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He Can Rescue You!

Are you bewildered, and live a life of worry?
Do you feel the hatred and envy creep within?
Are you on the edge, looking out upon nothing?
Reach out and take Jesus' hand and let Him come in.

He'll rescue you from the life of misery
Filling your empty heart full of happiness again
Yes, only accept Him today; feel life begin anew
Let Him touch your heart, and remove every sin.

He reaches out for you today, why not let Him in?
Do not give thought to what others do or say,
When He is reaching for you, take hold His hand
Let Him into your heart, and let HIM lead the way.

©Kentucky Lady 2003



With You

As we walk together everywhere,
How I can feel the love of you,
And my heart longs to be forever,
With you, I know your love is true.

As we look into each other’s eyes,
I can see your kindness that flows,
Then it wells in me, I sense a warmth,
With you, I know compassion glows.

As we talk I feel you are smiling,
Within your heart and now I see,
I’m happy, I’m loved, and I have joy,
With you, I know we’ll always be.

As you take my hand and lead me to,
A place we can sit down and rest,
I feel such gentle love, Oh it’s sweet,
With you, I know I’m ever blest.

As you speak I listen with an awe,
There’s no one who can make me feel,
So wanted, and cared for, and I live,
With you, I know this sweet love’s real.

As we spend time together sweet scents,
Flow ‘round me, Oh the lovely rose,
You’re beautiful Jesus and I am,
With You, I know my Love I chose.

©Sondra McPherson
December 28, 2004


Jesus, my friend

When trouble is with me
I know you are beside me.
Jesus, my Lord and Saviour
My strong hold and strength.

Jesus, Lord above all
You meet my every need and desire.
To you I run and hide my face,
Your shelter I desire.

Over many years Lord,
You have been constant and true.
I know you have never left me,
It is only I who leave you.

My sins you forgive Lord,
My problems you do solve.
I need only hand the reigns to you Lord
For you to take control.

Thank you Oh my saviour,
For being there for me,
In my darkest hour,
And in my every need

©Carolyn Morgan



Wonder - wonder - wonder
How came these words I see
Etched for all of lifetime
Words that will forever be

Each letter holds a story
expressing someone's Love
A time of revelation
While the sun shown from above

Hand in hand - a little walk
Hearts entwined with emotion
Two souls becoming one that day
Eyes seeing eyes with devotion

Forever I will wonder
what happened there that day
That brought about those lovely words
''I Love You'' - is what they say

©Mr. Doug


A Child Goes To Heaven

A child goes to Heaven, on angel's wings
God was waiting at the gate
For all in Heaven to sing
His mother had much sadness
To see her child go
Yet she knew that God was calling
Her tears and heart told her so
A child goes to Heaven
A beautiful light comes in
When his mother saw it
She felt at peace, with no more sin
Her child would no longer be hurting
He went to Heaven by God's special care
A child goes to Heaven
He will meet his mother there

©Linda Ann Henry


A Light Still Shines

A light was brightly shining in a field so far away;
For In the town of Bethlehem a child was born that day.
There, in a stable dank and cold, upon a simple bed of  hay
The Saviour of the world, so silently did lay.

While in the sky above A heavenly light did appear
An angel had come to tell the world our Saviour now was here.
As Mary wrapped her baby boy, and kissed His tiny face;
She knew that He was born to all, our sins He would erase.

She now began to understand; just what the Lord had done
And knew that she was truly blessed to give birth to God's own Son.
He was born into this world, and was truly God and Man
He knew that he would suffer loss, for it was the Lord's great plan.

God's wondrous plan to save the world; His Son knew all to well
For He was born that Holy night to save the world from Hell.
Knowing all that he would face, long before He came to earth
His love for us was great enough, to come so we'd have worth.

Apart from His great love for us, a Love that is divine
Death is all that we deserve; there'd be no hope for all mankind
So as we shop and trim our trees please remember Jesus Birth
But, also remember why He came, to live His life on Earth.

He came to earth for you and me, to pay the debt we owe
He spent His whole life teaching us the way that we should go.
He was a simple carpenter and lived a simple life
He never owned a meager home, nor did He take a wife.

He lived a life so pure and clean, a perfect example He did set
But we still mocked and tortured Him, then had Him put to death
Yes, you and I are guilty, just as if His life was in our care
For each of us helped drive the nails that kept Him hanging there.

Thank God, for happy endings, for although He died.....He arose.
Just as the Lord had promised us He had conquered all His foes.
The grave could not contain Him there, no more than three days time
And from that Third day, and forever more we know ...
A Light Still Shines.

© 2002 by Loretta Coley Lipsey



''For God so Loved the world that He GAVE His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish but have Everlasting life.'' John3:16

Heavenly Paradise

Heaven is where I'm headed when I leave this
world of sin.
I'm gonna stand there smiling when Jesus
lets me in.

I've heard of the love and beauty that lies
beyond those gates.
I want to be a part of it, a place where
there's no hate.

Heaven will be my paradise, just the way I
picture it to be.
Nobody will be a stranger; I'll know everyone
I see.

I can hardly wait for Jesus to take me by the
Together we will walk through the gate to
that beautiful Promised Land.

©Peggy Ann Hardy



Back On My Feet Again

So many deaths and illness's had me down and on the ground.
I was tied, gagged, and bound.
Tears of sadness had my mind clouded
And no joy was to be found.
I'm going to break the chains that had my feet
tied and wouldn't let me move
The path that I was taking created nothing but tears and doom.
Sadness and heartache roared its ugly head
Darkness took over and light had no room.
I'm back on my feet again
I'll walk proud and hold up my head
For Jesus came and this is what He said,
''Get back on your feet again ''Nancy'', and don't let
Evil get you down and put you in bed''.
Let your friends see you walking so proud and tall.
Get over anger, doubt, and hurt
Don't let them see you down and looking small.
Be strong and stop crying and don't ever crawl
Fly and spread your wings
With Jesus you will have goodness because
He adds light and creates only good things.
Dry those tears and let your eyes be open
To all that's ahead.
It won't be long till your heart is on the mend.
Jesus will take over and love will never let you fail
The kingdom of heaven is near and no pains of hell
I'm up and flying and reaching for the sky
My loved ones will be waiting in that
Sweet bye and bye.

©Nancy Hoback
 March 15, 2005






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