busy life to see them too, please do.

©Anne R.C. Neal


Are You There Lord

Lord, I stretch out my hand
Can you see it?
Are you there?
I feel so lost and alone.

You have given us a task Lord
And we do it willingly,
And with Joy.
But are you there Lord?

I need You to be here,
In the midst of this battle.
You sent me here to serve,
But are you beside me Lord?

Father, please give me your strength
In my weakness I can not win.
These young ones need your touch,
I really hope you're hear.

©Carolyn Morgan


"Don't Come Home From Praying"

Lord, I'm on my knees and praying
Hoping to know You hear what I'm saying

Then I heard a gracious voice from above
It was as peaceful as the flight of the dove

''Don't come home from praying
With sinning on your mind!''

Yes, I did hear every word you were saying
But, like I said before, with every sin you are decaying

-- SO --

''Don't come home from praying
With sinning on your mind!''

©Vicki Wood


My Easter Love, My Easter Memory

My Easter Love, My Easter Memory
The years are slowly slipping away,
much like the tears of that Easter Day.
They came and they told me that you were gone,
the hurt I felt lasted so long.
I have many memories, some good and some bad,
funny thing,
I remember least the bad.
We have two great kids, you and I,
who were one and two on the day that you died.
They are now sixteen, ( oh what an attitude)
and don't think she isn't just like you.
Our son, something else all together,
at fifteen, I'm afraid he is a lot like you too,
only better.
He is a charmer, that son of yours,
he has your charisma, that is for sure.
Your daughter?
None is going to mess with her,
she is your child when it comes to the third degree, (oh no).
I still think of you often,
don't think I'll ever stop,
my memories of you,
they just don't seem to turn off.
I miss you, you know,
probably always will,
still make love to you often,
quite against my will.
Your memories come when I least expect them, quite at their own will.
I love you my dear, I always will.

 ©Inez Z. Monroe


A Love Worth Dying For

A Love Worth Dying For
I don’t know how He loved so vile a sinner ~
Before I even knew, or made response,
I only know He took an awful beating
And died for me upon a cruel cross.

Now, when I think of golden streets He’s offered ~
No cost to me, save only just believe ~
I count His name most precious and most sacred;
I love and trust all from His heart received.

It didn’t take me long, once I had heard it,
He loved a love He thought worth dying for;
And so for me, with life made richer, fuller;
I found a Love ~ a Love worth living for.

©Joan Clifton Costner



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