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A Love For Life

When I think of this life I live
I hear angels in the distance
There is so much beauty
In the world I miss

A laughing brook, a nightingale song
The woodpecker chipping at the tree
To me means everything
When I call out my name
It echoes back to tell
Of Jesus love for me
For He made my heart as well

I see the colors of the flowers
And breathe in the fragrance sweet
The leaves that crunch beneath my feet
Let me go back in time
To when I ran around a tree
Playing hide and seek

I can almost touch the sky so blue
The clouds as they go by
I can remember walking on grass
On tippy toes
Back then I thought I would live for always
As far as forever goes

I have a love for life, Jesus has let me see
He has been kind and gentle,
He is always here with me
When my life is near it's end
I will hear the angels sing
But most of all I know
Jesus love will take me in

©Linda Ann Henry © 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet


Your Every Longing

Your every longing will be touched on,
As Jesus occupies your heart,
He is the sweet fragrance of the Rose,
And Godís love will ever impart.

May the Lord touch your heart and fill you,
With the passion of His Sweet Rose,
The love in Jesus' heart satisfies,
Your every longing for Love flows.

May the Lord touch your heart with sweetness,
He is the Rose who will enhance,
Jesusí bouquet will immerse ever,
Your every longing in fragrance.

May the Lord touch your heart with beauty,
As His scent permeates your soul,
Jesusí love is sweeter and perfumes,
Your every longing until whole.

©Sondra McPherson
October 9, 2005
*Inspired By Marion Jones*


I Believe In Christmas

I Believe that Jesus is the reason why...
Thereís Christmas Day...
I Believe the infant Child of Mighty God...
Lay on the hay...
I Believe that shepherds saw up in the sky....
The Heavenly Host...
To praise Him high....
I Believe! I Believe!...

I Believe the eastern wise men traced a star...
And bowed their knees...
And I know that in her heart His mother knew...
He would be King!
Time was split, a plan engaged designed to bring
The heart of man..
To God again...
With upraised hands....I Believe!

Every time I see the scenes of Christmas Day...
Or hear the songs...
I know the Way
Lies in the Child...
Of Christmas Day!
I Believe!!

Lyrics by Joan Clifton Costner
Music: Traditional old song: I Believe



Mother And Child

You can see the love in Maryís face
Our Lord Jesus holiness and grace
How Mary holds her baby tight
Not knowing of His holy plight

A love for her baby is so much more
Kind and gentle is He that she adores
Mother Mary sings to Him a loving lullaby
Child of God she breathes an accepting sigh

One star filled the night with light
On a most magnificent of nights
Admiration filled Joseph on bended knee
He knows Jesus will keep His people free

Poor shepherds came to see
One of the holiest of men to be
Three kings bowed to Our Lord
Bearing gifts and their hearts soared

All who came realized Jesus is Earthís true King
Mary and The Lordís Angels giving praise and sing
Joseph, His Earthly father was prophesized from David
All throughout the Bible these are stories very vivid

Now this Christmas season all good Christians celebrate
Throughout the Earth our message will reverberate
Jesus is our true Lord, King and God
Protector of Heaven and Earth, He guards

All His faithful believers are promised a second life
Where peace and happiness reign without strife
This is our Christmas message every year
We are faithful to our Lord and have no fear

© Joyce Ann Geyer 2005

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new
creation: the old has gone, the new has come!
2 Corinthians 5:17




Blessings begin with God
He supplies them daily to you,
You need to be perceptive
To know He is giving them to you too,

You need to be appreciative
Of your beating heart and breath,
They are blessings that He gives to you
Until your physical death,

You need to be more loving
And share your love with others,
God gives you His Love always,
You should share yours with your "sisters and brothers".

All Blessings begin with God,
So count your blessings each day,
Give thanks for them to the Almighty,
All you have to do is pray.

©Anne R. C. Neale


Accepting Jesus

It does not take alot you see
To come into my world
Believe in your heart
And say this prayer
To live forever more.

I will accept you as my child
And in me you will see
I paid the price at the cross
For sins at calvary.

God I am a sinner
Thats why I come to pray
I need your forgiveness
For you to guide my way.

O Jesus come into my life
I believe in what you've done
You broke the chains of evil
So we can be as one.

I know that you
Have cleansed me God
And washed me white as snow
Thank you Lord for loving me
To heaven I now go.

You are my Lord and Savior
My rock my hope my trust
The King of King's
And Lord of Lord's
Your love is true and just.

Thank you God for I am yours
And yours forever be
At your table I can sit
For all eternity.

© Copyright 2005 Don Davidovich



Judgment Day

In the beginning God created heaven and earth,
The stars and planets, the entire universe,
A first man Adam, from his rib Eve was given birth,
Placed in the Garden of Eden, they were the first.
As God began to give them more of His time,
The angel Satan became jealous of so called mankind,
An impure thought he put in the womanís mind,
And from that day forward they were running behind,
Banished to earth for not fulfilling their part,
While sadness slowly crept into the Creatorís heart,
Even after Noah weathered destruction forty days in the ark,
The world as He new it still needed another fresh start,
So He thought to Himself who could it be?
Thatís when a voice said Father send Me,
Are You sure? For most will not understand,
They will disrespect, be mean to and murder the Son of Man,
But I believe in and trust You, so yes I can,
The righteous need a Savior, thatís what I am.
Take care My son; Jesus will be Your name on earth,
You will be the only begotten one, of the miracle virgin birth,
Jesus loves, heals and saves,
All those who sincerely believe,
He shed blood, tears and pain,
To save the likes of you and me.
In return what He asked of us,
Was a relatively simple price to pay,
Just follow 10 laws of God our Father,
Given to Moses on the mountain that day.
However, for some unknown reason,
A lot of mankind has been lead astray,
Material things have seemed to take the place,
Of the plans God our Father laid out that day.
Of course our Father wants us to be successful and prosper,
But we kept going about it the wrong way,
His only son Jesus died on the cross for us,
Yet some of us still did not change.
What a very selfish world we reside in today,
Crime, suicide bombers, corrupt CEOís, the list will never end,
God our Father looks down and shakes His head,
All He ever wanted was for us was to be His friend.
Too many of us take this life for granted,
Not realizing Jesus is here to show us a better way,
Forgetting that life on earth is only temporary,
Come Judgment Day we all will have to pay.
God will not accept coupons,
There is no buy one and one gets in free,
Excuses will not be accepted,
Yet itís still not too late for you and me.
Our God is a loving and forgiving Father,
Thatís why His Son Jesus is here,
So why do many of us choose to be led astray?
Jesus doesnít want us far from Him but near.
Time is quickly coming to an end,
Yet itís not too late for each to play their part,
Itís not an expensive price to pay,
Simply believe in God and let Jesus into your heart!

©Luke Easter


Victory over Death

Itís almost Easter time,
When my Savior rose from the grave,
When I think of that glorious day,
My heart rejoices so full of praise.

Without the resurrection of Jesus,
There would be no victory over death.
But, on the third day He rose up from the grave
He made the way to pay our debt.

Never had he sinned, not once,
But paid the price for all,
For mankind committed the sins,
That nailed Him to the cross.

Nails, nailed down His feet together,
And nails were through his hands,
His side was pierced where blood poured out,
While men stood watching from the ground.

They mocked and scourged him,
And asked He save himself,
But Jesus knew the price that He must pay,
The price for mankindís sin, He knew it must be kept.

On Easter morning as the sun does rise,
Iíll remember Him on that day,
That Jesus paid the sacrificial price,
To provide for us a way.

Because He overcame, death, hell, and the grave,
And made a way for all.
Weíll have a home in glory,
To those who answer to His call.

©Faye Reyenga
1 / 1 / 2006



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