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Thinking Of You, Lord

I am thinking of You, Lord,
And the beauty created by Your hand,
The sun, moon and stars that shine,
Across this wonderful land.

I am thinking of You, Lord,
And all things that grows,
How much You have given us,
Such beauty the earth shows.

I think of You each time I see,
The velvet petals of the rose,
The beauty encased thereof,
The sweet essence that flows.

I think of You, sweet Jesus,
And the greatest sacrifice,
Dying for sinners like me,
To have everlasting life.

I think of You, my Lord,
Each day the sun shines,
Blessings that come my way,
Lift my heart and forever binds.

Gayle Davis©
03 January 2005

Rare Simplicity

I once met a pretty lady,
Her eyes were gentle green;
Her hair a deep rich brown,
The prettiest I'd ever seen.
She had a sense of humor
Behind her sparkling smile.
She's the type of woman
For whom I'd walk a mile
To listen to her laughter
And watch her pretty face.
You know she'd be an angel
In a gown of silk and lace.
She looked at me and smiled
And stole my heart away
But she spoke with voice so soft
I knew she'd never stay;
For she had led a simple life
So single and carefree
And me along my maddened pace
My life's love was the sea.
So down the road I'll go alone
Mile by empty mile
But now and then I'll think of her
And she'll make my heart smile.
While in the sun or dark of night
With sweet moments that I've seen
She keeps a constant watch on me
With eyes of gentle green.

Dave Allen Kelly©

GOD Will Provide A Way

GOD will provide a way through faith,
To all those who sincerely believe,
In the almighty name of Christ JESUS,
As HIS children we are destined to receive.

Life is full of tests,
Given and graded every day,
Not only by what you do,
Also by what we say.

JESUS is our teacher,
The outline is very clear,
Follow HIS program closely,
There’s never a reason for fear.

Report cards will be given,
The final grade is on Judgment Day,
There is no need for Cliff’s notes,
TEACHER has clearly shown the way.

The dog ate my homework,
I left my journal on the bus,
These kind of lame excuses,
Will definitely not work for us.

GOD will not tolerate,
Anything but an “A”,
This is where the question comes,
Why do you think JESUS came?

The bible is not calculus,
No need to call a tutor on your cell,
JESUS is on the main line,
HE wants everyone to do well.

With YOU all things are possible,
I can achieve anything,
There will never be an ending,
To the joy and pleasure YOUR love can bring.

Even though I’m currently in the valley,
YOU’RE always by my side,
As I climb towards the mountain top,
YOU match me stride by stride.

Always believe and trust in JESUS,
Seeking HIM with sincere faith,
Good things abound with plenty,
Through patience you must wait.

Eternal life is abundantly so much more,
Than all material things on earth,
JESUS suffered and died on the cross,
Through HIS death we experienced a new birth.

Homework is an assignment,
That’s being given everyday,
Be faithful in studying the word,
Stop letting the world get in your way.

When that final grade is given,
After you’ve completed your run,
All you want to hear JESUS say is,
Congratulations on a job well done.

© 2005 by Luke Easter

Now That Summer's Over

Now that summer's over
God pastels the leaves
Greens and reds and yellows
top the limbs of trees

He paints his picture postcards
throughout this lovely land
gently dabbing here and there
perfection from his hand

Fall is such a special time
Following the summer heat
A softening of temperatures
gives us all a treat

The season also brings us
a rest from summer play
a gentler, closer togetherness
A softer kind of way

Enjoy it all - build memories
For it doesn't last too long
Feast your eyes in wonderment
Fill your heart with Autumns song

Mr. Doug©

Still He Came

Each year, as Christmas comes around, excitement fills the air.
We think about a stable, and an Infant Boy born there.
We think about a Mother, and an earthly Father, too;
But do we think of why He came, and what He came to do?

We let ourselves get caught up in the ribbons and the frills;
And forget about the Baby Boy who came to do God's will.
Just think about the moment when He left His Father's side;
Then think about your own child and imagine how God cried.

Could you are I have kissed our child and sent them on their way;
Knowing what their future held, and the pain that they would face?
So, if we tell the story of Jesus and His birth;
Then we need to tell the whole truth about why He came to Earth.

He did not come to be a tale that is told on Christmas day;
And then forgotten all year through as we go our worldly way.
He, Himself, was God, the Son, and knew how great the price;
The pain and suffering He must endure to save all of our lives.

Do you think about His loneliness, or the sadness that He felt;
When everyone rejected Him, and scoffed Him as He knelt?
If you can for just a moment, put yourself in Jesus place;
And understand that He knew ALL the suffering He would face.

From the moment it was decided that He would leave His Royal throne,
And come to Earth and face the world rejected and alone;
He fully understood the task, the heartaches He must bear;
Yet, He came so Willingly, all our lives to spare.

Could you or I have done as much, been willing to bear the Cross;
To pay sins penalty once for All, no matter what the cost?
So as we do our shopping, and as we trim our tree;
Please take the time to thank God's Son for dying at Calvary.

For His story is more than just a Babe, in a manger filled with hay;
We need to understand His Love, and what He came to say.
He told us of a Love that's real and by His death did show;
The World and all its people, the things that we should know.

He knew about rejection, loneliness, and pain;
He could hear the deafening sound, as the mighty hammer rang.
Knowing all of this and more, and knowing who to blame;
Comprehending All these things; Still He Came

© 2003 by Loretta Coley Lipsey

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whoever
believeth on Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life."
John 3:16

Today is the day of salvation.
If you do not know the Lord as your personal Saviour
Now may be all we have.
Please Don't delay.

If Jesus Came To Visit

would that make us smile?
Or would we feel put out
like we were going on trial?
IF JESUS CAME TO VISIT would our Bibles be in plain view?
Or would we feel embarrassed because our Bible study is overdue?
Would the cover of our Bibles be layered with dust?

Would hiding some reading material be an absolute must?
Learning to hate the enemy is what the military must learn.
Mastering this lesson well is every military leader's concern.
It is not natural to think of killing those whom we love.
For war we must be trained to hate and kill the enemy.
This saddens our Father in heaven above.

As we travel down the road of life we deal with so much hate.
At loving our neighbors for another day we often wait.
Satan is like a door to door salesman blasting us with his arsenal of lies.
His foot propping open the door should come as no surprise.
The Deceiver wants a captive audience so more of his lies we hear.
Thus making the teachings of Jesus distorted and not so clear.

When receiving the breath of life God gave us a choice for our soul.
What we do about Jesus is the key to our eternal goal.
Ultimately we will have to choose the final direction our soul will take.
Our choice is ever important since our eternity is at stake.
IF JESUS CAME TO VISIT the inside my heart He will inspect.
I pray that love is all He finds. No hate do I want Him to detect.

IF JESUS CAME TO VISIT and examined my heart what would He find inside?
To Jesus my heart is an open book. Nothing from Him am I able to hide.
DEAR JESUS, IF YOU COME TO VISIT ME I pray that what You see
is a loving heart that resembles the likeness of Thee.

Richard E. Funnell©
July 2005

Treasures In Life

It has been proven to me, in the past few years
How my heart and soul can be purified by tears

And all the storms that has been in my life
Which has caused me much suffering and strife.

So I go to Him in desperation with prayer
"Oh my Creator, please show me you care".

As then these words He showed to me
" I will dry your eyes so then you will see."

"You don't want to travel through life with ease
While all the trials was not always just for you , you see."

For if it was like this, your eyes could never behold
All the wonder and treasures in your life , that's pure gold."


Your Dreams And Goals

We all have dreams and goals we would like to accomplish,
Some of them we can and others are beyond our reach,
But it is good to have goals and dreams,
Thinking about them gives you an inner peace

Your dreams and goals are valuable you see,
You don't need to wait to work toward your goals,
You can begin now and slowly forge ahead,
That is good for your Spirit and Soul,

The more time and commitment and energy you use,
The more determined you will become to accomplish them you see,
It may not happen instantly, everything takes time,
But you are trying and that is so important to He.

We all have dreams and goals that we would like to accomplish,
You must begin to do them , that is how to start,
Keep forging on , day by day, and keep trying,
Don't give up, your hopes are embedded in your heart.

Anne R. C. Neale©


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