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God Always Wins

If ever there was a night so wrong,
It's giving praises to satanic thrones -

Giving him credit when everything's amiss;
Forgetting God and who He is.

For, in the night, there should be song;
Rejoicing in light until it is shone ...

Letting God carry you through,
Until He's shown His love toward you.

It doesn't matter the tactic or scare,
Our Heavenly Father is always there.

For when the battle comes to an end,
We're reminded again ~ God always wins!

© by Joyce C. Lock


Whole Heartily Salty

Following Christ can be risky,
Trying, testy, even frisky.
Following Him, and change is costly.
Following Him can also be deadly.

We are to be in total submission to Him.
We are to lose all worldly ambition for Him.
In the world where there is good,
We need to embrace it like Jesus would.

We need to savor and spread Christ’s favor
Like salt in our foods bringing us flavor.
For salt preserves the food we eat.
Our spice sends light to those we meet.

A man in construction will plan his plot.
A warrior in war will perfect his shot.
They’ll be precise and accurate.
They’ll be models and moderate.

Just as we should when we follow Christ.
Just as we should when we focus on Christ.
If we give Him our heart, body, and soul,
He’ll reward us abundantly at His Super Bowl!

© 2006 Carol Dee Meeks


Red Rose

I believe love flows to another,
And it grows till the other knows,
Like a sweet aroma whispering,
Will overwhelm as the red rose.

And I know love has its sweetest glow,
Anticipating that promise,
That excitement feeling I love you,
And everlastingly that kiss.

Yes I feel love longs to be expressed,
In two hearts that believe in love,
That it was bestowed especially,
A gift by the Father Above.

A promise of hope conveys bouquets,
To nourish hearts with love to those,
Whose heart’s desire is to be one,
Giving forth scents as the red rose.

When a heart pleasures in a tremble,
Expectancies rise to behold,
That sweet symbol of love's betrothal,
As cherished words of old are told.

I believe a love ever flowers,
Unfolding nevermore to close,
For it blossoms in maturity,
So like the beautiful red rose.

©Sondra McPherson
03 November 2006


Want Me To Read To You?

Hello little kitty cat,
Want me to read to you,
I can tell you about the Bible,
And all the things Jesus can do.

You see He made a man,
Put him in a garden rich and green,
Gave to him a pretty wife,
The first woman ever seen.

Hey kitty cat be still and sit down,
I am not through reading yet,
I know a story you will like,
A fish as big as a house I bet.

He swallowed a man named Jonah,
He did not do what God said,
So the fish's belly is where he went,
I bet that was not a comfortable bed!

Here is a story about Noah,
A man God told to build the ark,
Others stood around and just laughed,
They made many unkind remarks.

Noah did what God said,
Took animals two by two,
Put them in that big ole boat,
His wife and children too.

It rained and rained and rained some more,
Water covered the earth everywhere,
And that big boat landed on a mountain,
Then they got out and each said a prayer.

Remember about Daniel,
They put him in a lion's den,
He did not get eaten up,
God took good care of him back then.

There were three men in the Bible,
Put in a furnace of really hot fire,
They did not get a single burn,
An angel even protected their hair.

Oh, there is a story about a baby,
Born on the very first Christmas Day,
That is why we celebrate and give gifts,
We are showing love God's way.

It tells us all about God's love,
He sent His only Son to die,
To make our hearts so pure and white,
Oh little kitty that makes me cry.

He loved us so much,
Just like I love you,
I will take care of your needs,
That is what Jesus would do.

I love you little kitty cat,
You make me happy you know,
Together we will be real good,
Come on kitty cat it off to bed we go.

Gayle Davis©
06 November 2006



Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Oh my dearest, do come with me,
And gaze across the sand,
You will see them just there standing,
Those seats that do there stand.

Yes, side-by-side they’re standing,
As if place for you and me,
In the romance of the setting,
Beside the bright blue sea.

Let us walk down there together,
And take our seats beside the bay,
Spend time thinking of tomorrow,
Or perhaps, things of yesterday.

We can spend our time just sharing,
Our triumphs and our woes,
And feel the calmness of the ocean,
As the water laps our toes.

We can sit in total silence,
As we do think so deep,
Or perhaps pledge to one another,
That our love we will just keep.

So my loved one I do ask you,
To take me by the hand,
Move to the water’s edge now with me,
To those seats upon the sand.

The beauty of the setting,
Is one I do not wish to miss,
So come with me into the future,
And share an everlasting kiss.

Now, as we move towards them,
Where this leads we do not know,
One thing that I am feeling,
Are thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
13th March 2006
All Rights Reserved



Wish I Could

Wish I could change places with you
and alleviate your pain for a day or two.

Wish I could give you a pain free day.
For you this is what I often pray.

Wish I could dry your each and every tear.
To me you are special and very dear.

Wish I could have anything I choose.
It would be for you never to have the blues.

Wish I could lighten your heavy load
as you travel down life’s difficult road.

These things I cannot do. Instead I send love.
One thing you can never have too much of.

I do know a way to brighten your day
and chase your dreary cares away.

I can offer you a big dose of hope
to help with your heavy cross cope.

I need only to remind you
God loves you and really does care.
He will never give you
more than you can bear.

I do the only thing
I know how to do.
And that is to pray often
just for you.

©Richard E Funnell


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