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Night And Day

Another day is dawning,
Did you have a sleepless night?
Or did you sleep so soundly,
That you woke up so bright?

For if you do feel tired,
And sleep did not come to thee,
Was it because of some thing you did?
But then did fail to see?

If that be the reason,
Just simply take a pause,
And ask in quiet reflection,
For forgiveness of the cause.

For we are all but sinners,
No matter what our race,
And the only way that we move ahead,
Is by God’s saving grace.

For the new day that has risen,
With the sun in the Eastern sky,
May well be the last chance that you get,
To receive, before you die.

So reach out now I beg you,
Do so without a fuss,
Embrace the gift that God has given,
To each and all of us.

There is only one condition,
If this gift you will receive,
And that is with all your heart,
You accept then to believe.

The gift was sent down to us,
As God’s only Son,
Then when He had done His work,
He proved that eternity had won.

But the day is not so long,
Before it is another night,
And you might never see another,
So be sure to get it right.

Put all things out before you,
But do so with some haste,
For you just do not know for certain,
When you will need God’s grace.

So as morning turns to evening,
Sit back and just recall,
And ask for blessings and forgiveness,
Before another night does fall.

Then you can retire much easier,
And of course you will feel right,
So if you awake next morning,
You’ll be sure to feel so bright.

©Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
5th January 2006
All Rights Reserved


Are We Sinners?

Do we still sin after asking the Lord into our hearts.
Are we cruel to others and think we are smart.
Do we walk in silence and turn our heads
When on others feet we tread.
Are we impostors and put on a happy face
Inside feeling all alone and out of place.
When someone wrongs us do we turn the other cheek
Talking behind our neighbors back and acting so meek.
Yes, we all are sinners striving to get to that promised land
Knowing who will be with us and who is holding our hand.
Jesus is our safe harbor and He came to free us from sin
We were covered by the Lambs blood the day we welcomed Him in.
Jesus will raise us up on eagles wings
He will refresh our souls like a clear over flowing spring.
Sins all forgiven by the pure white dove
The one who left us His unending love.

©Nancy Hoback
January 7, 2006



To My Soul Mate

Ahh, my love, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways~~

I love thee, because from the moment I saw you,
I loved you,

I love thee, because when I said “I do”, I meant
all the words, and plan to live by them.

I love thee, because when we had our children, we considered them an extension of our love

I love thee, because you appreciate all the little things I do, whether shopping or housework.

I love thee, because as I grow older and my hair
is changing color, you never mention it.

I love thee, because when I forget something, as I sometimes do now, you don’t make a big fuss about it.

I love thee, because growing older with you is more fun than I thought it would be, thank you!

Honey, I love you very much,
and thank God each day for ‘introducing us to each other’
..You are my true Soul-Mate!!

©Kentucky_Lady4 (Andrea)


Matters of the Heart

When your heart aches for something
Most precious to your life,
God has placed that heartache -
As He grieves in your strife.

When your heart aches for something,
God wants that for you, too.
For, He sent His Spirit,
Who resideth in you.

When your heart aches for something,
It's time for a fresh start;
As He forever cares
In matters of the heart.

© by Joyce C. Lock


Proverbs 4:23
I John 3:21-22, 24


I feel like a butterfly
emerging from my cocoon,
soon, very soon, I will fly.
They will try to keep me from flying,
but I will never stop trying.
As I soar through the sky,
you will hear my cry of freedom.
Life, with all it's wisdom,
has led me to this moment.
My cries grow louder,
as off in the distance,
I begin to see my future.
Fly, butterfly, fly.




Reflections Of Time

Reminiscing through the old photo book
Almost hard to believe how people change
Isn’t it quite amazing how we all looked?
Most of us do look a bit strange

Grandma looked so young then
I was almost three
Mama was gorgeous you’d call her a ten
And Grandma meant everything to me

Cousins, Aunts and Uncles in faded pictures
Back in time of stricter manners, and morals
Of black and white appeared to be caricatures
With similar ideals and goals

Older colored pictures have yellowed
Colored photos were a new invention
Although the people have mellowed
A marvel that brought so much attention

Copies of birth announcements now aged
Time passes so swiftly
Many now grown and engaged
Others are in college currently

Yet others have enlisted to serve and protect
We pray our Lord guides us in these difficult times
These years are so different as we reflect
So many memories as we gaze at the photos in frames

We cherish our age and all that we faced
We thank you Lord for all of life’s treasures
Times are most precious and we embrace
Happy we took time to enjoy simple pleasures

© Joyce Ann Geyer



To you, Oh Lord, I lift up my soul. I trust in
you, my God.
Psalms 25:1

I Must Confess

My soul does glorify the Lord God Almighty,
His existence reassures my heart and soul,
His Spirit resides in me every day and night
As I forge ahead to reach my ultimate goal,

My Spirit and Soul will live forever which God did create,
They will never die but will continue in the Heavenly plain,
God provides for me each day of my earthly life,
I have Hope, Love, Trust, and Faith in God within me where they will always remain.

My Soul does appreciate all of God's magnificent creations,
Knowing and believing and having Faith in God brings me much happiness,
My Soul does glorify my Lord God Almighty,
I have Love, Hope , Faith, and Trust in Him, I must confess.

©Anne  R.C. Neale


The Great Depression

Do You Remember the great depression?
The year of 1932.
Things were hard and full of struggles,
Any job would do.

We were very careful,
With what little that we had,
For wasteful living,
Only made it harder for my dad.

He worked two jobs most all the time,
And sometimes even three.
He worked at making wooden handles,
And night watched when he was free.

He gardened and milked the cow,
Raised turnips and sold them by the bunch,
He always managed to meet our needs,
Though our income wasn’t much

He departed from this life,
So many years ago,
But never will he be forgotten,
Because he loved us so.

He wasn’t perfect I’ll admit,
He had some faulty ways.
But when we are departed from this life,
We’ll leave faults in our past days.

No need to point a finger,
Or cast at those a stone,
For all mistakes were not made,
By one man all a lone.

©Faye Reyenga
12 / 9 / 2005






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