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Little Desert Girl

A soldier steps toward her, holds out his hand,
An attempt to dismiss her fear.
Trying his best to help her understand,
I'm certain he wiped away a tear.
I'm so sorry, Little Sis,
I didn't mean to make you cry.
Your brown eyes look so much like my Little Chris,
I cried when I told her goodbye.
Two lollipops, a bottle of water,
Dear Jesus, how can I leave her alone.
Perhaps she'd like this shiny quarter,
I could love this sweet babe as my own.
This precious, homeless, sun-burned lamb,
Tore at his heart like no other,
With tears in his eyes, he knelt down in the sand;
Oh, dear Shepherd, where is her mother.
He loved all those little faces,
Their sad eyes touched his soul.
He's do anything if he could erase;
The shadows away; to be able to hold.
He reached out; she came near,
Touched his face;
Wiped away his tear.
He put her down; turned to leave,
Just one more thing, for her tiny hand,
Tucked in a pocket on his left sleeve,
A tiny American flag; for you; from my homeland.
Sweet baby girl, you're here in my heart;
I must go; I've ever so much more to do.
I make you a promise, 'tho we must part,
I'm leaving my guardian angel with you.

©Dottie Perkins



The cool Fall air is invigorating to your Spirit and Soul,
The leaves on the trees are changing their colors, so slow,
The trees are getting ready for Old Man Winter,
And Jack Frost too, and the winter white snow,

Seasons change slowly as they are all programmed,
They know exactly what has to be done and when,
Spring buds are forming in the Fall on the trees,
Take a look, they're there all winter. Amen.

Mother Nature knows exactly what she needs to do,
We don't have to worry , the seasons will come,
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter,
Each season is different and also fun.

©Anne R.C. Neale


A Prayer To You Lord GOD

Dearest the LORD thy GOD,
I come to YOU on bended knee,
Giving praise, honor and glory,
And whatever else pleases THEE.

In the name of JESUS I pray,
Thank you HEAVENLY FATHER for another day,
It’s not about the kind of weather outside,
But the spirit of JESUS CHRIST in my life,
With HIS STRIPES from CAVALRY we are forever healed,
A convent with faith, hope and love seals this deal.

It’s only fitting that I start the day,
With an acknowledgement of spirit and grace,
For surely salvation has come my way,
Putting smile after smile on my face,

Making easier the sometimes daily grind,
For it is stated in the Bible many times,
We need to stop putting our trust in man,
Everyday my needs, hopes and dreams are in YOUR HANDS,
With sincere faith, belief and trust in the SON of MAN,
Through JESUS CHRIST (all things) yes I can.

YOUR DIVINE WILL is what I seek my FATHER,
When my plans are not blessed by YOU why bother?
Woe be unto to me I should ask and receive,
Something I should get and not really need.

A gift of a certain nature that I know all to well,
A tool to be used by Satan for a one way ticket to hell,
A prize that is not a prize for what it’s meant to be,
Only DIVINE BLOOD LOVE & SALVATION will set me free,
I ask in the name of JESUS as I seek strength for everyday strife,
My goal is to have the door open to heaven gaining eternal life.

Well my HEAVENLY CREATOR it’s time for my day to begin,
To walk in the steps of CHRIST JESUS my protector & friend,
Till tonight comes my FATHER when I kneel once again,
In the DIVINE BLOOD name of JESUS thank YOU and Amen.

©Luke Easter



Faith In The Lord

Dear heavenly father please guide our way
We ask for your protection night and day
All of your angels have been sent
They guide and protect us wherever we went
When our friends or family need your care
We ask you Lord Jesus in our prayer
We feel the angels presence in butterfly wings
We know your presence is near in all things
No matter how deep the ocean or high the sky
When we believe in you Lord, you’ll guide us until we die
We’ll read your Bible, and keep your laws
We’ll ask for forgiveness, and hope you excuse our flaws
Then at heavens gate, St Peter will show us the way
You’ll welcome us home and let us stay
We have glory in the morning when the sun shines bright
We feel blessed into the evening and through the night
© Joyce Ann Geyer


Gathering In The Sunset

From the waning moon
Gather in the sunset,
It disappears too soon.
As stars begin to twinkle
High in the sky
I'll sing to you my
Baby's Lullaby.

My love for you began
From the very start,
Child of mine, nestled
Under my heart.
Let me tell you of your Dad,
The man I adored
since our eyes first met
across a crowded dance floor,

We danced; We talked;
then very soon
Took a walk outside
beneath the waning moon.
Cuddled so close
in his strong arms, was I
I felt that my heart
could simply fly.

He was home on leave,
from a distant shore,
We had such few precious hours,
now there won't be more.
It was on television news
just yesterday,
Your Dad was killed
in a place called Kuwait.

He didn't know about you,
(though I'm sure he does now),
And I'm making to him
this solemn vow.
To raise you up
in the way you should go,
And make him proud of you,
for he would love you so.

Oh, silver light glistening
from the waning moon
Gather in the sunset,
it disappears too soon.
Tiny stars twinkling
high in the sky,
Sing to this unborn child,
His Lullaby.

Karen Payne


You Can See The Stars

You can see the stars over head
When the night grows dark
There are bright stars to make a wish
A sweet star to give you a goodnight kiss

You can touch the stars when they glow
Each star shines like a soul you know
Take a look, how vast it is
Yet God put them there
His light to share

We can fly upon a falling star
From deep in the valley below
God made a miracle, this I know
Hold your arms out and take them all in
Smell the breeze and the stars as they sing
You can fly through time, I promise you
When you see the stars,
Heaven will break through
Tonight, this is your chance,
Take the stars away with you.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


I Am My Brother's Keeper

The Lord asks us to be our Brother's keeper,
Some give until it hurts,
Others see people by what's on the outside,
Instead of what's within.

In these trying times on this earth so many,
Are being killed for being,
At the wrong place at the wrong time,
Robbing our fellow man for a nickel or a dime.

We look at our brothers and evaluate them,
By the color of their skin,
Looking down on the obese and thinking,
They'd look better if they were thin.

Discrimination runs rampant,
And it's in our schools,
Youngsters looking and judging,
If you don't wear nice clothes or jewels.

The Lord created us all the same,
To Him it makes no difference,
If we are rich, poor,
Or if we have fortune or fame.

I am my Brother's keeper and through God's eyes,
Let me see nothing but good,
When they are sick or in need,
It's my duty to supply and do a kind deed.

Open my eyes Lord and let me listen,
Let me hear their cries and pleas,
And let them know that I care,
When I see someone who is disabled,
Let me never look and stare.

Make me an angel of mercy and love,
Strengthen me Lord and let me,
Fly like a peaceful dove.
Let me be my Brother's and Sister's keeper,
Let me shine like a beacon in the night,
Never a silent and idle sleeper.

©Nancy Hoback













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