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The Word of Life

The Bible is only a book,
And through it you may look.
At the pictures and pages,
That have been there through the ages.

Yes it's only a book,
To those who have not partook,
Of the Holy Spirit that's within
And been shown your sin.

I opened it many times,
Not knowing what I'd find.
Not knowing there was life,
And that it was as sharp as a knife.

Cutting asunder, to the bone,
To draw me, to bring me home.
To the One whom I adore,
And will dwell with forevermore.

Yes I looked into the book,
And of the Spirit I partook.
As the scales fell away from my eyes,
This blessed Book came to Life!



The Simple Things

Simple things bring comfort
When we're sad and blue,
Looking at old photographs
Can raise a smile or two.

The ticking of an aged clock
That whiles away the hours,
A vase upon a table top
Filled with fragrant flowers.

Sitting by a roaring fire,
On a cold and frosty night,
Reading a book you treasure.
Is such a pure delight.

Why look for false distractions
When fate has dealt a blow?
It's mainly in the simple things
We get life's warmest glow.

©Marion Jones



One Day At A Time

I pray to you each day my Lord
You know that I believe
Every moment of every day
Your guidance I humbly receive.

You give me a plan to go by
A way to redeem my sins
For all the wrong I may have done
You let me make amends

It is very hard to cope my Lord
So much sadness and so much pain
Deliver me from this valley
Let me reside on the mountain again.

Take my life and direct me
Make me worthy of your love
Guide me Heavenly Father
As you watch me from above.

I take one day at a time Lord
The happiness, sorrow and fear
Mine as well as others
My prayer Lord I know you hear.

When my days on earth are over
And I ascend to you above
I pray you'll accept me as I am
Make me worthy of your love.

One day at a time Lord
Is the best that I can do
I pray that your love will surround me
Until I am home with you.

©Ginny Bryant



If I could.

If I could, I'd be anything
but me.
I could be a stone that someone
would toss into the sea.
I could be a tree where birds nest,
and kids climb to see.
I could be a flower,
enjoyed today, gone tomorrow.
I live a life as empty as can be.
If I could, I'd be anything,
but me.



Alone With God

Being alone, on a desert shore,
All of time stands still.

Making God's presence even more known,
The depths of His heart you can feel.

To know and be known is a place of peace.
Darkness, within, He will fill.

Hand in hand, with the LORD by our side;
Heaven couldn't be any more real.
For when we die to the flesh
And live by the MASTER'S rule,
We find we never lost anything,
But Satan - vicious and cruel.

©Joyce C. Lock


Silver Wings

Most of us,
Have many years,
To learn our life,
And fight our fears.

There's times that we,
Alone do stand,
Yet others still,
We need a hand.

That hand is there,
Has always been,
No vision is needed,
It remains unseen.

It's not with eyes,
That you do reach,
That hand that helps,
You to your feet.

For within your heart,
You must accept,
God's promise made,
That He has kept.

When you really do,
Accept within,
A new life with God,
You will begin.

So from that moment,
Do play your part,
And live with Christ,
Within your heart.

For sure as night,
Does follow day,
There'll be a time,
You'll hear God say.

My son, it's now,
Your time has come,
For Me to welcome you,
Into My home.

If you've done what's right,
You'll hear Angels sing,
And you will have earned,
Your silver wings.

©Dark Blue Knight
18th February 2005
All Rights Reserved



Let it Go

Don't cry my little one
Let me dry your falling tears
I want to cradle you, within my arms
And take away, the grief, the fears
You seem so lost and lonely
Don't hide behind closed doors
The darkness you feel, within your soul
So helpness,so weary, no hope, no joy
The burdens you carry, with a heavy heart
In stillness of shadows, unknown paths to cross
Let me be your light, and I will lead the way
I will shelter you thru darkness
And put faith back in your soul
Let prayers replace, the fears, the grief
My life is you ,my precious little one.

©Marty Ford


What Then?

The energetic young man was only twenty two.
He had places to go and things to do.
But,in a matter of minutes,
His young life was through.

The young lady had a godly Mom and Dad.
Yet her life was a treasure
She didn't realize she had.
So, she threw it all away.
Oh God, how sad.

Those present passed around,
The nearly empty gun.
They said, "Come on man,"
"It's just for fun."
When it comes time to tell the parents,
Of a dying son,

The two of them were the most popular,
Couple in school,
'Til they let their passions rule.
Now that everybody knows,
"They played the fool,"

Teenagers who tend to care,
What their peers think,
Have their first smoke,
And take their first drink.
When into a life of misery they sink,

Life seemed so boring down on the farm.
So the young boy figured,
Pot wouldn't do him any harm.
But, when he "graduates,"
To shooting heroin in his arm,

He was approaching middle age,
When he began to cheat.
His hometown was small.
So, he must be discreet.
But, when wife meets girlfriend,
On the street,

Violence, drugs, illicit sex, and booze,
Are the downward paths some people choose.
But, at the end of their lives,
They always lose.

©Robert F. Dotson



Be not deceived. God is not mocked.
For whatsoever a man soweth,
That shall he also reap.




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