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The Oyster

The lesson of the oyster, is something we should heed,
It is a beautiful lesson , we all need,
An irritant, a sand pebble, gets into it you see
It definitely annoys the oyster, that you know, oh gee,
But the oyster takes the challenge
And make it really nice,
The oyster turns the grain of sand,
Into a pearl, let that suffice,
So when life gives you grains of sand,
That really irritate you,
Just think of the little oyster,
And follow the oyster's lessen too,
Life always has some challenges,
Some good and some are bad,
But change them to a Blessing
And your life then will be glad.

©Anne R.C. Neale


The Gift
My Daddy said he had a gift
that he'd like to give to me.
Many,many years ago,
As I sat upon his knee.

He said it would last forever
And that it could never be lost.
and to me he'd freely give it,
no matter what the cost.

He whispered how he loved me
more than the stars above.
Then promised to always keep me safe,
and warm within his love.

He explained his gift was precious
No limit on what it would bring.
He prayed I'd one day understand,
just what his gift would mean.

He said his gift would see me
through good times and bad.
And that his gift would feel the pain,
from all that made me sad.

I know you must still wonder
just what this gift could be.
What was it my Daddy gave,
As I sat upon his knee?

I suppose that I will tell you
although it's plain to see.
For my Daddy opened up his heart,
and his love was a gift to me.

@Angee Morales


A Difference

You can Change the World
By the thoughtful things you do,
Making a Difference;
Letting God's love shine through.

Reaching out to help others,
With Compassion God gave you,
Multiplies His seed;
Making Hearts brand new.

© by Joyce C. Lock


I Will Sing His Praise

As each new day dawns on this earth
I lift my voice in praise
For in my heart there is rebirth
Of Hope that comes and stays

That Hope is based on God alone
And not on earthly things
For I am His and not my own
To that my spirit clings

I miss the mark when I rely
On things that I can do
Instead of trusting God on high
To guide and see me through

For God alone has what I need
To sail through stormy seas
And on His Word my soul must feed
Until my flesh agrees

And so I praise my God above
For all the things He's done
For His great Mercy, Joy and Love
And Victories He has won !!!

For God deserves the Highest Praise !!!
I'll sing it loud and long !!!
And through my life and all my days
His Theme will be My Song !!!

©Jim Lake


Psalm 66:1, 2 Sing To The Lord, all the earth!
Sing of His glorious name! Tell the world how wonderful He is!

Treasures In My Heart

I keep treasures of precious things,
And hold them deep within my heart,
All my hopeful dreams and wishes,
And waiting for you's just a part.

I've never known the love of you,
Sitting beneath the moonlight's glow,
But another precious glimmer,
Sends treasures in my heart that grow.

Can you hear my heart softly voice,
Brushing through clouds to reach the stars,
Are you there now my chosen love,
Treasures in my heart wait love's power.

How the moonlight shines and reflects,
Precious feelings you have for me,
With mine for you we'll be one soon,
All treasures in my heart agree.

Can you see two stars shining close,
They shimmer and glisten of love,
Sprinkling dreams' stardust upon me,
Treasures in my heart gleam thereof.

Oh keep treasures of precious things,
In your heart beneath the moonlight,
Let all your dreams and wishes star,
Shining beams your love’s in my sight.

©Sondra McPherson
March 16, 2005


Crystal Rain

All I know is a world filled of pain
Locked inside an eternal crsytal rain
Falling from the heavans
Shattering like mirrors
Bringing the reflection
Of a thousand lovers tears

All I can see is a world full of pain,
Pounding in my mind
The insistant crystal rain
falling to the oceans
It is brought back to the land
As a misted breath,
On a dying lovers hand

All I can feel is an infinity of pain
Falling on my face,
a somber crystal rain
One with the storm,
I rage and toss
Filled inside with my dead lovers loss

©Paula Irvine




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