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One Day In A Lifetime

Her love for him began
long before she knew
beginning with a special bond
from deep inside her womb.

He came into this world
without the basics to survive.
They were powerless to save
him from his early dawn in life.

They gave him only hours
nothing could be done.
She pleaded for the release
to hold close her tiny son.

Precious was her time
to look into his eyes,
to hold him, to touch him,
to hear his feeble cry.

His hours spawned a day
only moments in flight;
then in her arms he was gone
like a whisper in the night.

Messages were imprinted
with four tiny hands.
One set was faded for the one
who could not withstand.

She changed both their names
giving half of one to the other
to carry through his life
a part of his twin brother.

Her heart will always weep
for the one who could not stay
who deeply touched her life
in his lifetime of a day.

In memory of Connor Reed Weikert
November 26, 1992 - November 27, 1992

© Carol Barton
Copyright 2003



Memory Lane

I was walking down ''memory lane'',
As I was walking along the beach,
Inside my heart I was feeling pain,
But was keeping the doubts out of reach.

As I reflected of the sands of time
So many hours when time stood still,
I could hear a distant bird calling,
So I stopped walking and stood still.

I could feel the heat of the suns rays,
I felt a sense of release from within
I felt the seabreeze upon my face,
And memories of my love was strong again

I could hear his voice in the waves
That was crashing on the shore
I could feel his arms holding me
And knew I was not alone anymore.

As I am walking into the wind
My tears are drying on my face
But I know soon I will be with him
And we will be alone in our place,

©Annie 4/17/05



Mother...A Rare Breed

A Mother is a special breed
So strong, yet gentle and kind
Tending . . . To every want or need

While, creating ties . . . That bind
God gave Mothers, a special love
To handle what was in store . . .
Then blessed them with his creation
To cherish . . . To love . . . To adore

Nourishing daily, with love and care
So proud of her new bundle of joy
Always giving so much of herself...
For her sweet little Girl or Boy

There, from the very beginning
Teaching, to walk and to talk
Through all the diaper... Pinning
And rhymes like ''Hickory Dickory Dock''

Her touch so very gentle and soft
As she wiped away each tear. . .
Eagerly giving a kiss and a hug
Erasing all the doubt and fear

Walking together, hand in hand
Leading, through life’s quest...
Training you, in the way to go
Wanting for you, the very best

A pillar of strength, she supports
All your hopes, wishes and dreams
Never giving up, or losing faith
Bursting with pride...At the seams

A Mother is like a good ‘Glue’
She holds the family together
Withstanding, the good and bad
Smiling, through stormy weather

Let’s celebrate this special day
For we could never find another
Who gives so much, in every way
As that Angel we call... ''Mother!''

© 2005 Judith Johnson Kypta



A Long Ago Fourth Of  July

Long ago on a hot summer day,
A day which has now gone by;
A time in my memory which will always stay,
Of how we celebrate the Fourth of July.

Labor and toil filled most of our days,
But this day was a special one;
So daily work was now delayed
For a happy time of joy and fun.

My mother made a picnic lunch
And we piled into the ole Ford ''fliver.''
My parents and siblings made quite a bunch
As we headed for the banks of the river.

When we arrived to our dismay,
From our little town there were many there,
Remembering this wonderful holiday
With feelings we all could share.

What a wonderful memory of a joy gone past
Shared with family and friends everywhere;
Knowing such celebrations would always last
If we honor our Country with love and care.

©Frances Donehoo Presson


God's Masterpiece

If ever you are lonely or feel you do not have a friend
Remember God is beside you, until the very end
You see God made us His masterpiece
One He gives thanks for
He made the miracle of life in Jesus
To go on forevermore
There were times I would sit and wonder
Why we all were born
I thought of the beauty a new born baby gives
God has a plan for us in His great universe
It may not seem so at the time
But this masterpiece of God
Is the miracle of love that He calls mankind
A mother feels it in her baby
Or some feel it in their heart
Yet no matter how it happens
It is there a mother
Can play her perfect part
We think of a lonely couple who pray to God each night
Wanting their baby as they feel it is their right
Than comes that mother delivering her first
''And she cries..Dear God, thank you for the miracle of birth''
All of us as people, come with just one goal
To make a masterpiece of what God has foretold.
So when you wonder at the stars each night
How God created every one
Realize you too are a promise
And God's work in you is done.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet



The Simple Poets Way

There is an effervescent magic in the dawning of a day
A vision of the clouds above which dance in sweet array,
With sunlight peering through and challenging my sense
To leave my mark on this today, with feelings so intense.

I cannot save the world with my actions or my deeds
I cannot plant the universe with joyous kindness seeds,
But I'll do just what I can , in my subtle simple way
To make the morning brighter for the world in some small way.

I'll extend a hand of friendship, to those who care to hold
I will tell my tales of gentleness, to those who will be told,
In a few poetic rhymes, I will share the things I know,
For those who wish to listen, before on their way they go.

I will open up my heart to expose the love within
I will try to live a life which doesn't hurt, and doesn't sin.
And when a new dawn breaks, as we know it surely will
And our cup will runneth over, we shall know we can refill.

So when you see the dawn, as it breaks another day,
Think of all the little treasures which will pass you on the way,
And appreciate the goodness of a life that's filled with love,
And give thanks to God Almighty, your saviour up above.

Try to be the type of person, whom you would like to know,
Try to offer up the kindness, which you'd wish for folks to show,
And when you're feeling sad, and life makes you shed a tear,
Remember of these words I type, which truly are sincere..

The beauty of a morning is created just for you,
The ocean in its glory, the skies of powder blue,
The valleys and the hillsides, the friendships for the making..
Are all Gods gifts so wonderful, and there just for your taking.

Live every day to fullness, as if it were your last,
Take every opportunity, before it rushes past,
Appreciate each rainbow, each perfect fine sunset..
And live your life as best you can, with no time for regret.

Dont hold on to your grudges, however big they are,
Open arms, embrace the world, however long and far.
Cast aside your shackles, surrounding every day,
And live a life that's pure and good, the simple poets way.

 ©2005 Sally Y Hemingway



Loving Dad

You are a loving dad
You're always there when I need you
You dry my tears when I cry
and tell me everything will be okay sweetie.
You never let me down when I need you the most
You are there for all your kids but we never tell you this enough thank you and we love you.
You deal with all the stuff we throw at you and never yell
You are a loving dad
You mean the world to me dad and,
 all I want for you is for you to be happy.
I wish I could be there for you the way you have been there for me.
Thank you daddy for everything I love you dearly.

©Samantha Lynn


Silver Anniversary

Many years ago,
This man walked into my life.
It took awhile to realize,
That he was sent from above.

God knew what He was doing,
Providing this man for me.
For God alone knew,
What was in store for me.

He knew of the unemployment,
When money would be scarce.
He knew how soon the babies would come,
And that time would be so sparse.

God knew of the years of depression,
When this man strong and true,
Would keep on reassuring me,
That he was by my side.

Yes God knew this man would be faithful,
And stand beside me through thick and thin.
He knew just what I needed,
And sent this man to me.

He is so very handsome,
Always very patient with my faults,
And he never seems to notice,
My extra lumps and bumps.

God saw this man,
And knew he would be,
The very, very best,
Man for me.

Now twenty five years have flown on by,
And three grown children stand by our side.
A grandson sadly resides with Him,
But our wee grand daughter has a cheeky grin.

Thank you Lord, for this man of mine.
For letting him stand here by my side.
Another twenty five years I ask,
Of strength, stability, love and laughs.

©Carolyn Morgan


Dedicated to my husband Neil ,
who took me for his wife 25 years ago 17th
 May 2005.




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