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A Picture On My Wall

An empty wall in the living room
a space so very bare
Needed something special
Something to make me stare

I found a picture and a frame
something out of the past
Something that made me remember
something that would always last

A Memory of my childhood
of Family and my Friends
Heartfelt memories remembered
is what that picture sends

No longer empty when I look
My eyes see yesterday today
A picture placed upon a wall
"Remember" it will always say

©Mr. Doug




No one could have survived the pain
And deep whip lashes, He was thrashed again and again,
Then He was placed upon the cross,
Where He died which we all know ,of course,

His Body was placed in Joseph's tomb,
His body was the only one sealed in the room, ,
Three days later it was found empty, then,
He had Risen from the dead, from His tomb, Amen.

Five hundred and fifteen people saw him alive later on earth,
After His resurrection and after His rebirth,
Peter was first, then His 12 disciples too,
Then 500 people together saw Him in their view,

Next James saw Him, 515 people totaled in all,
This was the proof He lived, His mind, body and soul,
The crucifixion took place around 30 A.D
Some of the eye witness were still alive when Paul wrote about it, 35 AD.

The proof is there, He died for our sins,
This just didn't happen on a whim,
The Resurrection did happen, He showed us the way,
There is life after death, He is still alive in Heaven today.

Anne R.C. Neale


Proclaimed The King

For years Iíve walked beside the One
who hung the moon, the stars, the sun.
He keeps me near. He keeps me straight.
He holds me dear. He holds my fate.

He leads me through lifeís temptations
and sets my feet on solid foundations.

I give Him honor.
I give Him glory.
I find my Best Friend
as I read His story.

I proclaim Him The King of Kings
and state His love with bells that tings.
I keep my focus sharp on Him.
as heir of His, I am His limb.

I am His sheep in His pasture
and when He calls, I run faster.

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Mighty Counselor, Prince of Peace
The Great I Am, us...He adores
His love of mankind will never cease.

© 2006 Carol Dee Meeks


Now, I Pour My Love On You

Behold, the woman but a sinner,
Who knew Jesus was gathered there,
Brought fragrant oil to anoint His feet,
Loved Him much and graced Him with care.

Standing beside Jesus she knelt down,
At His feet she began to cry,
Her warm tears were dropping one by one,
Falling on top His feet to lie.

With her long tresses she wiped His feet,
As she washed them with all her tears,
She kissed and anointed them with oil,
Perfumed, costly and rare of years.

Humble and gracious was her worship,
Her heart being sad and lonely,
She loved Jesus and sought forgiveness,
From Him, her honored Lord only.

How she poured all her love on Jesus,
She gave her heart and welcomed in,
Her Lord she loved much, she gave her all,
And Jesus felt, forgiving sin.

There were those who said who is this man,
Who forgives, but this woman knew,
Jesus was Lord and her faith saved her,
A sinful wasted life born new.

Behold, the woman but a sinner,
Left in peace, no more a disgrace,
But a freshly cleansed heart and new life,
In Jesus, she was saved by grace.

©Sondra McPherson
22 April 2006


The Beauty Of The Seasons

I saw the seasons changing,
As leaves turned gold and red,
Falling by my window sill.
As I prepared for bed.

As temperatures keep dropping,
And chill does fill the air,
The warmth inside my room,
Relieves me of all care.

Leaves floating in the air,
Like angel wings in flight,
While reflections through my window.
Brings comfort through the night.

I pull the covers snugly,
Around my neck so tight.
To keep the chill of winter out,
And sleep warmly through the night.

Dawn will come again,
With beauty all around,
But soon again another change,
And snow will cover the ground.

Thank God for all this beauty,
For the seasons we all love.
And all these blessings we enjoy,
All come from God above.

Faye Reyenga ©
11 / 26 / 2004




You see them falling one by one
When the nearness of winter comes
They're piled in gutters and on lawns
When frost your fingers numbs
They're fun to jump in from on high
And land with a thud, 'ker-plop'
Or toss them up and rain them down
Hoping the joy will never stop
Then they're carted off in plastic bags
By Dads and teen-aged boys
The fun is gone, so it's back inside
To play with your other toys.

© David Allen Kelly


Meditating on Time

Do you have the time?
Time does not stand still.
It flies by, where does it go?
Past time has gone where men have been.
Present time is where men are now.
Future time will soon go by,
and men will follow it.
Time is what we make of it,
What do we do with our time?
How well do we use it?
Time can be given in so many ways.
We can take time to care and share.
We can take time to give and live.
Time can be anything.
Some days, we have a lot of time.
Some days, we don't have enough time.
What is time? Time is free!
There are times we can look back on time.
Time shall last forever.
Do you have the time?

© Lorraine Daudelin


As Fall Of Autumn Appears

It is the time of year for Fall to enter
With colors all over before the winter
Along country roads which surround me
As I see the leaves upon each tree

Beautiful colors of gold, orange and brown
Are seen all over and around
Autumn will bring a cool of air
With bright sun shining everywhere

This is my favorite time of year
Before the freezing days appear
As l enjoy this beautiful season
When I look around, I see its reason

God in His wisdom put the seasons together
In wondrous ways He controls the weather
After sunshine rays on hot summer days
He sends cooler days for us to give praise

© 2006 Ethel GG Kent













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