My Dream

In my dream the fire is dancing and the winds are talking
Many dancers from past lives enter
I am dancing, back and forth with many thoughts
And my mind searches, as the spirit dances in the center.

Many were the drums...and I danced to the heartbeat
So many memories of long ago, and insights also
And I hear the winds whispering a name in my dreams
I see his face the sparks from the fire glows.

He takes me and shows me many ancestors
They were Cherokee, of many generations
And they all were talking around the fire
Speaking with wisdom of many nations.

He said "Yesterdays create today and promises of tomorrow
As the lies that are bad will die with the sun
And the whispers on the winds are clear and loud
And that I will only remember the good that's done."

I awoke with a smell of sage and smoke all around
And with a warmness inside that was so good
As the sun came up with a light breeze so fresh
And I remember only the things that I should.




Finding it All

We search to win life's battles, to climb Mount Everest,
To give our best in all we do, and let God do all the rest.

We learn of power, strength, and might - searching for victory;
Determining to not give up the fight, as it maps our destiny.

We search to be more Christ-like, in all we say and do,
And to reach out to help others by using the Master's tools.

We find, to overcome Satan and the storms that rage within,
When sea monsters come to shore, we can always run to Him.

We search for happiness (of a lasting kind)
And know that, even through trials, pure joy we can always find.

We search for Heaven's treasures. We fight the roaring sea.
We search for Peace, Hope, and Love - and find it all in Thee.

© by Joyce C. Lock


I Wonder

I wonder what there is in me
that draws the luck I get
And why I do so many things
I surely will regret.
I wonder what there is in me
that makes me hurt another.
And why I do not appreciate
the opinions of my mother.
I wonder when I pray to God
if He will hear my plea,
And help me become the person
Mom wants me to be!

©Richard E. Funnell
May 1949
My very first poem written in 1949.
Also, my first published poem in 1953


Itís Time for Me To Go

I heard my Savior calling me,
As from a far and distant shore.
Iím taking you home my dear child,
Where suffering will be no more.

Youíve faced your trials triumphantly.
Your work on earth is done.
Youíve been tested and youíve been tried,
But the battle now youíve won.

No more sorrow, no more tears,
For none of these will go.
For all these things that brought you grief
Are left behind you know.

Youíve won a crown for faithfulness,
And for speaking out my name,
Never feeling embarrassed,
Never feeling shame.

Now take my hand, for itís time to go,
Weíll sing and praise and wait,
Till all the loved ones left behind,
Can also enter Heavenís gates.

©Faye Reyenga

Letting Go

Gee, seems like only yesterday
You held my hand tightly in yours
While we walked through the malls
Browsing the shops, through many doors

Your little eyes sparkled
As you viewed that special toy
The one you had 'just enough room for'
And I bought it, knowing it brought you joy.

Watching you with your first bike
Oh, what joy you had with it
Then your little patio table set
You looked so cute as there you would sit

Sometimes a picnic to the park
With animals to go view
And a playground area
With swings and so much to do.

Then into school you went,
And always a new adventure each day
You brought home beautiful pages
We viewed them as on the table they lay.

Into older grades and a clarinet you wanted
Band was a wonderful part of your day
As you practiced and played joyfully
Beautiful songs we heard you play

Then following that came chorus
You sang, and still do, so very lovely
In church as we sing to our Father God
I am astounded by your sounds of such beauty

All of a sudden I look at you,
As I peer through the door while you sleep
There is my youngest little blessing
So peaceful, and 'may the Lord your soul to keep'.

The years have passed, you are now a young lady
I miss the little fingers, the little smiles
And the "Oh, Mommy, can we'
But this letting go is another one of life's trials.

I must see you now as the wonderful young lady
..that you truly are.
I must trust that God will hold you in His loving
.. arms and protect you
I must trust that I have instilled the right morals
..for you to abide by.
I must stand by, in case you slip and need me.
I must be the Mommy you can always come home to.
I must wait for you to ask before rushing the answer.
I must stand aside, even with tears, and then -
I must 'let go'..

Letting go does not mean I cease to care
Because that day will never happen
Our love will always be there
And after time will only deepen.

My darling, I want you to always know
In mother's arms you are always welcome
And in my heart, I know this little girl.
And, I know what a fine lady you have become


Special Friends

Special friends are a loving gift,
Sent from the Father's hand,
They love you just the way you are,
Just the way God planned.

Special friends are a rare breed,
Someone you feel you can trust,
One who really cares when you hurt,
And is there to help you adjust.

These special friends are unusual,
They will laugh with you,
And sometimes with you, will even cry,
Or just be there beside you.

A special friend is loyal,
You never have to fear,
That behind your back they will gossip,
They will pray for you with tears.

Seems they just know the right words,
If you are feeling low,
That will make your world look brighter,
And set your soul aglow.

Before you know whatís happening,
You will find a smile,
All you need is a special friend
To stay with you awhile.

So Thank The Lord for special friends,
And for Jesus who is best,
He gave his very life for you,
No greater love expressed.
©Codell Donehoo

Fear Not

When trouble seems to come to us
As often times they do
Remember there is someone near
To take your troubles to.

Our problems is not a burden
No matter how large or small
Just take them all to Jesus
He'll accept them one and all.

Please keep a strong faith
No matter how life may be
He will lead us gently
His guiding light we'll see.

So fear not He is with us
We can put our mind to rest
When things seem so impossible
Our Lord is at His best.
©Ginny Bryant


The Veteran

You answered the call and
Gave of yourself to God and country.
Back home, we were omitting God
Out of the Pledge of Allegiance ...

Taking prayer out of school;
Thinking this was the right
Thing to do and it was cool ...

Removing the Ten Commandments
From the Courthouse walls,
While you stood up ~ brave and tall.

We commend you for fighting
For our rights and freedom ...
For making this world a better place.
I bow on my knees and pray for
Your humbleness and saving grace.

A vet is a powerful tool.
He is a HERO, our buddy, and
One who has learned to follow rules.

They enlisted and put their life on the line
While some sit back, in silence, and pretend
That, someday, everything will be fine.

Lord, help us to not forget
The veterans who fought and lost their life.

Be with them during these times,
while they are enduring such division and strife.

Stand up with your belief's and
Praise God for another day!
Let these Veterans be in our hearts
As we salute you on, this, your Veteran's Day.

© 2003 by Nancy Hoback



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