At Heaven's Door

I sit and write,
As the sun does rise,
And while I think,
Tears fill my eyes.

Wonder if somehow,
Before the sun does set,
Some of those things,
I will forget.

For I cannot run,
Nor can I hide,
From the things I've seen,
On my life's ride.

So I put them back,
Where they do not show,
Into a past,
So long ago.

There was a time,
I know was so wrong,
When anger was,
What made me strong.

I let my anger,
Just flow away,
And felt tomorrow,
Would be a different day.

And then instead,
I will try to fight,
And recall instead,
My own highlights.

I stopped and looked,
With different eyes,
Realised what I'd been,
Was a disguise.

I knew right then,
What had to be done,
That the road I'd now follow,
Would be a different one.

I looked and listened,
And I heard the cry,
Thought to myself,
Now I know why.

Things that had once been,
Were now laid at rest,
For they all were,
Part of a test.

A test laid out,
For each one alone,
So they could one day,
Be called back home.

For you to be called,
And see Heaven's door,
You must accept,
What's come before.

Once you've done that,
And learned to live,
Just like our Lord,
You'll learn to forgive.

And our Lord has told us,
That we too,
Must love one another,
"As I have loved you."

Forgiveness is,
Just a small part,
You must also accept,
God into your heart.

Love and forgiveness,
Go hand in hand,
For when you have both,
You'll fulfil God's plan.

For when you stand,
At Heaven's door above,
The key you'll need,
Is forgiveness and love.

İDark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
21st February 2005




You Are Special

I left my throne in heaven
And came upon the earth
To save the souls of people
And give them a new birth.

My fathers will, is what I preached
His works I came to do
He wants you all to know him
And how he adores you.

You are his prized creation
Hand crafted by the king
The first time, that you took a breath
Heaven began to sing.

So know that you are special
Not by what you do
It is because of who you are
And how much he loves you.

İDon Davidovich  2005



My Keeping Room

Twilight hour approaches;
gently brushing aside the day.
'Tis time to light the candles;
unfinished tasks are tucked away.
I've kindled the logs in the fireplace;
its cozy warmth draws me nigh.
There's my red velvet chair;
faded and worn;
If you listen, you'll hear my soft sigh.
I've closed out the world;
drawn the drapes to the sill,
then I fastened the shutters;
snuffing out autumn's chill.
Tears fall down my face,
as I fetch out my memories;
even those that have torn me apart.
Sad, sweet memories tucked inside of;
my precious keeping room; my heart.

İDottie Perkins



If Stars Had Eyes

I wonder what it would be like,
If stars had eyes to see,
Could see through space day or nigh,
And see all things that be.

They might see beautiful butterflies,
With bright shinning colors,
Doing the job God gave them to do,
Working together with others.

Maybe see a mother at midnight,
With a crying baby,
Taking that little one in her arms,
Tenderly love applying.

Or watching a little family,
Dressed in their Sunday best,
On their way to worship their king,
There they would be blessed.

They might watch a father and son,
Sitting on a river bank,
The father showing his little son,
How to catch a fish and yank.

A million good things they could see,
But the evil can disrupt,
Never despair God is awar
The heart of man is corrupt.

Just wait a little while longer,
And in God’s own foresight,
These little stars can look down and see,T
God made all things turn out right.

İCodell Donehoo



Lost My Way

My days are sad and depressing
I live in pain and despair
Sometimes in my lowest moments
I come to you in prayer.

I ask that you help me
My faith has disappeared
The one thing that haunts me everyday
Is something I've always feared.

Giving up on life is a sad thing
I know that this is true
That's why I call on you dear Lord
To help me see this through.

I've lost family I love so much
And now I am suffering pain
If you restore my faith dear Lord
My life can be normal again.

I can't do this alone you know
I need your help each day
To give me the strength to carry on
Please Lord just show me the way.

İGinny Bryant




Go Tell It On The Mountain

While shepherds watched their flocks by night;
On the Hillsides far away.
A star shone brightly, over the little town;
Where the newborn baby lay.

A Stable stall, so dark and cold;
Was the birthplace of this King.
While on the Mountainside far above;
A Host of Heavenly Angels did sing.

They told the shepherds, Triumphantly;
Of the birth of Jesus Christ,
And as they listened....intently;
They somehow knew, He would change their lives.

Jesus had a simple beginning,
And He was born to a simple man;
His Mother was just a simple young girl,
And yet the most blessed in all the land.

Young Mary was uniquely chosen;
Handpicked by God above.
To be the Mother of His own Son,
And to raise His child with Love.

She wondered how she could possibly be,
A part of this divine plan.
Yet, somehow she knew, and had no fear,
For her trust was in God.....not man.

Joseph was a man of ordinary means;
A carpenter whose life was all planned.
Yet, He knew these things..revealed in his dream;
Were clearly mastered by God's own hand.

God surely had chosen the two of them;
With their plain and simple life.
To bring forth His son in Bethlehem town,
And to protect Him both day and night.

He was the Child that all had heard;
Would rule the world one day,
But yet in this dark and lowly stable;
The King was placed on a bed of Hay?

No fancy home or a Kingly crown;
No wealth that he could claim.
yet, while on this Earth He lived His life;
To serve others in God's Great Name.

He traveled around from place to place;
Taught in villages, and on Mountain tops.
He told the World of Salvation,
And His message has never been stopped.

AS His Precious Life was ebbing away;
For we had nailed Him on a Rugged Cross;
His thoughts upon Calvary's Mountain that day;
Were for those who would suffer great loss.

He loved us so much....He came to die;
Knowing the pain....He must endure.
He paid sins debt on that Mountain side,
And our home in heaven....did assure.

He spilled His life's blood, for all who'll believe...
Salvation comes from His Eternal Fountain.
So Praise His Sweet name,
and accept His free gift
"Go Tell It On The Mountain."

İ Loretta Coley Lipsey,
All rights reserved.
November 12, 2005



"For God so loved the world that
He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him should
not perish but have eternal Life."
John 3: 16



At first breath taken
The Flame of Life begins
Then starts the burning fire
A long journey, extends

Caressing the soul
With it's radiant light
The Flame of Love
Gives this spirit flight

Life continues everyday
Wider and wider the scope
Will we make it, will we not
Flicker now, the Flame of Hope

Longing for tranquility
As turmoil's increase
We extend and offer
The Flame of Peace

To worship and praise
There is a burning desire
The Flame of Faith
Is a powerful fire

And to light this path
Of our lifelong destination
All these flames joined together
Is the Flame of Inspiration

Do not extinguish your light
With Hostility or Doubt
May The Flame In Your Heart
Never Go Out

İKathryn Sunday Davis









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