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I'm Always With You

I am with you wherever you go,
I will never abandon you at all,
You are my creation, and I love you,
I gave you your mind, body, Spirit and Soul,

I give you free will, the choices are yours
I cannot intercede, you know that is true,
I answer your wishes and your prayers,
I have Guardian Angels watching over you.

One day I will call you to come back to me,
Your Spirit will soar to my Heavenly plain,
I'm always with you wherever you are,
If you need me all you have to do is call my name.

©Anne R.C. Neale


Brushed With Beauty

A soul so well perfected,
Brushed with the beauty of love,
Touched by the hand of God,
Blessed from the heavens above.

God took the sinful heart,
Washed it pure, filled with grace,
Brushed it in glistening beauty,
Delicate as vintage lace.

Protect this new heart of God,
Gentle with the lash of the tongue,
Let it grow in God's sweet beauty,
In birth the soul is yet young.

Let our life be an example,
Leading one when they fall,
Showing by our own actions,
God's children answers His call.

Take the new heart brushed with beauty,
Place it under an angel's wings,
Pray for God to give guidance,
As heaven's angel band sings.

The stars shine into the darkness,
The moon softens its nightly glow,
Hearts steeped in deep devotion,
Continue to let God's love flow.

Brushed with majestic beauty,
By the Master Painter from on high,
Cloistered in Angelic fashion,
In God's care we softly sigh.

Gayle Davis©
August 13, 2005



And You Will Know

In the awakening of day,
You will sense an awesome array,
Hearing sweet and loving refrains,
And you will know God's love remains.

Many times it's red birds singing,
Beautiful songs for you bringing,
Messages of hope you need so,
God's love remains and you will know.

In the awakening of day,
You will sense an awesome display,
Whether sunshine or drowning rains,
And you will know God's love remains.

There may be times of howling storms,
As fear blows cold the Son's Light warms,
For Heís there with peace to bestow,
Godís love remains and you will know.

In the awakening of day,
You will sense an awesome bouquet,
The fragrance of a Rose sustains,
And you will know Godís love remains.

Forever times a Rose carries,
A sweet love trail that neíer tarries,
Yielding saving grace high or low,
Godís love remains and you will know.

©Sondra McPherson
August 21, 2005



The summer of nineteen fifty three,
Found four acres for sale,
Five hundred dollars was a good price,
Soon could make a nature trail.

Had plenty of room for a house,
But had a problem there,
The family put their heads together,
Praying for answer to prayer.

Talked to the man at the bank,
Two hundred dollars was it,
Enough for block, cement and sand,
So it was not a time to sit.

Bright and early Monday morning,
The family went to work,
Mixing cement and hauling block,
No one his job did shirk.

Working from morning until dark,
Soon help came from others.
Before long all the walls were up,
Thanks to everyone and his brothers.

Some friends helped with electricity,
Others helped with plumbing,
Soon floors was the next big job,
That too was up and coming.

Cement was poured for a porch,
Then before it was dry,
Our three-year-old son took a stroll
To the front door, ďBullís Eye!Ē

Smoothed all the foot prints out,
Left one at the front door,
Then for the next thirty-three years,
A footprint on the floor.

At the front door under the mat,
This little footprint stayed,
I wish that I had cut it out,
And kept it for display.

I have lost so many keepsakes,
Because I did not reckon
At the time, it was important,
And now it is too late.

So I can still live with memories,
And picture in my mind,
All the little things that seemed,
So unimportant at the time.

©Codell Donehoo


Gifts of Grace

Morning arrives and
A Prayer is said
to greet another

The Robin sings
His praises;
and the Butterflies
fill the sky as roses
blossom everywhere.

The laughter of Children
playing can be heard;
in the distance.

A Mother holds her
newborn Child;
and sings a

Farmers in their fields;
and city folk dwelling.

A Husband and a Wife
embrace with a
Hug and a Kiss today.

All of these Blessings
can be seen in Godís
creation everywhere.

The sunsets for the evening
and families gather together
as the stars come out to dance.

A time for reflection;
A time for Prayer.

Thank You Lord;
for Your gifts
and blessings;
Your Grace can
be seen through
the eyes of
Faith everywhere.

Inspired by God

 © 2005 Mrs.David Jobes(Dee)


Answered Prayer

Iíve lingered in the scriptures
And caressed the words Iíve read.
Iíve pondered in the meanings,
And the thoughts within my head.

Iíve searched for many answers
On the pages that Iíve turned,
And Iíll share with you the things I found,

Some things that I have learned,
Noah had to deal with floods.
And start his life anew,
And Moses had to part the sea
To save his people through.

Remember Job with boils and sores
Who lost all that he had;
His flocks, his home, his family
And folks said he was bad.

But in each case the challenges
Were met with faith and prayer,
And Father helped them in their days
Providing love and care.

And so Iíve learned that as I live
Some challenges Iíll see,
And If Iím true and faithful,
Fatherís love will comfort me.

Iíve also found the sweetest fruit
And this, Iíd love to share,
It's love and testimony.
With the spiritís answered prayer.

©James OíBrien
Sept. 2005



Passage In The Wind

When the sun shall fade from the mountain top
And the sky turn a brilliant fire,
My love shall reach 'cross a million miles
To bring you closer, higher and higher.

When the shade of even' draws to a close
And the night sounds grip the land,
Reach out, reach out from where you are,
My Lover, and take my hand.

There is, I've found, in far-reaching space,
No canyon too wide for the cross,
Nor river deep, or mountain high,
Or winds, raging, with ships they toss,

To separate you from the love I have
That builds with each passing day.
And it comes to you from out of the blue
With many words I just cannot say.

I could spend hours in serious thought
Searching for words I could write
To tell you of flowers, a fast running brook,
Or a flock of wild geese in their flight,

But I know an eternity or two could go by
While we drift to the heavens above,
Before I'd find words, the phrases and rhyme,
Describing my undying love.

©Dave Allen Kelly


Going Home

Something about coffee perking in the early morn,
Reminds me of my youth when I was on the farm.

Taste of sweet red apples , so sweet in my mouth,
Holding a finger up to feel if the wind is in the south.

As the breezes blow upon my face, so sweet and soft,
I see the chickens down below and in the hayloft.

It feels so good being in the warm summer sun,
As I remember back as a child when day was done.

I planted ink and purple violets that popped up in flower beds,
And big yellow sunflowers bobbing their new huge heads.

A special place is a home for mama and papa dove,
As the fluffy clouds floating peacefully in blue skies above.

My horse was eating on the deep green grass,
And I go there to pet him , as he is a dear one of my past.

Our old cow is swishing her tail in the red barn outside,
And the dog barks in the yard as he wants to ride.

I see the water pails hanging at the well,
And at meal time she would ring the bell.

A swing hung from rope in our big tall tree
And remembering all the times it was so fun for me.

Our old house that was always washed down in the spring
I would help grandpa with this ...and we would laugh and sing.

The nice coffee smells are here no more,
The trees gone and there are nothing there as before.

The flower beds that once were in full bloom are gone,
Most of the birds have left and taken all their sweet songs.

The water well has dried up and the pails full of holes and rust,
Our dinner bell is broke and on the ground full of dirt and dust.

The old rusted chains ,on the rotten porch, still holds the swing,
Looking around I soon feel sad from seeing all of these things.

So I go to mama and daddy's grave plot with a bouquet in my hand,
Placed it where their headstone was before they took away the land.

So I went back to the farm I so dearly loved but it will never more be.
As the concrete roads all over the lands as far as the eye can see,

But my heart is in pain ..not seeing my flowers, birds, bugs and my apple tree.
But I will always have wonderful memories of mama, daddy and me.

©Annie 9/17/05



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