Perfumed Refreshings

Have a wonderful beautiful day,
With new blushes fragrant to greet,
May the Lord's Divine touch on you bring,
Perfumed refreshings ever sweet.

May the scent of His Rose aroma,
The essence of other flowers,
Allow you to perceive His Presence,
And receive His Love for hours.

Have a wonderful beautiful day,
And experience God’s Love new,
Let your heart be filled with Him now,
Perfumed refreshings Oh so true.

May His Preciousness envelop you,
Jesus’ the sweetest Love you’ll find,
Bow in great wonder and sense of awe,
His redolence, one of a kind.

Have a wonderful beautiful day,
Loving Jesus with all your heart,
Whispering softly to Him in praise,
Perfumed refreshings will impart.

May His awesome ‘miracle of love,’
Encircle your whole being now,
Perhaps you’ll recognize refreshings,
Perfumed blushes will bring your bow.

*Inspired By Melva*
©Sondra McPherson
September 22, 2005


I Remember When

I remember as a child,
Sitting upon your knee,
You would open up the Bible,
Begin reading scripture to me.

The words I did not understand,
As I was just a little child,
Yet through the many years,
They have helped me over the miles.

I can recall the words,
Read from the well worn pages,
How Jesus Christ died for me,
For my sins, He paid the wages.

He prepares for us a home,
In the Heavens up above,
Yet while upon the earth,
He fills our hearts with love.

You are no longer here,
You have entered Heaven’s gates,
I know you are basking in God’s love,
While your children you await.

One by one, we enter in,
Our Father to rejoin,
The ones left here to dwell,
In Christ, have been reborn.

We remember the words,
You faithfully read to all,
We are awaiting the time,
Until our Savior calls.

Gayle Davis©
April 26, 2003



Sadness or Gladness?

My heart is heavy as I walk this day
Across this earth on my feet of clay.
I think, Lord, what's the use? This time is so long.
But He spoke to my heart "My child, you are so wrong.
The days are a wonder and really so fine, with the sun, the moon and stars that shine.
How can you think as you sleep at nicht, that perhaps I'll not be here with the morning light,
For the cross I carried through the dirt and grime and the life I gave you with the taking of mine
Was because I love through good times and bad.
So cheer up ,my child, can't you be glad?"

©Lucille Robinett


Ebony Omen

As I sit idly on the porch
Allowing my mind to roam,
I find solace hearing the birds
Chatting from their nesting homes.

Their pitch and speed changes
From singing to a harping tongue
When scolding the squirrels
Who pilfer their unborn young.

But autumn will soon be here.
Summer's flavor will subside
And brittle leaves will fall
To be crushed by passersby.

I thought of the black butterfly
That once rested upon my knee.
Oh, how I wanted to caress
Its beautiful gossamer wings.

Its life would soon be over
Like the cycles of the moon
Yet I would not risk its demise
For many things die too soon.

So I viewed the ebony beauty
As a good omen that afternoon.
I must believe for winter
Will be pressing upon me soon.

Barren trees will stand desolate
Against the lonely winter cold
And I pray to make it through
With enough warmth to uphold.

For all God's creatures revive
With the rebirth of spring
So with hunger I'll await the return
Of the butterfly with ebony wings.

©Carol Barton
Copyright 2003



Dreaming of You

Dreaming of you is all I do
Wanting so much to be near you.
Wishing someday soon, we can be together
And let our love go on forever.

Dreaming of you and me,
We were meant to be.
The dreams we’ve shared together,
Were meant to last forever.

Dreaming of you
Remembering all the times I held you…
The love we’ve shared we can’t deny,
I know we can make it, we have to try.

Dreaming of you, day after day,
Loving you is such a way,
A way no other could ever describe,
A special feeling, deep down inside.

Dreaming of you,
Helps me make it through
The moments when I’m not feeling so strong.
You are so loving, and with your strength…
I know I can go on!

©Carol Facer
February 1987


Dear God,

I come before you tonight
To pray things will be alright
So much is going on in this world
With innocent boys, and little girls
Please wrap them, in your loving arms
Protect them from all evil and harm.

I pray for all the homeless people, on the street
Please provide them with a home, and food to eat
I pray for all the animals that are stray
That they find food, and a warm place to lay.

I pray for all, the people who are ill
Please lay your healing hands, on them to feel
I pray for those in the storms path
That you restore their homes in the aftermath.

I pray for everyone who has a lost soul
Please give them direction, on which way to go
I pray for those who have, many burdens to bare
Show them there are people who care.

Thank you God, for hearing my prayers
It feels so good, knowing that you are there
Soon I will be back to pray again
In Christ's Name, Amen.

© Andrianna Holt
Copyright 2005



 Old Feather Bed

Chilly winters night when I was a child
Only about ten years old
Sleepily I would be crawling into bed
Covering myself up..from head to toe

My small bed was so cold and empty
So I would crawl in and pull the covers over me
Laying my head on my old feather pillow
And sinking down into the feather mattress was so neat

Single feather beads were the best then
Canvas of black and white zebra stripes
The feather gently kissed my resting cheek
With my gentle blow it into the night

Oh how I enjoyed falling asleep every night
With my old feather bed...snuggled up tight.
Just a carefree country kid back then
With not a bad thought in sight





Love, Faith, Hope, and Trust,
Are the foundations of our Spirit and Soul,
We need to reinforce everyone of these things,
They are a treasure for us all.

We should never lose sight of Faith you see,
God's with us every step of life's way,
He loves us unconditionally too,
And He listens to what we do and we say,

Keep Faith in your heart, and love everyone,
Keep Hope and Trust in your life too,
These are important to maintain every day,
They are treasure given by Him to you.

©Anne R. C. Neale









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