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I Will Remember

Here, where the wind is at it's birth
And the clouds shall hide the sun
One's mind is free to wander
To take to the hills and run

In this place is where we met,
And in this place we loved
The time we had was very short
But it came from Up Above

We've tasted life from every side
In the way most people can't
They don't even try to understand
But only say, 'Thou shant!'

Now, in these days of emptiness
Since we have gone our ways
I keep in mind your gentle touch
And the warm you gave my days

There may be others whom I'll touch
And those who will touch me
But never in the gentle way
As I've been touched by thee!

©Dave Allen Kelly


My Grandpa

My grandpa was a tall slim man,
His way was quiet and gentle,
I never heard him raise his voice,
When grand kids got unruly.

Many years spent on a small farm,
Had fruit trees of every kind,
Every vegetable you could think of,
With flowers all combined.

We grand kids often tried his patience,
When we trampled through his fields,
And pulled the apples off the trees,
At us, he never yelled.

We always knew just where we stood,
He gently let us know.
But being kids we had to see
Just how far he’s let us go.

I can see him now in my mind,
With arms folded behind him,
Walking late afternoons through the fields,
Making sure everything was fine.

He told us how he found his Savior,
His eyes were opened to see.
One day while walking in his fields,
He bowed under an old tree.

There he had a little talk with Jesus,
And trusted him from his heart,
God gave him peace and eternal life,
Something he never forgot.

I loved my grandpa very much,
I imagine him over there,
While resting on Heavens porch,
Rocking in his rocking chair.

©Codell Donehoo


A New Day

The blazing red sun of the early morn
Makes you aware there may be a storm,
The air is humid and stuffy too,
There isn't any wind now blowing upon you,

The deer are gobbling the acorn nuts
Fall season is here, when they are in "rut",
The clouds drift slowly in the sky,
They look like a sheet blocking the blue color that's why.

The man made noises begin to be heard,
People in cars speeding to work, it's absurd,
A new day beginning, It's a gift to you from Him,
Enjoy each passing moment with friends, family, and kin.

©Anne R.C. Neale



Pashienze is a virtue but also a little girl
born special and more ready to take on the world
absolutely gorgeous in every single way
with a personality that can warm the coldest winters day
she has my heart in the palm of her little hand
holding it with a strength stronger than the strongest man
her eyes tell a tale much older than she
struggling her whole life to become what most consider normal to be
she has big beautiful eyes and hair that naturally curls
Pashienze may be a virtue but she is also aunt Tabi's little girl

©Tabitha Hammontree


A Butterfly's Love

I see a falling star
If I hold my breath and let it out gentle and slow
A butterfly's love is a love I want to know
Can I fly through the sky and Heaven too
Will God grant me my wish
To touch my wings and be with you

A butterfly is waiting for me
I will meet you in the trees
I have spent my life
To spread my wings and fly
To be one with nature
And never die

I live my life with a butterfly's love
The moon and ocean, a drop of wine
It does not matter, with you I stand
Let us touch the earth with our hands
I can fly on my own but you are in my eyes
A butterfly's love, given a heart
Together our wings could never part

Look over the gardens, the apples and pine
We see the world, in a very short time
You are beautiful with your colored wings
I see myself in the lake, what a lovely thing
Remember I love you, so keep close to me
Butterfly love and kisses too
We fly, as God meant us to

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet



From The Manger to The Cross ~

In a very lowly stable,
In a manger filled with hay,
A precious little child was born
Who’d save the world some day.

The Shepherds in the fields afar,
Did hear the angels sing;
Hosanna to the highest
For today is born a king.

Their voices rang out, loud and clear,
Proclaiming Jesus’ Birth
For as the Lord had promised,
His Son had come to earth.

A special star shone brightly
On the little manger town;
It led them all to Bethlehem,
Where the Christ child would be found.

This tiny little baby
In this manger filled with hay,
Had come to earth so willingly
To show us all the way.

The way to God the Father
Through Jesus Christ His Son;
The child that grew in wisdom,
The only sinless one.

He lived his life for you and me;
All He asks is we believe
So on the day of His return,
A heavenly home we will receive.

He knew before he entered Earth
In that lowly stable stall;
That one day when the time was right,
He would suffer for us all.

So this year as we celebrate
The miracle of His birth.
Remember all the trials, too,
That he endured on earth.

Then take Him with you every day,
Not just this time of year,
And as you learn to walk with Him,
He will vanquish all your fear.

His life story is not fiction,
But the greatest ever told;
Its truths have always been the same
From the present to days of old.

The fact will always remain unchanged,
He knew before His birth;
All things that were required of Him,
Long before He came to earth.

He knew His life would be filled with pain,
The world would send His way.
He understood rejection;
He knew the price that He must pay.

He felt the pain of loneliness;
He realized the price.
He felt the piercing of the nails
As He made the sacrifice.

He shed His blood for you and me,
Without a moments hesitation,
And as He hung there on that tree,
He forgave without reservation.

Oh, such a love has never been known;
He knew we would suffer loss
So He extended, His sacrificial Love
From The Manger to the Cross

©  Loretta Coley Lipsey,
All rights reserved.
September 16, 2003

“For God so loved the world that He sent His only
begotten Son, That whosoever believes on Him
Should not perish but have everlasting life.”
John 3:16



Don’t Live With Regret

When you get to where you want to be in life,
When you have married and taken a husband or wife.
Or maybe it is single you were really meant to be,
I don’t know, I guess you’ll have to wait and see.

Wherever life’s road should happen to take you,
There is something you must always try to do.
Don’t find you have lived your life with regret,
Don’t sit around later in life and fuss and fret.

Don’t say, “Oh how I wish, I had done that.”
This is not where you want to find yourself at.
Try to envision what it is you really want to do,
Don’t wait until the end to think this part through.

Is it a doctor, dentist or lawyer you want to be,
A teacher or a preacher, you can be anything you see.
All you have to do, if your schooling part is met,
Is to make sure you don’t live with regret.

When you go to school, be sure you go every day,
Don’t be one of those who later whine and say.
“Oh yeah, I never finished high school.”
Because if you do, you have broken the rule.

“What you say, there is no rule!”
“Not about me having to go to school.”
Oh, but there is a rule don’t you see that yet,
It is the one, don’t live with regret.

Do you want to go on a trip to a foreign land,
Go to the airport and get a flight schedule in hand.
Plan that trip you’ve dreamed of and do it now,
You will find the time and a way somehow.

Is there something special you need to do,
To build a business office or a house for you.
Do you say it is something I can’t do right now,
Sitting there alone with a furrowed brow.

This life you are on is just a one act play,
No coming back later or trying it some other day.
So just make sure there is one thing you do for you,
Don’t live with regret when you are through.

© Brenda Sparkman
January 26, 2004



What If No Calvary?

I wonder how it would feel
if no one for me did care,
and if I had no one at all
for my burdens to share.

I wonder if never again
to God could I talk,
Then my time on earth
would be a hopeless walk.

I wonder what if Lucifer
had won the confrontation,
Then eternal life would not be
a happy realization.

Everything good would no longer be.
Neither would there have been,
a Calvary.

©Richard E. Funnell




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