Another Day

Oh, God, here it is another day,
Help me to accept what comes my way,
Let me have patience when I find things '' wrong'',
Help me to listen to the bird's melodious song,
Don't let me get so busy with chores,
That I don't take time to have fun galore,
Thank you for letting me live this day,
Take care of my family and friends I pray,
Oh , God, here it is another day,
Help me to live it wisely I pray.

©Anne R. C. Neale


Z Man

He has a Zip in his step;
And puts a Zing in my smile.
He has a Zeal for his work,
And a Zest that beguiles.

He can Zoom across town
Taking kids to the Zoo
With his Zany footwork,
He could Zap even you!

A Zebra, as his steed,
He parks in the wrong Zone.
A Zorro… he ain’t,
But he still phonZ home!

Think I’ll Zip up my lips,
And end this poem of Zs.
Hope you have enjoyed it,
If not… don’t write me!

© 2003 Marie Williams



On My Way

I'm on my way to somewhere,
It's the path that I must choose,
For if I take the wrong way,
It's my soul that I will lose.

Sometime into the future,
A time we cannot see,
There will be a day of reckoning,
For the likes of you and me.

For we were all created,
In God's image most profound,
But God left it to our very selves,
To choose what we had found.

Throughout all of the ages,
He has sent His Spirit through,
Those chosen then to guide us,
To a path of righteousness so true.

Be careful whom you choose though,
As your guiding role,
There are evil there amongst them
Who will sell your very soul.

Mankind has freely chosen,
To choose a path of sin,
So God sent His Son down to us,
That we could live again.

His Son did undertake to,
Show us the rightful way,
The path to sit beside God,
When we reach that final day.

The Son chose crucifixion,
Then conquered death to prove,
If we chose to follow Him always,
Towards Heaven we would move.

After His Ascension,
Back to His Father's home,
He never did forsake us,
Nor leave us all alone.

For now we have the Father,
And the promise made to me,
The Son and Holy Spirit,
To help through life's journey.

Seek guidance from them always,
You'll find serenity,
At peace with yourself always,
Is the only way to be.

We also have our Bible,
It is God's Holy Book,
So if feeling down and desperate,
Take time to have a look.

The words therein that written,
Were guided by God's hand,
To show us what He wants for us,
And what he always planned.

Sit quietly in reflection,
Sometimes offer up a prayer,
Although you may fail to see it,
Your God is always there.

On my journey through this lifetime,
So many marks I see,
But the greatest mark that I have found,
Is the one God left for me.

So I'm on my way to somewhere,
It's the path that I did choose,
That pathway unto Heaven,
My soul I will not lose.

©Dark Blue Knight
6th February 2005



A Place Of Perfect Peace

In the trial or in the testing
I am certain God is there
For by faith my soul is resting
In the shelter of His care

He just fills my heart with gladness
Everyday it overflows
Helps me conquer pain and sadness
For He suffered and He knows

Every day I see His power
Lives are changed before my eyes
Every moment, every hour
He gives love that satisfies

Now I live in this assurance
As I deal with doubt and fear
That my God provides endurance
As He whispers in my ear

I'll not leave you nor forsake you
I've been with you from the start
Things that come your way can't break you
For I dwell within your heart

So I give Him all the glory
He has done so much for me
And I share the wondrous story
Of A Blessed Eternity !!!

©Jim Lake


Psalm 73:26 (NKJV)
My flesh and my heart fail;
but God is the strength of
my heart and my portion forever.

My Last Day

If today became my very last,
What would it mean to you?
Would you continue with your day,
As if my love you never knew?

Would you miss the way I once smiled?
Maybe hear my voice sweet and true.
I wonder what you'd feel for me,
If my time on earth were through.

Would you remember how I had loved you,
And how I could always make you smile?
Would you be thankful to have loved me,
Even if only for a while?

Would you have regret down in your heart,
Plead to God for one more day?
Would you search your soul and find the words,
That you could never seem to say?

I wonder what life would mean to you,
If today somehow became my last.
Would you hold tight to the memories,
Of a love that's now the past?

Would you be sad that I was gone?
Or long for me here today?
Would you tremble with emotion,
As they carried my body away?

I wonder if you'd think of me,
when summer breezes blew.
As it swept across your cheek,
like soft kisses you once knew.

I wonder if this will touch you.
Will you be sad in any way?
If tomorrow never comes,
If today were my last day.

©Angee Morales


Made Perfect

The gift of fellowship is bestowed from above;
Devotion, adoration, sharing God's love.

For, when rejoicing souls exchange praises of Him,
God comes to dwell in the midst of them.

His Spirit takes over. Love begins to flow.
His presence is so awesome, producing magnetic glows.

Responsive hearts warms both God's and theirs,
Uniting them as one; the ultimate gift to joint heirs.

© by Joyce C. Lock


And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God,
and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.
John 17:3

He Will Live On

It was in the beginning, a little babe was born
A son of a poor carpenter, laid in the fresh-gotten straw
There were wise men, and shepherds, kings from afar
That came to view the infant, led by a shining star
The child was called Jesus, the son of God
Born unto us, our Savior, our life and his, eternal love
As years passed, and he become grown
He was chose to go, and teach the world of everlasting love
He walked along the county sides
Preaching the words, some did deny
He fed the hungry, he healed the sick
To forgive the sinner, his given love
It was in the beginning, the disbelievers deny the truth
They called it, Black Magic, scoffing him in disbelief
And then it came, he was crucified
A trial was given, and he must die
He spoke the truth, but they did not see
He will die for the unbeliever
For he said, they know not what they do.

©Marty Ford


Sweet Mystery

Why was this gift of writing poetry given to me,
The one where in lies such sweet mystery.
Of taking words and making them rhyme,
Is this a gift from another time.

Talking and writing of times of today and long ago,
Sitting at a computer and just letting the words flow.
My fingers moving ever so slowly across the keyboard,
Trying my best to be sure none of the words are ignored.

Where do they come from these words I hear,
And is there anything in them I have to fear.
Or is it all just something we all have a need to share,
So others will have a voice and know someone is aware.

Aware of the feelings they have down deep inside,
Feelings from which they do not want to hide.
They cannot find the words to express how they feel,
But they do know what they are feeling is real.

Finally there all of a sudden they see,
All of their feelings as plain as can be.
So I will continue to explore this sweet mystery,
This wonderful gift of writing which was given to me.

©Brenda Sparkman 2005




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