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Latter Days

When thinking of the world today,
And all thatís come to be,
With floods and storms and hurricanes,
Tsunamis from the sea.

Perhaps mankind should read again,
The prophecies of old,
And then give thought to how they knew,
These things that now unfold.

Suppose these are the latter days;
Suppose the Gospelís true;
And just suppose the scriptures tell
The things we need to do.

I hope itís not too late to learn
How God would have me live,
And hopefully Iíll do whatís right
And better learn to give.

With all the ďsignsĒ I recognize,
I think itís time to choose,
A way of life that saves my soul,
For that, Iíd hate to lose.

©James O'Brien



My Secret Garden

As a child there was a place I did go
To dream my dreams that would flow
Through my mind as whisps of fog,
Swirling here and there as a prolouge.

An introduction of secret things
For my childish mind to dream.
A beautiful place, as I opened the gate,
And entered in there to await.

Flowers of every kind I did see
And all around butterflies, and bees.
Suckling sweet necter from each flower
As I watched, hour after hour.

My Secret Garden is still in my mind,
I find I still go there from time to time.
The sweet aroma, the melody in my heart,
As I open the gate and, let the thoughts start.

To You my Lord my mind does go
I do enjoy your fellowship so
In this wonderful place of retreat
Where You and I do love to meet!



The Air I Breathe

All consuming love surrounds me
like the warm winds whispering.
When the world around seems cold,
in my heart a song I long to sing
as like a rose, Your love unfolds.

My eyes looking up to see Your face
picturesque images printed on my soul
of the unfailing love you hold for me.
With each new day, it's you I'll extol,
as love like the winds, touch me tenderly.

Your spirit breathes life into my heart
the very air that I desire to take in.
Like the sweet scent of lilacs in the breeze
I inhale Your presence deeply within.
I'll linger in Your peace, down on my knees.

Without You Lord, I'd cease to exist.
Keep me abiding ever close to Your side.
Listening attentively for Your voice,
as the answers that I seek, You provide,
with my life in your hands, my heart rejoices.



I Sit By Your Ocean

I sit by Your ocean for Your Love,
Your Love only keeps me complete,
I am Yours and You are all mine Lord,
Each happening has no defeat.

I sit by Your ocean believing,
And the storms of life blow away,
You are here with me now listening,
To everything I think and say.

I sit by Your ocean receiving,
I love bathing in Your Presence,
And the warmth of Your Love over me,
Has the scent of Your sweet essence.

I sit by Your ocean relying,
On You for Your strength and balance,
To lift me out of the tides of days,
Helping me in every instance.

I sit by Your ocean with my love,
I will follow You for always,
I sense in my heart Magnificence,
Thank You Lord for blessing my days.

I sit by Your ocean soaked in Love,
How I love you my Lord Jesus,
For it makes no difference what ocean,
You're with me giving Your caress.

©Sondra McPherson
October 12, 2005


"Thy Love Sheltering me"

Early in the morning will I arise
with Thy precious Name on my
lips. Oh Thy Holy Name is sweeter
than the honeycomb and my
heart pants like the deer
for the waters; to be
closer to Thee.For Thou Art
Holy Love, Majesty.

Take me in this Holy moment;
upon Thy Holy Mountain;
that I may embrace the
Wonder of Thy Holy Loving
Face;Oh Saviour may my eyes
gaze upon Thy Beauty;The
Loveliness of Thee.

In the stillness of this
moment,when souls are asleep;
may I hear with the angels
Thy Holy Voice calling out
to me;Whispers from
Thy Heart;Thy Love
beaconing me to be
closer to Thee.

For Thou Art my God; my
Saviour and Lord JESUS in Whom
I adore. My soul is like a parched
land at the beginning of this day,
Oh fill me with Thy Living
Water as I seek Thy Holy Face.
Let Thy Word take entrance
into my heart and let Thy
Rivers of Grace overflow
in this Holy place.

Let my heart overflow this
Day with the Love of Thee.

Oh God of Mercy,God
Of Love and Light,separate
The partition of the curtain
from Thy Heavenly place;
and let my spirit enter
into Thy Holy Light.
Give unto me this day
Spiritual sight.

For In Thee I will rest and find
Peace as Thou Whispers
Sweet Words of Love to me.
For Thou Art Holy God and
I Love and worship Thee.

Be with me, walk with me
Oh Holy God, take me
through this day with Thy
ever increasing awareness
of Thy Favour and Love
Thy Amazing Grace.

Oh Lamb of Light, Lamb of Love,
secure me in Thy presence ;
let Thy Face Shine on me and
on all Thy children who call
out to Thy Holy Name.
We shall embrace this day
knowing Thou Art Lovingly
Covering us in the Secret of
Thy Hiding place.

Let Thy Wings of Love shelter
me. Let Thy Arms of Grace
Lift me ,and let Thy Gift of
Mercy cleanse me. Oh Holy
God I will walk with Thee.
I will praise Thee.
For Thou has Thy Heart
Set on me.

By Faith I shall walk with thee,
as I listen for Thy
still small voice.
For in Thy Whispers of Love;
I find strength, comfort
and peace.

My soul is at Peace in
knowing that Thou Art
Loving me. My Confidence
in this Day will be Thy Love
Sheltering me.

Inspired by God

©Mrs. David Jobes (Dee)


Garden Of Dreams

Come join me in the garden of dreams,
Where fantasy knows no bounds,
Sadness does not even exist,
Love and happiness abound.

Take my hand and walk with me,
We will live our dreams anew,
I will tell you of my secret love,
You can share your heart too.

We will take the book of all dreams,
Place it inside the waters flow,
Where the words of dreams run,
Love will soon flourish and grow.

The dream waters run e'er wide and deep,
Touching many along curving streams,
How the reality of life will fleetingly rob,
Lonesome souls of sweet happy dreams.

Walk along the pathway of dreams,
Look into the dream waters deep,
Hold tight to your inner thoughts,
Dreams forever in your heart keep.

©Gayle Davis
October 15, 2005



Friendship Bouquet

I decided to go shopping,
To see what I could find.
It had to be something special
Because you were on my mind.

I picked out a yellow rose,
It signifies friendship Iím told.
And brings with it pure joy and
Happiness for a heart of gold.

I found a pretty music box,
With flowers on the outside.
A very pretty melody played,
About friendship not to hide.

Next I found some cologne,
To enhance your sweet smell.
This had to be different tho,
Because you were as well.

Added a cuddly teddy bear,
For you to have to embrace.
A heart shaped friends locket,
Which time could not erase.

It had words written inside,
To bring you much cheer.
Youíll always be my friend,
One who wipes away my fear.

I sprinkled on some stardust,
And finished with Godís love.
Because to me my sweet friend,
You are a blessing from above.

How to tell this lovely friend,
How much she means to me.
Give her a friendship bouquet,
Perhaps all the world will see.

©Brenda Sparkman



Come To Me

Come to me my little ones
I have so much to give
My heart is always out to you
So that you may live.

I know the things you need
Before they leave your lips
Believe my answers coming
Sealed with a kiss.

There is no place, I would rather be
Than with you by my side
I am always there to pick you up
When the world collides.

I loved you when you were a thought
Before the earth was formed
To see your smiling face
Crazily adored.

It doesn't matter, what you have done
Your faults I do not see
I cleansed you from them all

I may have suffered for a time
Beaten, broke and shame
Knowing that I saved you
I would do it all again.

So come to me, my dear sweet child
I am waiting for your call
The heavens cannot hold the love
That I have for you all.

©  Don Davidovich





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