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Heaven Is Not Very Far

Heaven is not very far from here
Do not cry, wash your tears
Heaven is not very far from here
I am the angel of hope
Brought to earth so you can cope
I feel your sorrow, I feel your pain
Life is beautiful just the same
Do not be afraid of the unknown
God is your very own
If the time comes when the end is near
An angel will help, you have no fear
Heaven is not very far from here
If you look up at the stars
You can see The Lord there
So hold my hand as we walk to the sky
God will meet us there, if we try
There is no need to say good-bye

©Linda Ann Henry


Smoky Mountain Home

The ribbon of road winds
up and down,
threading through lush trees.
And higher still
the ancient mountain climbs,
sprinkled with wildflowers,
while bushes of Rhododendron
and Mountain Laurel
grow untamed.
All of the forest stands on tiptoe
over all created things,
as creatures roam below.
On and on, going higher where
a mist hangs over the
mountains in the distance.
At last, a most charming sight
is in view... the little log cabin
perched on top of the summit.
A sentinel it will be
to the verdant valley below.
Flowers bloom profusely
in a rainbow of colors.
The sunlight moves ever so slowly
enveloping the cabin
in dappled sunlight.
Night falls with a fat moon
and blinking stars
over the little cabin
in the Smokies.

©Doris J. Niswonger
Copyright 2003


''My Own Grist Mill''

There is a wheel of life in me
that turns my ills away.
It grinds away the strife I see
that comes with every day.
It churns along with love and hope,
the grist within my soul;
enables me to live and cope
with troubles that unfold.
This wheel of life, I lubricate
with God's own precious words,
which clears away all sin and hate,
the grime that oft' occurs.

I keep it turning day and night
to keep my bearings straight,
around the axle of my life
until God's judgment date!

©William E. Hardison



And Is It Love

And is it love forever youíll hold,
Or the sadness Iíve seen around,
Is your heart thriving for only me,
Do you believe your loveís inbound?

And arriving by Godís loving touch,
Do you believe in His choices,
And know in your heart loveís such a gift,
For itís by Him as He voices?

And is it my love youíll always need,
Or do you have some other dreams,
And might not believe in one true love,
For I'll not be part of love's schemes?

And do you know my love is quite real,
Have you felt in your heart for me,
And will you know precisely when I,
Walk into your life that weíll be?

And is it love looking in my eyes,
Oh will you speak quite clearly too,
Will the words in your eyes speak volumes,
So declaring itís me and you?

For Iíll know that itís you when I see,
The special sweetness God has shown,
To me, youíll be the light that shines through,
Will you know I'm your love, your own?

©Sondra McPherson
June 18, 2004


Splendor Of The Night

As the night winds begin to whistle between the trees
As the dew begins to fall like diamonds on the leaves
The beauty of the evening begins to come into view
With the loveliness God has so graciously given to us.

If we are very still, being so very careful to not stir around
The nightly visions will unfold before our very eyes
The sounds of the night may be loud or so very soft
Even the rustle of the bushes as a creature of God goes by.

The night is a very special time for so many of God's creatures
Some may see better, and others may hunt better
A few simply feel much more protected by the darkness
It is a cease of the blinding light to many of them, a quiet stillness

The splendor of the night is for God's 'night time' creations
Even though we may be snuggled tightly in our beds
There are many little creatures out there romping around
Some may be playing, others just keeping the night awake.

This is their time, and He made them for this very special time.
No time is wasted in our existence, all is used for a purpose.
So the night, and its stillness, could be like a spectacular circus,
With all actors present and accounted for by the Almighty God.

© Kentucky Lady



Whispering  Her Words

''Words of love''
Be strong little one
Be the girl that you are
Be loving, be patient
Don't take all to heart
Laugh away sadness
Dance up a storm
Say what you feel
Be true to form!
Romanticism your world
Melancholic your nature
Keep on writing from your heart
For no other words are greater

Love you mum...

©Debbie Stevens


Sunday Came

Frenzied mob screams angrily
''The miscreant must die . . .
Give to us Barrabas
this Jesus, CRUCIFY!''

The harsh, shard-thronged lash
scourging His flesh so torn . . .
facing Golgotha's torment
that fateful Friday morn ~

Mockingly the crown of thorns
pierced the head of the Lamb of God . . .
reviled, rejected ~ to the slaughter,
The Via Dolo Rosa He trod

His body wounded, weakened
spike~riven hands and feet . . .
whisper'd, ''Father forgive them''
was e'er a plea so sweet?

From the cross insatiable death's
cruel, ugly shadow loomed . . .
beckoned near, a damp,
dark stone~sealed borrow'd tomb

Began on earth a perfect
cleansing crimson stream that day . . .
O sacred Fount of blood
to wash our sins away

All earth and Heaven must bow
to your Holy, Matchless name . . .
together with death, hell and the grave,

H A L L E L U J A H!!!
He is not here; HE IS RISEN !!!

©Mary Carter Mizrany
February 19, 2005
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.


The Message

Jesus, how I love you,
I want to worship you all the day.
My spirit Lord is always willing,
But I have feet of clay.

Its hard to sit and listen Lord
When there is so much work to do.
I know I should have Mary's ears,
But I hear the needy call.

I guess that without listening,
I'm doing it in my strength.
But Lord it is so hard to say,
No my friend, you must wait.

Tomorrow Lord I will start the day
Afresh with your word.
Well that Lord is my intention -
But will I really be there.

Will I stop to pick up the clothes
Left on the floor by Sam,
Or will I answer the telephone
To speak to a lonely man.

I try to put you first Lord
But always there's some excuse.
Maybe I'll stay in bed Lord
Now that would be a treat!

We could hide under the covers,
And I could use a torch.
Just as I did as a child Lord,
When I wanted to read your word.

The faith of a child is simple,
And I know you only desire,
A heart that's open to you Lord,
And faith to follow your word.

©Carolyn Morgan





Traditional American Tune
Sequenced by Barry Taylor


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