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All Alone

I belong with you, not all alone,
Youíre my everything my darling,
Iíll dream of you and love you always,
Pray my heart will go on living.

I look everywhere to see your face,
And pray youíll softly come to me,
Could I have your sweet kiss forever,
Oh my darling, please let it be.

I belong with you, not all alone,
Youíre my life my love my darling,
All by myself I am so lonely,
Without your love I am nothing.

I look everywhere to see your face,
I pray youíll keep your eyes on me,
And just love me all times forever,
Oh my darling, please let us be.

I belong with you, not all alone,
Youíre the breath I breathe for my soul,
Iíll dream Iím with you we'll love always,
Pray my love without endís made whole.

I look everywhere to see your face,
And pray Iíll see your loving smile,
I would give anything for your love,
Oh my darling, come stay awhile.

©Sondra McPherson


In My Solitude

I look beyond the horizons,
As I sit alone in my solitude,
Sweetness encases,
God's love exudes.

In my quiet solitude,
I long for much more,
Deep down in my heart,
It is You, I lovingly adore.

You are my solitude,
Forever, You are my dreams,
I long to stand beside You,
On celestial shores supreme.

Oh Lord how I love You,
I yearn for You so much,
I seek a greater closeness,
I desire Your blessed touch.

I sit in my solitude,
Dwelling upon Your love,
Feeling great depths flowing,
To me from the heavens above.

©Gayle Davis
July 10, 2005



Love and Pain

Always and forever, I thought our love would last,
But the promises we made have simply passed..
Left with broken hearts and sad goodbyeís
Just regrets and endless cries.

Fighting back the feelings, not wanting to let go
Holding back the teardrops, that slowly begin to grow.
For shattered dreams seem to never end,
And broken hearts, somehow donít mend.

Just wish I could hold you once again,
And dream that our love would never end.
But time has passed, and we both have changed,
Though somehow the memories still remain the same.

So I keep on dreaminí day after day,
And somehow Iím hoping to find a way,
To make my dreams come real again.
And find a love that will never end.

Iím longing to love you once again,
But who knows what the future will send,
Youíll always be in my heart,
For my love for you will never part.

Love and pain
Itís all the same.

©Carol Facer
August 1988


Dear Don,

Your all I ever wanted
Everything I dreamed of
Your such a precious gift
From our dear father above.

I know I love you
With all my heart
And I pray to God
We will never part.

I hope we will
Always be together
For you my darling,Don
I shall always treasure.

These words I
Say only to you
Because my love
Is forever so true.

And I can
Promise you this
It's your sweet lips
I long to kiss.

It's in your arms
I long to lay
And if you want
I shall forever stay.

© Andrianna Holt


Autumn Memories

As she steps out to the sunroom, to stare
Looking out across the yard so bare
Wishing for the answer to her only desire
So nightly she writes by the candlelight fire.

As the Indian summer sun begins to set low
Makes the sky have a purple and pink glow
Such emptiness fills her and loneliness is bound
As the sun casts long shadows across the ground

She lets go of the tear stained paper that she holds
To be carried away as the Autumn's wind blows
This small note for someone who she needs in her life
And praying for love and happiness , and no strife.

As she walks out to stand under the maple trees
She tosses the note up in the soft warm breeze
As the mourning dove begins to coo its song
As she watches with tears until its gone.

As darkness surrounds her and fighting her tears
That freely flow because of all the lonely years
But tomorrow will bring another beautiful night
And one more day, and one more note to write.

The memories of a love that was way in her past
She thought it was real and always last
But it was not lasting for the one she loved
So she has been sending prayers to the one up above.

October 7, 2005



Christian Poetry

GODíS love is everlasting,
From HIS Spirit we are poised to write,
In the almighty name of Christ JESUS,
Christian Poetry takes flight.

On the wings of the Holy Spirit,
HIS Love is broadly shed,
HIS timeless mercy merits,
Our love in Christ forever led.

Poets are inspired again and again,
Christ is the message that always transcends,
HIS words flow so gently from Heaven above,
Filling our soul with HIS verse and our hearts with HIS love.

We listen intently for the words that HE sends,
Standing ready like soldiers with our notebooks and pens,
While HIS Spirit guides us like doves taking flight,
In hopes that weíre leading lost souls to the light.

For the second coming of Christ,
Is closer than you might believe,
Satan will have you thinking not,
Beware of the liar who does nothing but deceive.

Saints of the world together we must band,
The end of the world is very close at hand,
Counting down the days until the end of time,
Spreading the word through poetry in rhyme.

As a flower needs the sun and rain to grow,
Christian Poetry is how we let the world know,
Preaching the gospel which means good news,
Open your hearts itís time to pay dues.

HE has such great and sincere compassion,
HIS Spirit shows it through & through,
HIS children poor or lavished in mansions,
HIS love is unconditionally true.

 ©Vicki Lambdin, TulsaButterfly & Luke Easter
October 7, 2005


God's Special Bluebird

I am a bluebird and have come
To grace your home this day.
I do not speak, just flutter my wings
But also do not fly away.
I hope to bring to you much joy
Each time you look at me,
For I am a peaceful bird
Which is what I want you to see.
Our God asked me to live with you
And He has chosen this time,
Along with both my chirp and song,
He gave to you my chime.

©Lucille Robinett


What If ?

What if we found ourselves,
With wants beyond our reach.
Would we accept with common sense,
Or to our God beseech.

What if that want was selfish,
Or beyond our very need.
Would we still abuse our faith,
And to our God still plead.

What if we continued to pursue,
A want we knew was wrong.
And it suddenly presented,
Then would our faith be strong.

What if we were to find that want,
But then not let it pass.
Could we then accept it,
Or for forgiveness always ask.

What if that forgiveness,
We did not really deserve.
Because we had chosen to say Yes,
When, No would take some nerve.

What if through human frailty,
We let human feelings show.
Because we really found ourselves,
Unable to say No.

What if it really happened,
And our selfishness was shown.
Iím afraid the answer to this,
Could really not be known.

What if that want should someday rise,
Resort then to much prayer.
The rightful answer you will find,
For God will lead you there.

©Dark Blue Knight
All Rights Reserved



"Let us remember"
(John F. Kennedy)

The sight was on target
the finger squeezed slow
The world would now suffer
Its most devastating blow

He slumped in his seat
as death took its hold
This giant among men
so brave and so bold

The news of this day
shocked the world in appall
So much a human
yet standing so tall

He gained admiration
through his deeds far and near
He alleviated somewhat
the world of its fear

Thank God for the time
He was able to spend
As the head of his country
to lead and defend

May his soul rest in peace
His image never dim
For he asked not of his country
But his Country of Him

©Mr. Doug






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