Can I See A  Miracle

Can I see a miracle
Coming from God's love
Can I wish on a star I see,
Shining from up above

Can I see a miracle
For someone I hold dear
Can I stop my crying
Year after year

Can I see the sun, way up high
If I send a kiss to the wind
Will God catch it in the sky
Can I find the hope I need
If I hold in my hands, a butterfly

Will Jesus know I care for him
If I carry a cross of gold
Can he read my mind
Or does he have to be told

Can I see a miracle
For someone who is my life
I want to hear the birds sing
See flowers as they grow
I want to be a part of it
For it is everything I know

Can you my Dearest Jesus
Make a miracle for me
I am just a little child
In your eyes I want to see

Make someone I care for
A person I really need
Give them back their life
Can you do it, just for me

I believe I have seen a miracle
A golden light came through
It was so beautiful, it was everything I knew
I saw Jesus hand and I held my breath
Jesus put His love on the one I love the best

I have seen a miracle
Thank you blessed one
You came from the Father
You my Lord Jesus
Are kind and I am eternity your
May I walk a while, with you?
Your love is the greatest of them all.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet



Fall of the Year

The pasteled leaves preparing
for a ride to the ground below
Their brilliance overwhelming
as the reds and yellows glow

Squirrels fill up their food bins
with acorns that they find
Watching oh-so-carefully
not to leave just one behind

The birds commence to fly away
to warmer climes on wing
They leave but a little while
to return again in the spring

The grass turns kind of rustic
the green just fades away
Sleep it will for several months
to awaken fresh next May

©Mr. Doug



Portrait of Middle Age

How strange to look at my image
And see the telltale signs of age
More gray hair, more new wrinkles
Life's book has turned the page.

How I feel a deep sadness
To see my girlhood gone.
Middle age has taken over
Leaving me alone to face the dawn.

I have lived through love affairs
Some unfair - some not too kind.
Resisting from here on
With no desire to again be entwined.

My future sees my children
Grown up as young men.
My written words mean more now than ever
And truer than any lover has been.

Of all the passions I have lived
Now all my secrets I can voice
Of being a wife, mother, and lover
Written in poetry of my choice.

After the men I have loved
And the dreams I once believed
I kept my one precious possession
The freedom to be me.

 ©Carol Barton



New Dreams

In the quietness of the dawn
in the softness of the morn
When the world is yet untouched
many dreams are born...

On air that's crisp and cool
with a subtle hint of chill
Summer's last flowers bend and flow
on some distant hill...

And a world that through the year
has given us her best
Now makes her preparation
for a moment's rest...

Yes, Autumn is here
and I promised myself today
I'd build some brand new dreams
and tuck the old away...

©Joan Cook Wallis



Praise God

Lord, we are all created equal and for that we give to you all the praise.
In humble adoration let us sing of your glory as we let our voices raise.
For the many trials that have entered our humble abode
With gratitude we give to Thee our heavy load.
When our hearts are heavy and all hope seems dim
Let us raise our hands to heaven and ask
for lifes blessings that will only come from Him.
Jesus, you healed the sick and restored the lame
With prayer and thanksgiving we honor your holy name
There are no limitations to all the things that God alone can do.
You'll never turn your back on us when our friends
seem to have vanished and there seems to be only a few.
Only when we come into His presence
will true healing begin.
He will send a comforter and make us whole
once again.
We may not win all the trials that have to be faced
Open the door to salvation and cling to His
Ever lasting grace.
As I shout my praises to heaven up above
I can be reassured of God's eternal resting place and
His unconditional love.

© by Nancy Hoback
May 10, 2005



Alone With Jesus

When I arose today
I folded my hands to pray
When I asked Jesus for guidance
My candle glistened with brilliance

As I start on my way
I am reminded to obey
All that God does command
For my life has been planned

In work or play
I devote my day
To my Lord above
Who guides me with love

My protector from fear
His angels ever so near
With joy in my heart
I have a fresh start

I feel peace within
From remission of sin
Forgiveness is gained
As our Lord Has explained

Faith renews hope
So all can cope
With our daily tasks
We all wear our masks

But our Lord knows us
And we must confess
Every thought and deed
Has created a seed

Whether good or bad
It’s recorded on His pad
Written in God’s book
Would we dare to look?

Would we shutter or be glad
Of times shared we had
Were we selfless and caring?
Or just plain daring

If we change our ways
And prepare for the day
When God calls on us
What will we possess?

Our Bible teaches all
Be on guard for this call
We don’t know the time or place
But we can do it with grace

© Joyce Ann Geyer

He who listens to a life giving
rebuke will be at home with
the wise.
Proverbs 15:31


The Stillness Of Prayer

Praying fills me with gentleness and compassion,
It brings peace within the inner core of my Soul,
A serenity and calmness comes over me
As I open my heart with prayer, praying for all.

The stillness of prayer brings me closer to God,
He always listens to my deepest prayers of concern,
He's always there ready to help me too,
Through His communication and His Love, I feel, see, and also learn.

The stillness of prayer brings great comfort to me,
Knowing I can ask for assistance for my family and my friends,
And asking for peace for the entire world,
Praying is power, Amen

©Anne R.C. Neale


Yellow Rose

Your gift to me was “wildflowers or roses”,
You picked wildflowers on our “country rides”.
You bought roses of every color, and hue,
They were always my “big surprise”.

Devotion, to us, meant the yellow rose,
And “Devoted to you” is my song.
You have been gone from me,
O, so many years,
Yet, to you, I still belong.

Thirty years rush by in my memory,
And I'm standing next to you,
Holding one yellow rose each, our daughters, dear,
Witness the vows between us two.

Cling to each other, forever, we said,
And strive forever to be,
That soft place to fall, and get away from it all,
You were that, and so much more to me.

Together, we shared all the love we could hold,
Our cup filled us up, from the start,
Spilling over, my love, to our family and friends,
This love we shared from our hearts.

O, we had our share of gladness and sorrows,
We both had burdens to bear,
We shared them together, and all our tomorrows,
Were joyful, for you were still there.

Devoted to each other, forever, my love
We meant that with all of our hearts.
The Lord had other plans, and your illness still stands
As what finally pulled us apart.

Jesus called you home, He could not be denied,
And when He called you, He took my heart,
Yet a yellow rose still reminds me that
We are not that far apart.

Just one heart beat away,
I will stay~~~ till the day,
Jesus calls me to join you and Him,
Yellow roses will grace that most Heavenly Place
And Devotion will be our Anthem.






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