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I Am With You

I am there with you every single moment,
Although you forget I am with you most of the time,
You get so busy with your daily life,
You forget that I am with you, I am the Divine,

I help you when you are tired and depressed,
I am with you when you world seems so dark,
I am with you when happiness comes to you,
I am with you, I am the Holy Spark,

I am there with you as you sleep safely in your bed,
I am with you as you live throughout the day,
I am with you as you live and breathe,
I am with your always too when you pray,

I am with you all the time during your busy life
I keep you breathing and your heart beating too,
I am with you your entire life here on this earth,
I am with you always, that is so true,


Come Walk with Me

Come walk with me this morning
down a path that God prepared
Built with awe and beauty
a path for us to be shared

The path is filled with goodness
pleasures for the eye
Floral colors around us
as the sun radiates on high

Fill your heart with pictures
Savor memories that you see
Come walk with me this morning
through a wonderland that's free

© Mr. Doug

The Light of America

Like a beautiful jewel on a pedestal,
Like a city set high upon a hill,
Like a Lighthouse shining out from a mountain;
Her very name brings us a thrill!

She’s the hope for all hopeless people,
Champion of the world in human rights,
A gleam of light for any suppressed nation;
A flood light in the black of night!

Shine on, America. God loves you!
Hold to all you were created for!
Let the hearts of our patriots still carry
Your liberty and hope to distant shores!

You’ve passed out food to many starving nations,
Sent money, aid, to many foreign lands;
A tremendous task for America,
For everywhere we turn there’s outstretched hands!

Still, America hates oppression.
So, she gives until her own lights must turn low.
Send to the world a message true and firm,
For the whole wide world needs to know.

If the lights go out in America,
You won’t believe how dark the world would be.
And, the lights that now shine bright and brilliant
Are tended by the likes of you and me!

So, take heart, brother, sister, in America.
Fly our banner high and keep its stripes unfurled.
For, if the lights go out in America, brave heart,
They will go out ... for all the world.

© 2002 by Joan Clifton Costner

"Ye are the light of the world.
A city set on a hill cannot be hid."

Come, Fly With Me

Late each night, before I sleep
Your face appears before me
As I sail into night so deep
You make me feel so carefree

With every breath I draw and let
While on Fantasy's train I ride
You are with me all the way
You match me stride for stride

When, at last, the dawn shall break
And the carpet ride is through
I will have lived a thousand lives
And every one of them with you

I'll be not sad at dawning's light
When I awaken to that first ray
For soon the dusk will come again
And you and I will go out to play

In heavenly mist where eagles soar
Where the time passes ever slow
And your face I see, it's part of me
For you go where ever I go.

David Allen Kelly

"I'll Get Back To You Lord"

Many times I forget to pray,
Or maybe just push it aside.
There are things I might confess,
That's easier for me to hide.

I say, I'm awfully busy now,
I have so much to do,
I do love you though, Lord,
And I'll get back to you.

Time just goes so swiftly,
When you're having so much fun.
There are not enough hours in a day,
To reach just everyone.

But I'll get back to you Lord,
I promise that I will,
When I get in a valley,
And can't climb another hill.

I'll need you more then Lord,
Than I think I need you now.
Those valleys are hard to bear,
You'll have to show me how.

I do intend to pray again,
I know I'm now past due,
But soon as I find time Lord,
I'll surely get back to you.

Faye Reyenga - 11 / 11 / 2003

How Could I Ever Forget You

How could I ever forget you
The stars still shine for me
How could I ever forget you
You helped me be the woman I was meant to be
How could I ever stop loving you
When you always stood by my side
The oceans go on forever
My tears are also that wide

How can I ever forget you
With all that we have been through
You may not be my real mother
Still I give all my love to you
How can I ever forget your smile
When the sun still shines
I could look the world over
Yet never anyone like you could I find

How could I ever forget you
When in my heart you lay
How could I ever forget you
You carry my soul away
I know I do not have the color of your hair
I do not have the brown of your eye's
Yet my feelings for you do not chance
They could not if they tried

I want you to know it does not matter
If I do not have your blood
You love me and took care of me
Now you are with the angels above
Your spirit is now of a dove

Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

The Storm Is Over

Sometimes when you can't see anything but dark clouds
Look for silver linings for there around.
Between every storm the sun once again will shine
One day you will reach that mountain top and everything will be just fine.
Stop , wait, be patient, for God's voice you will hear
The storm is over now and you have nothing to fear.
When you feel you are in a deep tunnel and there is no light
Turn around and seek Jesus for His aurora is so bright.
Look for heaven its up ahead
Turn your life around for happiness is around the bend.
The storm is over now and you have been set free
All of your battles have been won
Our Jesus Christ died on Calvary.

Written By Nancy Hoback 2005

From a Foreign Land

You came into our home
a guest from a foreign land.
You arrived at our home
on a bright sunny day.
You came to our country
not knowing what to expect.
With great nervousness
you said your first words.

With butterflies in your stomach
you started your first day.
To school you went
on that fine sunny day.
To learn English was your goal
and learn it you did.
With a smile on your face
you spoke with confidence.

You came to my country
not knowing what to expect.
The time went by,
then it was time to say goodbye.
You left my home and my country
and home to your country you went.
You left behind many fond memories.
For in you. I found a dear friend.

Leona Koziarski ©




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