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Happy Birthday Daddy!

On the day that you were born
God threw away the mold
He knew that you'd be loved so much
He'd let you grow real old.

Today you would be ninety
Now that's a lot of years
I bet up there in heaven
You're hearing lots of cheers.

It's your first birthday in heaven
And, even though you are not here
I'm sending you this special wish
For a birthday filled with cheer.
Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you.

©Rebecca Ann Rence



What would the Y be without the Yong?
What would lemon pie be without the meringue?
What would false be without true,
And what would I be Mom without you?
You are a caring Mom who gives me much,
Who's there to listen: who's there in a clutch.
A Mom like you is rare indeed,
A Godsend and a special breed.
I feel so very lucky
To have a Mom like you
Who is thoughtful, kind and giving
And loyal through and through.
What would my life be without a Mom,
A buddy, a chum, a comrade,
A mom to laugh with and to cry with
In times of good or bad.
What would my life be without a Mom?
That day , I pray, I'll never see.
That day I hope will never be,
For I have a Mom and you are she.
Just as winter gives way to Spring
So shall our troubles go away,
For time and faith in God will bring
The dawning of a brighter day.

©Justin Cole


Storms Of Life

The thunder rolled, the lightning flashed,
Gray and stormy clouds sailed by;
The trees bent low with each strong blast
Beneath the ominous and threatening sky.

I cried with dread amidst this storm,
I felt beleaguered, beset with fear;
Could I escape this tumult without harm.
What means of deliverance could be near?

Then God reached down His hand to me,
And led me to the storm's own eye;
Peace and quiet made all fear flee
Amid a storm that still whirled by.

The storms of life are ours to bear,
But there is provided a place of peace;
Reach out and seek God's tender care
Of a boundless love which will never cease.

©Frances Donehoo Presson


You Are Rich

As you open your eyes in the early morn,
You will find a wealth that is so warm,
You are rich to be able to use your eyes,
To see the birds and the wonderful blue sky,
You are rich and wealthy to be alive too,
Other people '' passed over '' during the night, that 's true,
You are rich to have a roof over your head,
And a place to sleep, in your own bed,
You are rich to be able to get out of bed and walk,
And you are rich also to be able to talk,
You are rich and wealthy with so many things
All given to you by the Almighty King,
So count your blessings each day you know
And realize you are wealthy in many ways, that's so.

©Anne R.C. Neale


The B I B L E

When I was a little girl,
I learned to sing a song,
It was about the Bible,
And I'd sing it all day long.

I would sing the B I B L E,
My voice would ring aloud,
I wanted Jesus to hear me,
Way up in the clouds.

Now I am not a child anymore,
I have grown many years away,
But my heart sings happy songs,
When I hear that tune today.

Little children pure of heart,
Faith as strong as can be,
Singing praise to Jesus,
Triggers such sweet memories.

I would like to be so small,
Once again let my voice ring,
I would pour out my soul,
In thanks to my Lord and King.

I can't raise my voice in tone,
Age has taken its strength you see,
But Jesus hears me sing my song,
About the B I B L E!

©Gayle Davis
September 10, 2004



Beauty Becomes Her

Beauty becomes her whether roses,
Or delicate flowers arrayed,
For her heart carries God's attributes,
Which forevermore she's displayed.

Her heart's filled with the blessings of friends,
Each one's very special to her,
And she gives her love in true blossom,
Beauty becomes her, all concur.

She's as a Victorian Lady,
Like a little girl her voice sings,
Soft, gentle tones from our lovely South,
Beauty becomes her, how it springs.

Just as the beauteous flowers bud,
She has the sweetest redolence,
Clusters of bouquets compliment her,
Beauty becomes her in fragrance.

‘Tis the beauty of God's Love in her,
His aroma follows in prayer,
She stirs Him for others’ salvation,
Beauty becomes her everywhere.

To know God created this beauty,
Flowery and wholesome with favor,
Brings to mind her loving dear heart,
Beauty becomes her, we savor.

©Sondra McPherson
April 26, 2005


(Thank you with all my heart dearest Sondra)



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