Your Quiet Time

You may not realize it but when you pray,
That is your quiet time with God,
You might only be saying one short prayer,
But it's your inner voice communication with Him from earth's sod,

We should take more time to say our prayers,
But even a short prayer is better than none,
Asking for help or thanking Him for your blessings,
Is a wonderful quiet time spent with the Holy One.

Treasure each quiet time no matter if it is short or long,
But do it with sincerity and your profound love,
God is always anxiously waiting to hear from you,
God's always ready, willing, and able and always loving you from above.

©Anne R.C. Neale


On Top Of My Piano

I have this old piano
It stands in my living room
No one knows how to play
But it is a special heirloom

So, there it sits collecting dust
It takes up half the floor
I love this beautiful piece of furniture
Even if dusting it, is an extra chore

No one here can play a song
So, I covered the top with lace
Then I set out old family pictures
Putting each in its own place

I tell the story to my children,
"This piano was Grandma's
She got it long ago"
I point out every picture
Each and everyone, so they will know

"That's Grandma when she was a little girl
That's Grandpa when he was in school"
I show them not only Great, but
Great-Great Grandparents
The kids think that's really cool

There are aunts and uncles
People they never knew
But the kids love the stories
And laugh because
they all dressed so funny too

Sitting on top of that piano
I have pictures over one hundred years old
Each and everyone is a treasure to me
More precious than the finest gold

The only reason I know these people
Most I have never met
My mother gave these pictures to me
Describing each one, so I would not forget

Children want to know where they are from
I think that you will agree
They love to hear the stories
About their family tree

So, we sit around that old piano
And talk about the past
Because the time spent with our children
Are the memories that will last

©Kathryn Sunday Davis


 Inner Beauty

It is not the fancy clothes you wear
Or the make of car you drive
Or having beautiful flawless skin
That show who you are inside.

Your inner beauty is what matters
It transcends everything we see
Love, caring and kindness to others
Gives us something to believe.

To replace hatred with love
A person needs a lot of strength
Your inner beauty is strong
With His love to light the way.

It's hard to do this all alone
Dealing with issues of the heart
Look inside yourself to find God
From you He will never part.

Inner beauty doesn't come from others
It doesn't matter what others may say.
It is a mighty force that abides
Inside you every minute of every day.

©Carol Barton



New Birth

April ushers in the advent of Spring
while the earth awaits for all things new.
Soon she'll be freed from her prison of ice
to be caressed by the soft touch of dew.

Mother Nature now ceases her slumber
as she welcomes the nurturing showers
and summons life-giving rays from the sun
then sacrifices her seeds for the flowers.

The earth will soon be awakened
to begin her most glorious display
as she uncovers her sleeping treasures
the world will unfold in wondrous array.

Our Most Gracious Heavenly Father
sent His Son as a Savior to earth
For a world lost in sin, He was crucified
and in dying brought forth a New Birth.

All glory, all praise, should ever be given
in humble thanksgiving to the Father above
For in sacrificing His Only Beloved Son,
He poured out His Eternal, Undying, Love.

©Joan Cook Wallis


A Merry Heart

A merry heart doth good like a medicine,
A cheerful mind works healing,
The Bible has many different scriptures,
Speaking of these blessings.

You might ask, “What is a merry heart?”
A heart full of laughter and delight.
Characterized by cheerfulness,
And having fun outright.

It would be awesome if people were merry,
Happy, cheerful, and glad,
Even joyful, jolly or pleasant,
Seems useless to be sad.

Colors can be cheerful, bright, sparkling,
Along with lively and gay,
Also laughter is good for the soul,
You should laugh everyday.

When you began to feel down hearted,
Just think back on all these words,
They should lift your weary spirit,
And give you joy unheard.

When your soul is at peace with God,
You will have joy galore,
A forgiving heart will make you happy,
And give you love forever more.

Make up your mind to make the choice,
To let the glow of Jesus shine,
Through your merry, glad and happy life,
This would be Glory Divine.
Proverbs 17:22

©Codell Donehoo


My Savior, Guide, and Friend

Lead me not into temptation;
Lord, please keep me free from sin.
Help me to cling to my salvation.
Don't let Satan enter in.

Lord you know that I'm just human;
For, I am weak and you are strong.
Keep my eyes focused on the cross, Lord.
Watch me closely from your throne.

No matter how I try to fight him;
Satan tempts me more each day.
So, Lord, please make him stay behind me.
Don't let me be part of his prey.

Lord, you know that's it's so easy;
To fall in to Satan's den.
But, I know that you'll walk with me,
As my Savior, Guide, and Friend.

© Vickie Lambdin



Earnestly Contending

A Song of Hope, in darkness!
And through the storm, a verse;
Just when the sky is thick and black,
When all is at its worst ...

Concentrate on Jesus;
Blest Healer, so divine.
Suddenly, you’ll see the sun
Will shine, shine, shine!

In darkest midnight hour,
A song can fill your heart;
Surprise you with a ray of Light ~
If you sing out your part.

He knows the depth of sorrow,
Knows the salty taste of tears,
The great travail of brokenness;
The cost of Love ~ so dear!

He knows the ache of failure
When those you love desert,
The ultimate struggle’s final collapse,
The crushed heart ~ the hurt.

But when travail is over
And new life has begun,
He knows the joy that’s given
When sorrow’s song is done!

Then comes the lilting melody,
A new song with brand new words,
To soothe and comfort through those days
Where nothing comes to hurt ...

No look, no words, no unkind thing
Ever to be known ~
In that fair land where (joy of joys!)
We soon can call our own!

© Joan Clifton Costner



My Girl

We don't speak her name
It's far easier to pretend
This child now missing from her mother's arms
When does this nightmare end

Each night she kneels before the Lord
Prayer seems to be her only hope
Another day has slipped away
In the morning will she cope

This child no longer knows her home
Her family almost strangers
And with the sorrow comes the fear
For this world holds a feast of dangers

There is no right nor wrong to this
A mother's love is just too strong
So again tonight her mother prays
'Lord send her home where she belongs'

©Debbie Stevens








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