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Perfect Rose

I found a rose the other day
That really caught my eye,
And as I looked it captured me,
At first, I knew not why.
Then as I took a closer look
With sunlight shining through;
It seemed as though I saw a smile,
Reminding me of you.

The petals were so soft and full,
Your lips were brought to mind,
And with itís scent so rich and sweet,
It was a cherished find.

But, better than that perfect rose,
Are times I spend with you,
Because of love and all we share,
My life is perfect too.

©James O'Brien



Why Can't Men Cry

There is something I really need an answer to,
It has bothered me and it should bother you.
Why can't men cry,
But yet we can send them off to war to die.

You hear little boys told at an early age,
When they are so scared or filled with rage.
Now you know you are too old to cry,
Be brave, be strong, while their emotions they deny.

Why do these feelings our men have to ignore,
Does anybody understand, please explain to me once more.
Our men are all living and filled with such hurt and pain,
But if they cry they are looked upon with such disdain.

Do you have any idea of what they go through,
All of the future stress of what they are expected to do.
Go to college, get a job, raise a family, but our men,
They are never ever really free.

Free, what do you mean they are not free,
Well they are not free to cry don't you see.
This was something God gave to us to cleanse the inside,
Not something he meant for anyone to have to hide.

So please release all of our men, let them go,
Please let them have the right their emotions to show.
It should be their right from birth right up to the end,
If you really and truly want them to make it my friend.

There are just certain times though when it is ok,
Like when a friend or loved one has passed away.
The rest of the time their emotions are put on hold,
You must stop this crying now, they are told.

God must be wondering what is going on,
Man was not made to always be strong.
Give them a loving shoulder, don't bother asking them why,
Because there are just times when a man needs to cry.

©Brenda Sparkman 2004



I Tried

I tried to save a friendship,
and built a bridge to span the gap.
I crossed my bridge to the other side,
Just to find fences all around.

No where could I find my dear friend,
because of the fences she had built.
Anger so consuming had made her blind,
to my bridge that I had built for us.

I had to turn around and come back,
and leave my dear friend behind.
But, I left her to find,
My bridge that I had built for us.

©Leona Koziarski


Dedicated to 9-11

In this restless world of struggles, it is very hard to find.
Answers to our questions that daily comes to mind.
We read the headlines daily and listen to the news.
We shake our heads despairingly and wonder what to do.
Can we change such sinful hearts? That's filled with hatred and defiance.
We use our skillful ingenuity, Our technology and science.
In this time of crisis let us offer no resistance.
Keep giving help to those who need our strength and assistance.
I know it is hard to understand the complexities of war.
But each one of us must realize what our sons are fighting for.
Rember 9-11 when fear came knocking at our doors.
We we're scared to go to the mail box or even to the store.
For every thing worth having there's a price we must pay.
America the land of freedom may it always stay that way.

©Millie Earley


Bedtime Angels

Angels are watching over us every single
They are there when we need them, they
never go away.
They watch us when we're sleeping and
when we're wide awake.
They're there for every single , breath of
air we take.

They help us find the words we need as
we say our prayers.
You'll feel their Angelic presence and
forget about your cares.

They lay right down beside us as we fall
They protect us from all harm and our
souls they carefully keep.

They hold us in their loving arms oh so
very tight.
They give us an Angel kiss as they softly
whisper,'' Good Night.''

©Peggy Ann Hardy


Morning Mist

Dawn begins, and there is a misty fog over the brook,
All is silent, not even a ripple in the water below
A serenity that is like none other; peace fills the air.
The day is beginning to open as the sun begins to glow.

The minutes go by, and ever so gently the fog will fade
But the blessings of the day have begun with a special peace
A time to let the mind rest and think of all God's love.
A time of renewal, letting the mind begin fresh and problems release.

Just for a while;
...those special moments of the day are needed
A tranquil time of gathering thoughts,
A time of giving loving thanks to the Father,
Splendor of the early morning,
....and then the day goes forward.

November 14, 2004



I've Been Around

I've fallen in and out of love
Learning things only time can teach
So don't say the three little words
For love is more than just a speech.

In order to stay alive
Love needs a common ground.
Show me in actions not in words.
I know because I've been around.

Please don't tell me any more lies.
I have wasted enough early years.
I've seen many lonely nights
Dissolve into disappointed tears.

You paint me a pretty picture
As we view the midnight moon.
But in my world it's really gray
As worlds break apart too soon.

Love is like a gentle rain
Falling softly without a sound
Yet disappears so quickly.
I know because I've been around.

©Carol Barton



A Distant Star

The stars are out tonight
They are shinning, oh so bright
As I look, I see a distant star
Dear Lord, it seems so very far
I wish I could pray to have wings of my own
I want to hide, to be alone
If I went to that distant star to understand
Will I find myself, see where I am
I want my tears to blow away in the breeze
Jesus will You catch them please
Yet, if I went to Heaven today
Maybe that distant star will go away
Will anyone miss me or remember me at all
Will I tug at their heartstring, if they softly call
Shall I be forgotten without my name upon a stone
Will I always be left here all alone
But if I go to that distant star
Then Heaven is my home
With the Lord Jesus, I will never roam
I will no longer hide from my mistakes
I ask forgiveness for the cost I take
I am blessed with a God who forgives my heart
He who is on a distant star

Linda Ann Henry






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