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Tears from the Heart

Emotion is the trigger
that births a tiny tear
Could be love or happiness
or sadness and/or fear

Tear drops start their flowing
from deep within our heart
When feelings overwhelm us
through our eyes they will depart

Tears of Sorrow - Tears of Joy
Tears of sheer delight
Tears that build within us
Tears that cloud our sight

But when the tear drops finish
a sense of calm is there
For tears are an expression
of an experience that we share

©Mr. Doug



My Service

Father, Lord above all!
I call out your name,
And I know that You are near.
You are always there to guide me,
To strengthen and walk beside me.
I hold out my hand to reach you,
To feel your love surround me.

My voice lifts in praise
As I see your will unfold in my life.
The changes you ask me to make
Are easy when you are in my sight.
Your goodness is never ending
As I wait to feel your blessing
Upon the work I do for You with love and adoration.

My works oh Lord are nothing,
Unless they are done with you in mind.
They wont get me to heaven
For it's Your grace that will get me there.
But Lord I want to serve You,
And follow Your plan for me,
So show me Your direction
And let me only serve Thee.

©Carolyn Morgan


 Treasures In My Heart

I keep treasures of precious things,
And hold them deep within my heart,
All my hopeful dreams and wishes,
And waiting for you is just a part.

I've never known the love of you,
Sitting beneath the moonlight's glow,
But another precious glimmer,
Sends treasures in my heart that grow.

Can you hear my heart softly voice,
Brushing through clouds to reach the stars,
Are you there now my chosen love,
Treasures in my heart wait love's power.

How the moonlight shines and reflects,
Precious feelings you have for me,
With mine for you we'll be one soon,
All treasures in my heart agree.

Can you see two stars shining close,
They shimmer and glisten of love,
Sprinkling dreams' stardust upon me,
Treasures in my heart gleam thereof.

Oh keep treasures of precious things,
In your heart beneath the moonlight,
Let all your dreams and wishes star,
Shining beams your love’s in my sight.

©Sondra McPherson
March 16, 2005


Crystal Rain

All I know is a world filled of pain
Locked inside an eternal crystal rain
Falling from the heavens
Shattering like mirrors
Bringing the reflection
Of a thousand lovers tears

All I can see is a world full of pain,
Pounding in my mind
The insistent crystal rain
falling to the oceans
It is brought back to the land
As a misted breath,
On a dying lovers hand

All I can feel is an infinity of pain
Falling on my face,
a somber crystal rain
One with the storm,
I rage and toss
Filled inside with my dead lovers loss

©Paula Irvine



You alighted my life in a spiritual way
Without words, or a look, or a greeting to say.
You came and you saw, and you captured my eye
And you fluttered, and hovered, akin to a sigh.
Your gentleness touched me from somewhere within,
As you danced in the sunlight, just grazing my skin.
You soared to the heavens, right up in the sky,
And I whispered so softly, my peaceful goodbye.

 ©2005 Sally Y. Hemingway



A Very Special Place

''Somewhere between time and space,
you will discover a special place.
A magical kingdom not hard to find.
 where the residents are so sweet and kind,
so filled with love for all mankind.
For that somewhere between time and space
 lies not in heaven but on planet earth.
For this special place is located
in a very familiar neighborhood called our heart, mind,
and soul, ....
Where all residents give give freely of their love,
and is their one and only goal.''

© 2004 Joseph P. Martino


Loving You

Living knowing
One day someone
Very special to you
Is going to come back in your life
and want you back and
Never knowing if you are
Going to take her or if
You are going to stay with me
One day I wish whatever you do I'll be able to
understand it and still have a friendship with you.

 ©Samantha Lynn


My Dearest, Jesus Is Calling Your Name

My Dearest, Jesus is calling your name
How can I go on, nothing will be the same
Our loved ones are crying, they see you in pain
When you're in heaven, how will life continue again
I hear the angels singing to you
They are making you welcome so soon
I will send all my love for you too
I have heard how beautiful The Lord's house really is
You have suffered much, now you will truly live
My Dearest, Jesus is calling your name
He will hold your hand and take away your pain
I will watch you, as your wings begin to take flight
But you will never leave my soul tonight
I will kiss all those we care for and tell them of your love
When Jesus comes with angels above
Yet, this is not our last goodbye
For I see eternity with Jesus' eyes
As you take your last breath here
I will see the smile you give
You will be in heaven, my love
With Jesus, you will live

©Linda Ann Henry




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