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One Day

Some day I'll meet the Maker of the sunset's glow,
He'll show me how the colors mixed just so;
He'll show me, too, the way the rainbow curves
And help me make my own (if I've the nerve)...

He'll explain all equations so I will understand,
And magnify the crevices all across the land;
Mysteries I cannot fathom will be explained at last,
He'll help me see the beauty of the ages past.

He'll let me look at Jesus heart ~ till He knows I understand
The way it broke and why He has those nail scars in his hand.
Then He'll draw me close beside Him and He'll bring Jesus too;
We'll watch the vastness of His whole universe in view.

One day, it won't be long now - and the dark glass will be clear;
We'll see our Hope of Ages face to face ~ so very near;
He'll touch our faces with those loving nail scarred hands ~
One day there will be nothing that we cannot understand.

©Joan Clifton Costner



Don't Let Anyone

It is our right to be happy
It is our right to be free
If we were meant to be like puppets
A mind would not have been given
to you or me

Someone in the past may have tried
to hurt and destroy
That's what some people do
But, I have the power within myself ...
What about you?

As I look back at my life
It has not been all pretty ribbons and bows
The past will NOT be my future
And that's just the way it goes

Tears? I have cried a river
I could go on and on about what's wrong
Well, for that river I cried
I just built a boat that would be nice and strong

I'm not going to drown
in that river of tears
I'm sailing on top of it
For the rest of my years

And for everything that I sail past that's ugly
I will find ten things more beautiful
And for everything that I see as useless
I will do ten things more dutiful

And I'll not ask....
"Where have all the flowers gone?"
I'll not even let a thought like that begin
I'll just go out into this world
and plant them ......

I do not say these things to be harsh
I say these things so you can survive
Don't let anyone take your happiness
Choose your own life's course ...
Choose, vibrant and alive!!

I hope these words spoken
can help you mend
After all .....
The only one that dare speak them
Is A True Friend

©Kathryn Sunday Davis


I often wonder how
The three little words
"I Love You"
Are truly heard.

They do come from my mouth
And deep from within my heart
With hope for us
To have a brand new start.

How do I explain my feelings
When no words can describe
This overwhelming love for you
My heart holds inside.

What can I do when
Words are not enough
To truly say
How I long for your touch.

All I can do is pray
That Sweetheart you know
"I Love You"
And together, I want us to grow.

These words are said
While we are far apart
But you are always on my mind
And close in my heart.

© Andrianna Holt




Darling, Do You Remember

Darling, do you remember when,
We were young and we loved to tease,
Can you recall at all the fun,
The laughter, me wanting to please?

Oh my love, you don't remember,
Oh Iím sorry you canít recall,
The magic of love in our hearts,
Even our holding hands and all.

Darling, do you remember when,
I had the biggest crush on you,
Can you recall I was naive,
And yet I knew I loved you too?

Oh my love, you don't remember,
Oh Iíll recall all things for you,
Iíll hold you in my arms closely,
And pretend weíre young again too.

Darling, Iíll remember for you,
And Iíll tell you of love always,
The way we were, the love we had,
Youíre mine, Iíll love you all my days.

©Sondra McPherson

October 17, 2005
~Dedicated to Patients of Alzheimers~


Good Old Days

Greasy hamburgers,
Hotdogs with tore up buns,
A float with two straws,
Just having loads of fun.

Remembering the good old days,
Where innocence was the rage,
Bobby socks and poodle skirts,
Jobs with a minimum wage.

Duck tail hair for boys,
Ponytails for the girls,
A quick wink and a smile,
Sent many a heart in a whirl.

Leather jackets were the fad,
Smokes hidden in a rolled up sleeve,
Movie idols and pinup girls,
In life we really did believe.

Pile in a car and go for a cruise,
We were completely without a care,
A friend was indeed a friend,
Everyone was willing to share.

Playing hooky from school,
Skipping out on a semester test,
Nothing serious in our thoughts,
Life was simply lived in jest.

These were the good old days,
Wish I could return for a stay,
If I could live my life o'er again,
I would live it the same ole way.

©Gayle Davis
January 14, 2005




Will You Answer

If God came calling at your house,
Do you wonder what you would do.
Must He show up in perfect finery,
What is needed to first impress you.

Would you turn your back quickly,
On the beggar standing at your door.
Instructing everyone in your family
Any future knocks they must ignore.

Maybe it will be someone different
Of the opposite sex or another race,
Somehow disfigured in appearance,
Unpleasing to some they might face.

If another person should call today,
Being there right at your front door.
Do these things listed maybe make,
You feel justified another to ignore.

We need to take a look inside our,
Heart for the answers hidden there.
Maybe questions too afraid to ask,
Ones which we are not even aware.

Is there any requirement of a robe,
Flowing ever smoothly to the floor.
If dressed in other rough garments,
Choose no value for them anymore.

What if there appears no soft glow,
Surrounding a familiar warm face.
Will you then greet this individual,
Welcomed in with a fond embrace.

Will you return to your front door,
If God does makes this house call.
Or shall you decide as others have,
Never being prepared to stand tall.

When these questions are answered,
As all people eventually have to do.
Where will you be to spend eternity,
The final choice is always up to you.

©Brenda Sparkman




What two days begin with ďTĒ

What two days of the week,
Begin with the letter ďTĒ?
If you said Tuesday & Thursday,
Youíve answered incorrectly.

Today and Tomorrow,
Is the answer that I seek,
Allow me to explain,
Why these are in the week.

Yesterday is gone,
It will never come again,
Dwell on past mistakes & confusion,
And soon this day will end.

GOD has already forgiven,
What weíve done in the past,
When you keep looking back on yesterday,
Youíre the one who makes it last.

Take only the best youíve learned before,
Apply it to the good youíre doing today,
Now the building blocks are stronger,
When tomorrow comes your way.

Always add only the positive,
Let the negative things subtract,
The future will only proceed forward,
When youíre not wasting time looking back.

Yesterdayís mistakes are bought and paid for,
Count them as forever being lost,
That balance due was wiped clean,
When JESUS gave HIS life on the cross.

Live today whole-heartedly,
As though it was your last,
When the final tomorrow gets here,
Youíll not be ashamed of your past.

Donít negatively pronounce or criticize,
Thatís not what your supposed to do,
When Judgment Day finally gets here,
GOD will do the same for you.

Donít be hasty with your answers,
Always think before you speak,
Live today through Christ JESUS,
Or tomorrow Satan will give your critique.

©Luke Easter


Uptown Saturday Night

"Star light, star bright ... "
or so the story goes,
dream away your troubles
and your fearful woes.

I've had the blues from time to time
as I'm sure you all have had.
But let me tell you who cured mine,
making good times out of bad.

I met her on one evening, late
in a town not too far away.
Her eyes, the shine of diamonds,
and a smile, took my breath away.

"Oh.." you say, "love at first sight!"
But It's not of that I speak.
Love's too much and too complex
to fall into with just one peek.

No, my friend, this woman was
one of the very few.
You know you hadn't met before,
but then you did, you knew.

She gave me warmth and piece of mind
by just being in the room.
She came and swept the pain away
like an angel with a golden broom.

Since that night when we first met
we've talked every now and then.
And when I'm tired and all upset
we talk and I feel good again.

But now I know when I feel blue
there's sunshine 'round the bend.
And it'll be there for a long, long time
for I know I've found a friend.

©Dave Allen Kelly
24 October


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