Painting Of Love, From The Master Painter

On a clear day, I see a painting in the sky
I see myself painted so loving and so new
When I look I see the wonder, people now can view
My eyes are the deepest blue
Like the ocean in the sky
My heart is red with color
From the Master who created
With His beautiful eyes
For He told me I am a miracle
He wanted all to see
So that is why He desired to paint the life of me

For He has seen me crying
He saw me laugh with joy
The picture of what He made
He loves to paint the beauty that He knows
And you can watch the color
He paints in my life to tell you so

If you wonder why I am painted
It is because I can feel
What makes a person
Who is so very real

Sometimes I did not think I could hold on to God
Who paints what others do not find
But God's art is all around me
I will see the Master Painter
In his own time

Jesus has protected me
As I walk in this world so true
When He paints me
The angels are singing too

I have seen His finished work
God was very kind
For He only painted the blessed things
Which He proudly shows
I am glad I met my Master Painter
For I love Him so.

Linda Ann Henry © 2006

Do you remember me
The people's poet ?

Cherish the Moments

The sweet little bundle,
I carry in my arms,
Smiles when he sees my face;
Making my heart all warm.

The joy in an infant
Learning to clap his hands,
A baby's first steps, or
Building castles out of sand ...

Life is an adventure,
Learning to ride his trike.
Growing even bigger,
He does tricks on his bike.

Toys give way to rides;
Making new friends in the world.
Sports become his major.
Then, friends give way to girls.

Receiving high honors
Becomes a campus man.
As life gets even busier,
He comes home when he can.

Next, the celebration,
"I found that special girl."
Marriage, then comes baby;
A precious little pearl.

That sweet little bundle,
I carried in my arms,
Smiles when he sees your face
And makes our hearts all warm.

© by Joyce C. Lock


Autumn's Delight

Autumn is almost here so brisk and cool,
And coffee on the deck is such a delightful thing.
Watching the sun rise over the horizon,
And waiting to see what the new day brings.

The humming birds will be leaving soon,
And gardening is just about over.
Time to relax a little and enjoy the season,
And time to smell the roses.

The leaves will soon start to fall,
Like feathers floating in the air.
The colors will be breath taking,
All the colors of the sunset will be there.

When I walk out in the morning,
The air just feels so nice,
And the closing of another season
Suddenly comes to mind.

We will put away those summer sneakers,
And bring out those toboggans for our heads,
And then at night when going to rest,
We’ll snuggle up in warm and cozy beds.

I love the freshness that fall brings,
Although it’s time to let the summer go,
To all the joys that summer brings,
The joys of winter we also know.

Then after a fleeting fall and winter,
Though things have all seemed dead,
Spring again will begin to blossom
As daffodils peek out their little heads.

Faye Reyenga
© 9 / 15 / 2006


A Golden Autumn

The Glory of God moves in the midst,
Of all the people every where,
Beautiful are the seasons that be,
As His beauty hands out His care.

The beauty of Autumn is like Spring,
When the leaves on Maples flower,
Spreading their sunshine like a carpet,
After a frost kissing shower.

How golden Autumns are glorious,
Like flaming sunsets ever bright,
Spectacular covers in blue skies,
Cast vibrant wonders in our sight.

You see the cooler breezes whisper,
Much lighter frosts to bring these glows,
And then the leaves for Autumn’s splendor,
Begin the show God so bestows.

As gentle winds whisper quietly,
Softly lifting to glisten leaves,
Painting colors vivid and so pure,
Hear the breathing of Autumn's breeze.

Kissed exquisitely and raised by God,
A golden Autumn bursts anew,
And the brilliance calls out as sunlight,
Redoing hills and valleys view.

Warm sunny days followed by cool nights,
Give fall colors their bright array,
Trees blazing as Indian Summer,
Are decorated to portray.

The light sound of rustling Autumn leaves,
Colored red or yellow or brown,
Hails the coming conclusion to Fall,
Soon the Winter season will crown.

Beautiful and golden are Autumns,
Delightful are festivities,
Pumpkins and corn stalk decorations,
Amongst fruits of antiquities.

©Sondra McPherson
06 September 2006


Sweet, Sweet Love

Sweet love reaches out,
To hold, soothe and caress,
Giving peace in times of trouble,
Your love withstands the test.

Oh Lord without You I am nothing,
Just a piece of unfinished clay,
I long to be nearer you Jesus,
Please guide each step I take today.

Your love completely encompasses,
Enveloping this earthly life I lead,
Help me my precious Lord Jesus,
Be an example of You; I thus plead.

It makes no difference the person,
All mortals belong to You, my King,
Forgiving sins and cleansing hearts,
To souls doth everlasting joy bring.

Reach out to me dear Savior,
Wipe away all that is not of You,
Replace in my heart knowledge,
How to show others Your love too.

Mold me Oh, my loving Master,
To be what You want me to be,
I will strive to do Your bidding,
Let my life show a trail to Thee.

I love you with all my heart Jesus,
Thank You for the time You lovingly spend,
Shaping me to live in the Your shadow,
Direct my steps along life’s trail as I wend.

Gayle Davis©
11 September 2006



Autumn Leaves ~ Harvest

Farmers busy with their crops
Apples, pumpkins to mention a few
Women with their pies and crafts
Harvest time has a lot to do

A chill in the air cooking stew
Darker colors of brown, gold and red
Preparing for winter with all plants
Grandma home baking bread

Children making hills of leaves
Playing, running and jumping onto piles
A new season of different fun
Colorful scenery around for miles

A time to wash and clean your windows
Fall cleaning making ready for holidays
Gathering recipes for Halloween
Deciding on clothing for cool fall days

Designing a face to carve on a pumpkin
Gives children a happy treat to do
Deciding on the costumes they want to wear
Having an indoor party will be something new

Keeping children off the street and safe
Gathering old clothing to make an outfit
Lets see… scarecrow, Cinderella or cowboy
Make-up, jewelry every little bit

Planning ahead is the key to a successful party
Let the children help, give them a part
Next, Thanksgiving perhaps the family will volunteer
Soon it will be time, and then we need another start

© Joyce Ann Geyer

Be of cheerful heart. It’s a fun season. Make it so!
Quote by Joyce



A Special Quilt of Love

Mamma sat by the fire, in her old rocking chair
Just dreaming about when all our family was here
She'd drawn up the quilt , not yet done
As she thought on the battles of life, she had won

She picked up some blue ,as clear as the skies
Matching in color, that of my daddy's eyes
Then near the center, would be dark colors of earth
Much like my hair, at the time of my birth

That pale yellow she'd sewn, from a piece over there
Was the shade that God placed in my sisters hair
Our eyes were like the browns you could see in a tree
Oh her children were such a great gift, don't you see

And my Daddy, was the strong thread she sewed all the while
Her memories of life with him always made her smile
Sometimes she'd ask me for advice as I watched her sow
When she'd finished her quilt, all squares in a row

To her we all were here, and no one had gone away
We would all be here forever, with her everyday
She'd tell me the reasons for the colors she'd use
From memories of things, that helped her to choose

About my baby shoes, kept polished so white
The color of stars that came in the night
Hand me downs, sometimes made from an old flour sack
Quilts she had made, on a broomstick clothes rack

All the cloth had been torn with great care
And quilted into covers, like ones she'd seen somewhere
There were the remnants of things once brand new
There weren't very many as these were precious and few

The color she called Love, made her wonder so much
She said it was special and was soft to the touch
Her and Daddy use to sit out on the old porch swing
They'd read the worn Bible that Granny would bring

That day I discovered, she'd had passed away
I found her holding her quilt on that day
The very last patch was there in her lap
A smile on her face as if taking a nap

I know for sure, that she left me that gift
Intended to help me, and my spirits to lift.
The large patch was in my color, so easy to see
I know she meant to leave the quilt for me.




The End of the Day

As twilight quietly descends
Then slowly turns to night,
The moon in all its glory
Fills the world with light.

The fragrance of the woodbine
Still lingers in the air,
At the end of a summer's day
Quietude is everywhere.

I sit by my window and watch
As the very first star appears;
Here there is peace in my heart
As I slowly turn back the years.

I remember loved ones now gone,
And friends who are far away,
Sweet memories bring me joy
As night bids farewell to the day.

©Marian Jones 2006





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