Apple Pie Harvest

Apple pie harvest is a great time of the year
Scent of apples baking, children do appear
ďPlease may I have a slice of pie mama?Ē
Pies must cool children, and stop with all the drama
Later after dinner we will all have pie ala mode
Children do your homework; Iíll have our clothes sewed
Keep your marks up, so youíll pass to the next grade
I know you like the goodies after you have played
A glass of milk a cookie too, and especially apple or pumpkin pie
We go through this every autumn, and your friends come by
Lucky we have a pumpkin patch, and an apple tree out back
Thank you children for picking the apples and filling your sack
This year will be different, because Iíll teach you how to bake
There will be chores given to all of you, and leaves to rake
You are all old enough to learn a thing or two, besides school
Then weíll go to church as usual, and live by Godís golden rule

Thank you children, the dishes; and your home works all done
Now go and have some private time for play, and have some fun
Donít forget to take your bath, and put your clothes away
Most important kneel down beside your bed and pray
Mom and Dad will come up later and tuck you in safe and sound
We thank our Lord for all of our blessings we have abound
Now close your eyes, dream sweet thoughts; tomorrowís another day
The sun may shine, and if it rains weíll chase the clouds away

God Bless all of you, we love you, and send butterfly kisses
Your angels watch, and protect you and sing pretty choruses
Now watch the sparkling stars, youíll soon fall fast asleep
Our Lord watches over, and our souls heíll always
© Joyce Ann Geyer
October skies 2005


This is how we know that we love the children of God;
by loving God, and carrying out His commands.
1 John 5:2

His Miracles

He can make a seed grow into many different things,
He can change a caterpillar into a butterfly,
He can change a cloud into life giving rain,
He can do anything, that is why,

He can rearrange molecules to be a solid, liquid, or a gas,
Rain, sleet, snow, ice, steam, are some of His creations you see,
He rotates the earth so we have night and day.
He performs many miracles for you and for me,

We must be perceptive and look around us
There are miracles for us to see if we would just take the time.
He performs many miracles every single day,
Our breath of life, and beating heart are two which are sublime.

©Anne R.C. Neale


Precious Memories

The old red barn sits up on the hill
Near a huge, old oak tree
The door is swinging open
Because of the cool autumn breeze.

My Grandpa and I in this old wagon
Are bringing in a big load of hay
My brother and the dogs are sitting on top
Playing around and having fun this way.

I can smell the bread and fried chicken
Coming from the kitchen, and I smile.
As my Moms and grandmas food is about done
And we will be eating supper in a while.

But first all the chores must be done
Then we head for the house, running along
I can now hear my Moms beautiful voice
As she is singing one of my favorite songs

After all of us have finished eating
We talk and are relaxing in our chairs
This is the time that makes me happy
Because its the time my family shares.

We each read a verse from the family bible
Then we hold hands and sing a gospel song
Then Grandpa will start talking of the 'olden days'
And I would fall asleep at the table, before long

All these memories now of my childhood
Brings such a wonderful feeling to me
I feel like I am that little girl again
Swinging from a limb on the old oak tree.

©Annie ...10/ 5/05



A Seat On The Bus For Rosa

Finally itís time to go,
All day Iíve pushed peddles with my feet,
Iíll hurry to the bus stop,
Being sure to get a good seat.

There, a chance to rest,
Home, Iím on my way,
Only to get up tomorrow,
And put in another day.

Photos, questions and fingerprints,
Did I commit a crime?
I distinctly remembered when I boarded,
Dropping in my dime.

Why give up my seat?
After working hard all day,
I thought the fare was the same for all,
Is there more I have to pay?

Donít they know how hard Iíve worked?
To get this seat I had to rush,
Now youíre going to tell me,
Move to the back of the bus.

Wait, I pay my taxes,
Even go to church and pray,
They do not have the right,
To treat Rosa Parks this way.

I never wanted to start a movement,
Just have a seat on the bus,
Being treated fairly as an American,
Why is everyone making such a fuss?

My name is known throughout the world,
In history books here and there,
It really didnít have to be me you know,
Just anyone who paid their fare.

Almost 50 years later,
An Icon is my name,
Iíd gladly do it all again,
Circumstances being the same,

Heaven is my final journey,
Canít wait till I get there,
Knowing Iím going to enjoy the ride,
Iíve already paid my fare.

©Luke Easter




When you are alone
And think no one cares
Just look above
And say your prayers.

God is always, standing by
Lending his ear
Though you can't see him
He is always near.

With God by your side
Theres nothing you can't do
Just put your trust in him
And your dreams will come true.

When your days seem dark
And your burdens, hard to bare
Remember God loves you
And he is always there.

So open your heart
And let God in
He is your leader
And your best friend.

©2005 Andrianna Holt



The Light of America

Like a beautiful jewel on a pedestal,
Like a city set high upon a hill,
Like a Lighthouse shining out from a mountain;
Her very name brings us a thrill!

Sheís the hope for all hopeless people,
Champion of the world in human rights,
A gleam of light for any suppressed nation;
A flood light in the black of night!

Shine on, America. God loves you!
Hold to all you were created for!
Let the hearts of our patriots still carry
Your liberty and hope to distant shores!

Youíve passed out food to many starving nations,
Sent money, aid, to many foreign lands;
A tremendous task for America,
For everywhere we turn thereís outstretched hands!

Still, America hates oppression.
So, she gives until her own lights must turn low.
Send to the world a message true and firm,
For the whole wide world needs to know.

If the lights go out in America,
You wonít believe how dark the world would be.
And, the lights that now shine bright and brilliant
Are tended by the likes of you and me!

So, take heart, brother, sister, in America.
Fly our banner high and keep its stripes unfurled.
For, if the lights go out in America, brave heart,
They will go out ... for all the world.

© 2002 by Joan Clifton Costner



"Ye are the light of the world.
A city set on a hill cannot be hid."
Matthew 5:14

How Could I Ever Forget You

How could I ever forget you
The stars still shine for me
How could I ever forget you
You helped me be the woman I was meant to be
How could I ever stop loving you
When you always stood by my side
The oceans go on forever
My tears are also that wide

How can I ever forget you
With all that we have been through
You may not be my real mother
Still I give all my love to you
How can I ever forget your smile
When the sun still shines
I could look the world over
Yet never anyone like you could I find

How could I ever forget you
When in my heart you lay
How could I ever forget you
You carry my soul away
I know I do not have the color of your hair
I do not have the brown of your eye's
Yet my feelings for you do not chance
They could not if they tried

I want you to know it does not matter
If I do not have your blood
You love me and took care of me
Now you are with the angels above
Your spirit is now of a dove

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


Childhood Christmas

As a little girl growing up
My family was very poor you see.
We didn't have money for presents
But we always had a Christmas tree.

One year my friend and I walked
Over a mile as my family didn't have a car
To buy a little tree which we carried
Back and it was really quite far.

During the year, for my mom's change
I could be an unrelenting pest
For her nickels, dimes and pennies
But the quarters were the best.

Mom would hang cards we received
On the wall strung on a ribbon of green.
We'd play a game of who they were from
And my favorites were the snow scenes.

Before Christmas with all the change I saved
I'd buy little presents for my mom and dad
And for my brother and sister still at home
The biggest candy bars that the store had.

As I wrapped those simple presents
Such feelings of joy overwhelmed me.
They were bought and wrapped with love
And placed proudly under the tree.

One year we couldn't afford a tree
So I found a big tumbleweed.
I sprayed it with flocking and
Strung it with colored beads.

We may not have had much
But our Christmas was good.
We had turkey with all the trimmings
As there was always plenty of food.

 ©Carol Barton



At Heaven's Door

I sit and write,
As the sun does rise,
And while I think,
Tears fill my eyes.

Wonder if somehow,
Before the sun does set,
Some of those things,
I will forget.

For I cannot run,
Nor can I hide,
From the things I've seen,
On my life's ride.

So I put them back,
Where they do not show,
Into a past,
So long ago.

There was a time,
I know was so wrong,
When anger was,
What made me strong.

I let my anger,
Just flow away,
And felt tomorrow,
Would be a different day.

And then instead,
I will try to fight,
And recall instead,
My own highlights.

I stopped and looked,
With different eyes,
Realized what I'd been,
Was a disguise.

I knew right then,
What had to be done,
That the road I'd now follow,
Would be a different one.

I looked and listened,
And I heard the cry,
Thought to myself,
Now I know why.

Things that had once been,
Were now laid at rest,
For they all were,
Part of a test.

A test laid out,
For each one alone,
So they could one day,
Be called back home.

For you to be called,
And see Heaven's door,
You must accept,
What's come before.

Once you've done that,
And learned to live,
Just like our Lord,
You'll learn to forgive.

And our Lord has told us,
That we too,
Must love one another,
"As I have loved you."

Forgiveness is,
Just a small part,
You must also accept,
God into your heart.

Love and forgiveness,
Go hand in hand,
For when you have both,
You'll fulfil God's plan.

For when you stand,
At Heaven's door above,
The key you'll need,
Is forgiveness and love.

©Dark Blue Knight
21st February 2005







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