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Country Road

As I am driving down this country road,
hearing the gravel as it crunches with sound,
I feel it it lifting my load-
As serenity lies all around.

Up above, the sky is country blue,
outlined with the clouds like white lace,
This all beckons me to see sites so new,
with a warmth and beauty of this awesome place .

The trees, with their' 'arms'' swinging slowly,
as if they are waving to me
So I wave to them as I drive by,
Such beauty for my eyes too see.

The fragrance of flowers, drifting on the wind,
lushness everywhere of colors that seem to blend
But this old road sure seems like a friend,
With my memories of a child's, way back when.

Those days were full of fun and laughter
As I would walk barefoot and skipping along
And sometimes I need to come back here
To remind me of where I belong.

©Annie 4/5/05



Garden's Hopes And Dreams

In your gardenís hopes and sweet dreams,
I wish you true love for this Spring,
May your heart flower in bright bloom,
When Godís chosen one He does bring.

May your heartís desire become real,
And complete the blossom of you,
May love star bright as the moon beams,
In gardenís hopes and dreams you view.

I wish you love so beautiful,
Forever bedazzling your eyes,
Since Godís moon and stars touched your heart,
May gardenís hopes and dreams surprise.

May you have the glory of love,
The kind that God blesses with joy,
Loveís little bundles of bouquets,
Gardenís hopes and dreams girl and boy.

I wish you love and happiness,
The sweetest gems lifeís treasures bring,
From Godís heart to yours He sends love,
May gardenís hopes and dreams eíer cling.

May you always share one true love,
Eyes eíer speaking volumes promised,
Heavenís moon and stars eíer shining,
In gardenís hopes and dreams once kissed.

©Sondra McPherson

March 22, 2005

Unconditional Eternal Love

When Jesus comes He will take me to my new home up above.
He will show me the true meaning of Unconditional
Eternal Love.
The Angels will be singing and the trumpets blowing loud.
There will be an orchestra there welcoming all, that would please the best of crowds.

The harps will be playing, ''Amazing Grace'', and
many more of my favorite songs.
I will listen proudly, then, I will join in and sing

There will be no wars, no more cruelty, or any hate.
St. Peter will be there waiting open armed, at that
big ole' pearly gate.

I will see my Parents there, Grandparents, Aunts
and Uncles, old friends and new.
If you will accept Jesus as your Personal Savior,
I will see you there too.

So come on over and join me, just let Jesus be your guide.
He will show you His Unconditional Eternal Love
and will always be by your side.

©Peggy Ann Hardy



I Will Be With You

In the darkness of the night,
When you are alone in fear,
I will always be with you,
My presence forever near.

When your heart is broken,
You think no one cares,
I will always be with you,
Your healing I will share.

You suffer disappointment,
Hurtful words spoken unkind,
I will always be with you,
Comfort in me you will find.

You seek a love eternal,
You are feeling all alone,
I will always be with you,
You have a heavenly home.

Lay your burdens upon me,
You can forever more be free,
I will always be with you,
I shed blood in payment for thee.

©Gayle Davis
February 4, 2004



How Big Is God

How big is the need
How great is the call
How big is the God
Who reigns over all.

When troubles arise
To Him we must go
The lifter of heads
His love overflows.

No trials too great
No test will we fail
When looking to God
His truth shall prevail.

No storms by day
Or even by night
Will cause us to doubt
As faith takes flight.

Trusting our Savior
Releasing all cares
He's Almighty God
None other compares.

© 2005 Marie Williams



To Be Found Faithful

To be found faithful is my prayer,
In this world without a care,
To trust Him implicitly
Never join sin's complicity.

To respond to His every command
Obedience will He demand.
To go where He wants me to go,
Doing what He wants me to do.

To say what He wants me to say,
To those who have gone astray.
To give hope to the lost
Telling them of Jesus and the cost.

To rely upon Him solely
The one who loved me wholly.
To praise Him with all that is within
Is my reasonable service to Him!

©Doris J. Niswonger


Scent Of An Angel

Do you believe in the Angels above...
The Beings who watch over us with love,
They do exist for our benefit alone,
Watching over us for the Master on His Throne.

Fighting the evils of each and every day,
Watching us cry, laugh, and play,
We tend to forget their very existence and yet...
Just when you forget, there is a reminder set!

That sweet aroma that engulfs your room,
No explanation for the scent of perfume,
Different fragrances of flowers or cookies, maybe spice,
The smell of fresh strawberries sure does suffice.

As I lay in bed full of pain from surgery that day,
The scent of strawberries filled my room like a bouquet,
I knew right then that my angel was there,
To watch over me as my body was in repair.

Angels come in many different forms,
Nevertheless, they help us through the storms,
The next time you smell an unexplainable scent,
Your angel is reminding you that He is present!

©Elizabeth E. McPherson
April 13, 2005


Hints of Spring

First day of spring
Not soon enough for me
Sweet scent of freshness
Could make ones soul sing
The barren trees shine ,in many a bloom
As patches of green grass, begins to renew
Our small feathered friends, arrive with
sweet song
Building nests for the wee-ones, coming along
Bluish-gray skies, spread far and wide
As gentle winds whisper, on -coming showers
A hint of sunshine, warmed the air
As lingering clouds about, filled the skies above.
Spring is sometime tricky, as most of us know
One day is warm, another one it's cold
Even some snow, can find a way in
But leaves in a hurry, as a warm-up sets in
Spring showers comes along, to many for some
But Mother Nature will change, this season
in time
The farmers fields, will soon come alive
And gardens and flowerbeds, will begin to
color and thrive
New birth, new life
A welcoming change,,,these Hints of Spring.

©Marty Ford






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