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Jesus' Loving Touch

Jesus' loving touch made me cry,
I knew I now belonged to Him,
He is so wonderful to love,
Oh Glory He loves away sin!

Yes He bought my soul with His love,
And His heart of love is for all,
Can you hear Him calling you now,
Oh Glory your name's who He'll call!

Jesus' loving touch made me cry,
And I heard the angels singing,
I looked up and saw Jesus' love,
Oh Glory salvation's ringing!

I'll never be lonely again,
Jesus' loving hand is on me,
One day to heaven I will fly,
Oh Glory, sweet Eternity.

©Sondra McPherson
October 26, 2005


Happy Birthday Jesus

Christmas is a special day
For all to celebrate
To join in this festivity
Please don't forget the date.

It's a very special birthday
No fancy gift required
Just send a prayer to Heaven
A gift most certainly desired.

There'll be a birthday in Heaven
Rejoice in thankful glee
For it's Jesus very special day
I sent our RSVP.

We won't be able to join him there
But that's OK you see
A prayer is all that's needed
As an acceptance from you and me.

Happy Birthday Jesus
That's the best that we can do
Until the day you call us home
Then we'll celebrate with you.

Ginny Bryant

May Your Holidays Be Bright

Christmas candles all aglow
Gifts to our Savior we bestow
Christmas services held throughout our land
We joyfully sing praises with our baby grand

Christmas eve so precious a night
Godís sparkling star shone so bright
Shepherds and Kings came to see
Mary and Joseph on bended knee

Bearing gifts graciously adorn
Godís son child Jesus is newborn
This is our Christmas story told
For all man and nature to behold

May your holidays be bright
With the star of Christmas light
This, the greatest story to recall
May God bless us one and all

© Joyce Ann Geyer 2005

Proverbs 30:5
Every word of God is flawless; he is a
shield to those who take refuge in Him.


I used to know laughter
but all I feel is pain,
Each time I lift my head
Tears flow down my face.

All I ever wanted
was your love and trust,
Just a chance to be with you
and say there is an us.

I'm sorry that I hurt you
I guess that's not enough,
If you truly loved me
you'd see past all that stuff.

We could have been so happy
the world seemed like ours,
The love we had together
could have moved the stars.

You've touched me like no other
my heart and soul so deep,
Will I ever find it again?
I doubt, to say the least.

My heart is badly broken
My chest an empty pit,
My mind just seems to wander
not knowing about it.

I pray that God will heal you
And take your fears and pain,
To fill you up with his love
and make you whole again.

I may not ever understand
what it was like for you,
I tried to give you all I can
my heart and love so true.

It seems we have not met this time
but it will come again,
Hope you have a great life
see you in heaven.

Don Davidovich

My Christmas Home

A hush settles o'er the valley
Sweet quiet that soothes the soul
Eventide's curtain has slipped into place
Ushering in a bone-chilling cold
A storm's comin' over the mountain
'Noreaster; as we call it here
Smoke's blowing straight up from the chimneys
We're in for a good one, I fear
My cottage is wrapped as a package
Quilting the roof with soft snow
'Tis Christmas at Little Thatch
cuddled snug in the glen
Every sweet dwelling's aglow
Frosty awaits the arrival
of children who believe he is real
'Tis Christmas, 'tis magic; sparkling meadowland of wonder
It is after all; an element of the appeal

Dottie Perkins

Mary, Earthly Mother of Jesus

She was just a sweet young virgin
Awaiting marriage to Joseph in that time
When Gabriel came to her late one night
Speaking of God's plan so sublime

The angel spoke she would carry a child
This blessed one to be the King of kings,
He shall be known as the Son of God
Jesus, His name they shall sing.

She was a vessel, for this holy event
The handmaiden of God she became
To bear this Child and care for Him
His name King they would proclaim.

We know she was not the 'mother' of God,
For God always was, before time began
And so with the Word, and Spirit
This earth, and man was His plan.

But Mary, blessed to carry this Christ child
And watch His life here on earth unfold.
And for centuries forever after
His life on this earth will forever be told.

© Kentucky_Lady4

Today The Angels Smile

Today the angels smile.
They sat with me awhile.
I shared my inner heart
And that was just the start.
I told them of my love
These angels from above..
I told them how I felt
As in their company I knelt.
The angels did delight
With a smile so warm and bright
When I told of feelings true
Which I held inside for you.
They said that God above
Can create a lot more love,
When the world is full of care
Like the feelings we do share.
So my heart is filled with pride
And a joy I cannot hide,
I could walk that extra mile...
Because I made the angels smile.

Copyright ©2005 Sally Y Hemingway

Isaiah Reigned

Under kings of four
and Old Testament evangelist,
unpopular in his message,
his people did ignore.

Isaiah alerted the heavens.
He alerted the earth.
But the Israelites grew deaf,
thought his warning had no worth.

For they had turned
their backs on their God.
They knew they were chosen by Him
thought Isaiah was just odd.

Then when their walls came
tumbling down,
a famine prevailed.
No heavenly words could be found.

They turned toward their Savior,
their Master, their God.
But is was now too late.
God's judgment was their fate.

© 2002 Carol Dee Meeks


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