Can I

Can I make a difference tomorrow
For the wrong I did today
Can I bring friendships together
In a kind and loving way.

Can I rid the world of hate
Dissolve the fear at hand
If I truly try hard enough
I'm almost sure I can.

When the day is full of sunshine
Can I spread happiness around
If only for a little while
Can a loving friendship be found?

If the night is dark and lonely
I'll reach out let someone know
That love deep down in my heart
Like a seed will truly grow.

Let us work together
To make a better world
If we all try hard enough
We can watch the hate unfurl.

©Ginny Bryant


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Your Best Friend

When you've lost everything that your whole life you did win,
And there's no way you can begin to pick up again;

There's only one way to take control of your life
And be victorious over all of the strife.

Give your heart to Jesus. Just give your whole life to Him.
All He ever wanted was to be your best friend.

© by Joyce C. Lock

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me;
for I am meek and lowly in heart:
and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
Matthew 11:29


Someone's Prayin'

Someone's prayin' for me
In my life of turmoil, and sin.
I feel the gentle presence of Jesus.
Someone's prayin' for me.

Someone's prayin' for me.
In my time of trouble,
In my time of need.
I feel the gentle presence of Jesus.
Someone's prayin' for me.

Someone's prayin' for me.
In my good times,
In my bad times.
I feel the gentle presence of Jesus.
Someone's prayin' for me.

Someone's prayin' for me.
Prayin' to Jesus,
to save my soul.
I feel the gentle presence of Jesus.
Someone's prayin' for me.

©Leona Koziarski


 Thanksgiving Past

I'd dearly love to slip on back
to the simpler days of yore.
I'd dearly love to slip on through
my mother's kitchen door.
I'd smell the turkey baking,
stuffed with her own special blend.
Oh, the warmth of that old cookstove;
which she so dutifully would tend.
I'd see the turnip, onions, squash,
bubbling gently in their pots;
a pretty glass container,
filled with fresh cranberry sauce.
I'd see Mama in her kitchen
making homemade yeast rolls;
the warmth in Mama's kitchen
wasn't only from her stove.
I'd glance into the living room,
furniture moved against the wall,
to make room for Mama's table;
she welcomed one and all.
Pristine starched linens prepared before,
gently clothed the table leaves.
Her good china from the cupboard;
a harvest design of basket weave.
I'd see the pies hot from the oven,
homemade mincemeat, apple and pumpkin;
I wish I could go back to be,
that little girl country bumpkin.
I'd see the family come together
at Mom's Thanksgiving meal.
Her apron came off, she welcomed them home;
this layout was no big deal.
Please pass the riced potatoes,
Gini made them again this year;
another reason I'd love to go back,
my family was always near.
Mom and Dad are long gone now,
I miss them both so much.
I pray that my own kitchen holds the warmth
of my dear Mama's touch.

©Dottie Perkins


Jesus Paints With Colors

If you look at the beauty of a rainbow
You can see the colors Jesus paints
When you walk behind a waterfall
Listen to the sound,
When you here the woodpeckers
Busy at work, also hear Jesus call
The angels in their beautiful ropes
Harps above us all
When a nightingale sings
There is a spirit in her soul
There is something that never let's us go

Jesus paints with colors
Deep blue for the sky, orange of the sun
Green for the grass and flowers.
The beauty of a butterfly
We watch as she goes.
His work is never done.

We see the love of Jesus
Whenever we take in the view
I am thankful I am living
For Jesus, created me too.

I love The Father, I love The Son
I love The Holy Spirit
Because they are all one

Jesus took the time
To paint the colors
The sounds we hear each day
Even if we could not hear or see
Our Lord Jesus would find a way

In all eternity, Jesus paints the beauty
Which time does allow
He is a painter and a poet
A best friend to me
He is also my loving Father
My Dear Lord Jesus
I give thanks to thee.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet



ďHeavenís ArtistĒ

Oh the sun rises and sets
with such beauty ,a radiant
purple haze intertwined
with pink rays.

Oh to behold
Heavenís Artist
Hand on display.

Grand mountains ;chipped
with precise equations
of creativity;
of Godís design, simply
beautiful to my mind.

All creation great and small;
from the lion; the king of the
jungle; with the majestic mane,
to the eagle in flight; the
leader in the sky.

Arrays of pink, red, violet,
yellow and white cover the
earth with the beauty of
the flowers in our sight;
dancing in the sun and filling
the air with the fragrance
so sweet everywhere.

Oceans and mighty seas,
the sight of the whale the
dolphin at play. The wild
beast in the field. A wolf
and a lamb will one
day lie together in

All things created
In Godís perfect time;
held by His
Hand of Grace.

Oh to compare any
with Thee.
Heavenís Artist;
they all will fade
away in beauty at
A glimpse of

Light Immortal;
Who stands alone,
Beyond all; He who
Reigns on Heavenís

We Thank thee;
for the Gift of
Thy Paint Brush.
For Thou has
Created out of
Thy Love;
here on earth
for us.

Inspired by God

 © 2005 Mrs.David Jobes(Dee)


I Hear Thy Voice

My Lord how You long to speak to me,
Open my heart that I may hear Thee.
Attune my ears to hearken to Thy voice,
And in my spirit cause me to rejoice!

There are days Your Voice I do not hear,
And my heart does tremble for fear,
That I may take a path where You do not lead,
Adding more problems than this soul needs.

My heart does long to ever be
In constant obedience to Thee.
So hopeless at times that seems to me,
And in discouragement I turn from Thee.

Then Your precious Spirit whispers so dearly
Through whom You add instructions so clearly.
And I hear Thy Voice, once again,
And return to You humbly whispering, Amen.



Beyond The Fence

Within my garden walls
Life is peaceful and serene.
The blooming flowers border
The fence that keeps it safely within.

I could stay within these walls,
Never feel the strife or pain,
The weariness,or hurting souls,
But what would be my gain?

Throw open wide the gate that leads
To strewn pathways I must take,
Through winding hills, and valleys,
Spreading Love; for Jesus' sake.

Goodness, kindness, gentleness,
A lamp to light the way.
With prayer, and praise, and yearning
For these souls, for which I pray.

Calling all to find the courage
To walk the path that Jesus trod.
Giving, by example, gifts that
Only come from GOD.

Yes, within my garden walls
Life is peaceful and serene.
But, oh, the joy of leading one
To the Lord of Lords and
King of Kings

Karen Payne



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