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A Wonderful May

May the joy of being alive
Be the start of every morning.

May you experience Sunshine
On even the cloudiest of days.

May you see God's wonders
In places you hadn't thought to look.

May you always remember ~
You are God's greatest treasure.

May you thoroughly enjoy this day
And have A Wonderful May.

İ by Joyce C. Lock



Seeing Your Goodness

I put my feet out of bed,
And a groan escaped my lips.
It's much too early to get up.
But a voice inside my head said,
At least you have a place to sleep.
I stumbled to the kitchen,
Oh drat forgot to buy fresh bread.
Yesterday's was a little stale to touch.
And that voice came back as I complained,
At least you do still have some bread.

I walked to work, still grumpy inside,
And I failed to see the beauty as I passed by.
The trees of amber and brown/red shades,
The grass so green and soft beneath my feet.
And so that voice reminded me,
Open your eyes child look and see.

As I looked and saw the scene,
A little old lady walked on by.
Her whole life in brown paper bags,
Wearing clothes that I had put out in the bin.
In that instant I knew for sure,
That God has given much to me.
All I had done that day was to complain,
Instead of giving thanks to God above,
For my life so free of pain,
For food and shelter and a wage.
I have eyes to see and legs that work,
I'm sorry Lord for being so blind.

İCarolyn Morgan


In Memory Of Christopher Reeve

You left so many memories all thoughout your life
You fought the greatest battle you have ever known
Christopher, the handicap you have is also the same one I own
I am one of the people who have read about your plight
I am proud to be one with you, you will always be a great man to me
You tried to help so many like me
There are doctors and nurses who cannot understand
Yet we try to be remembered for trying as hard as we can
They fund it hard to help us
Because we cannot climb upon a table and they seem tempted
to say
We are too hard to handle please go somewhere else today
For some people see through us ever though we are in pain
Christopher, you are a superman, you gave it all you had, so unafraid
You will live in my memory Christopher
And when I see myself in this wheelchair
I will thank you for giving me the chance
To live a little longer because you dared
I will not cry for you or feel sorry for you
Because a survivor is what I see
I am proud to be one with you
You will always be a great man to me
Doubt sees the obstacles, faith sees the way, Doubt sees the darkest night,
faith soars on high, Doubt questions who believe, faith answers

İLinda Ann Henry



Power Of Words

Your spoken words are powerful,
They can hurt someone's feelings you know,
They can also make someone feel really great
So be careful what you say, that is so,

Some spoken words can be very cruel,
Some words can be supportive too,
Choose the more positive words
That is the best thing to do,

Be careful what you say out loud
There is power in the words you say,
Of course the most powerful words
Are those you say when you pray.

İAnne R.C. Neale


Spring's Harmony

What a special time of season
When changes come renewed
Sweet sounds of birds singing
Each echoing a different tune
Their tone so soft and mellow
So pleasing to ones ear
A harmony of swirling music
That rings out when spring is here
Some wind chimes tickle, among the
whispering winds
Rustle leaves sways softly, against
Aprils gentle breeze
Freshness of mornings
Meadows grow green
Warm sun lifts our spirits
Blue skies grace our soul
Blossoms soon flourish
Fields will start to thrive
As gifts from our Father
Has begun to unfold.

İMarty Ford


The Sun is There

At times the roads get bumpy
At times the clouds overcast
At times the rain gets heavy
But not for long will it last
Behind the cloudy cover
Behind the turbulent sea
Behind the torrential rainfall
The sun looks for you and me

After the gloomy turmoil
of nature having fun
Raise your eyes and smile
Lo - the warmth of the sun

İMr. Doug


I Am

I am alone and scared
I wonder if you will ever come back
I hear you saying ''I'll never leave.''
I see you holding me again
I want you to come back to me
I am alone and scared
I feel your arms around me
I touch your lips with mine
I worry I'll never have you back
I cry when I think of you with her
I am alone and scared

I understand you care about her
I say ''I'll always love you.''
I dream about the day you came into my life
I try to get used to the idea that I don't have you
I hope some day we will be together again
I am alone and scared

İSamantha Lynn


Beyond all Dreams

There is a place beyond all dreams
where kinds may soar on angel wings
where fact and fiction are the same
where kittens roar and the lions tame.
This place is mine and mine alone
I set the stage, decor and tone
It is my sanity, my shell
My only escape from this hell
And inside this place of warmth and peace
I dispose of wrinkles... fold a crease
A crease in a life that is no longer mine
A crease in the ridiculous notion of time
For time is running out for me,
this much is clear, this much I see
And when I'm  gone, my peace shall shatter,
my fantasy ruined, the facts wont matter
Horrible truths come to light,
forever bound within our sight
So for all my sins I will pay
oh, how I do await that day
But for now, I keep what's mine,
my own little crease in the fold of time
Given this place is the title of hell
So it is here, I must keep my shell

İPaula Irvine







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