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Time Moves On

I realize as I am thinking,
Where have all those years just gone?
For no matter how we live them,
That time will just move on.

Like the tides that move the oceans,
From West side to the East,
Time continues onwards,
And it’s you that matters least.

It’s not how many years you spend,
And walk this troubled Earth,
But what you have done with them,
That tends to prove your worth.

We can ignore our neighbors,
Our friends, and our family,
But on that day that time does stop,
Judgment is what you’ll see

So as you stand before Him,
And God does ask of you,
Just what is it you will answer,
To the question, “What did you do?”

And although your time is finished,
And it does not matter anymore,
Time moves on for all left living,
And so it will for sure.

So before that time does stop for you,
Be sure that you’ve fought the fight,
And trod the path of righteousness,
Then things will turn out right.

Yes, time moves on regardless,
But one day your time has run,
Too late to choose your pathway,
And you’ll be judged on what you’ve done.

You may have days before you,
Or years, you just don’t know,
But remember that time is needed,
To repent before you go.

For we know that God will listen,
And through His Holy Son,
He calls you back towards Him,
But remember time moves on.

Yes, time moves on forever,
But for you it might now still,
So do not put off until tomorrow,
And choose today to do God’s will.

Dark Blue Knight
All Rights Reserved



Music and Memories
From Our Wonderful Choir

Often your beautiful music brings a tear
Brings back memories of a mom very dear

Recall singing in the choir when quite young
Main reason I recall the songs you have sung

Takes me back to the church where I was saved
Had love but the driveway was not even paved

Like Refuge Baptist, we had love and caring galore
Every Sunday a message from God was in store

It hurt to turn down Rick’s choir invite
But I did the only thing that was morally right

With this choir I would love to be a part
But my vocal cords no more can I get to start

To the choir my singing is not a promising fate
Either I sing a note too low or a moment too late

Thank you for the invite to join you to sing
Memories continue with each song you sing

Instead of a participant a spectator I be
Fine with me because your music is heavenly.

Thank you choir for the musical memories
you bring to us week after week.
We appreciate your songs of praise
while God’s message we seek.

©Richard E. Funnell
 November 2006


Annual Thanks

The season of thanksgiving
and reason we are living
upon America’s banks
highlights time for forgiving.

On the shores from east to west,
remembering the Pilgrim’s quest
when they landed on Plymouth Rock;
the Mayflower trip was full of zest.

On their knees they offered thanks
for new home and future ranks.
Landing safe with newborn hope,
freedom flowed among new dranks.

Every year we now remember,
celebrate with household members,
giving thanks this time this season
honoring the holiday of November.

© 2006 Carol Dee Meeks



The Good Lord Gives Us Burdens

The Good Lord gives us burdens
Why - only heaven knows
challenges so filled with strife
that pain and a tear drop flows

Why do you think this happens
Why do we suffer this strife
Why put these loads upon us
Why disrupt our daily life

Sorta/kinda think I know
Why he challenges us this way
To keep us caring and sharing
with those we love each day

We're not to feel the status quo
routines the same each day
But rather give with willingness
a heart and help "Our" way

So question not the burdens
that the Good Lord asks you to do
Extend the gracious Love you have
Ease the burden asked of you

©Mr. Doug



The Passing Time

The clock ticks slowly,
Yet time swiftly passes,
I wish the hands would stop,
Seconds freeze, halting the crisis.

I dread the ticking, time's movement,
My soul cries out for cessation,
Yet the seconds count on and on,
Creating inside me a cold resignation.

The detested countdown has begun,
With it's movement, my heart is breaking,
Too quickly I must face the truth,
Life is e'er cruel and ruthless in it's taking.

Tears fall, hurt is paramount,
I can't seem to find any reason,
You deserve much better than this,
In the autumn of life's season.

I pray for needed understanding,
But find none within my seeking grasp,
May God bless my desperate soul,
Deep anger is my sole repast.

Gayle Davis©
January 6, 2006



I Am There

When times are hard and days seem weary, I am there.
I am ever waiting, when you bow your head in prayer.
I told you, when you are too tired or scared to cry,
I am there, my son, my daughter. It is I who stands by.

I was there when you were born. Your family loved you so.
It is I that will be there when you die. To Heaven I'd have you go.
Look up to the sky. I am farther away, but in your heart.
Though sometimes, you leave me out for a bit, I shall not part.

I am there when you fall. I lift you up and take you back, again.
I hold you closely to my heart and make you clean from sin.
Temptation comes to you and I know, at times, you cannot refrain.
When you fall again; your life feels cold as the winter rain.

I'm there when you or a loved one is ill; when a babe is born.
I will be there when you leave this world. I will help the babe to mourn.
I'm there, with you, when the rains fall or snow is upon the ground.
When you go through trials and tribulations, I can be found.

©Pearlie Walker


Just Remembering

I'd like to be with you today,
If only for a while,
I'd like to share your company,
And see your cheery smile,
But since that seems impossible,
I'll do the next best thing,
And visit you in heart and thought,
By just remembering.

©Dave Allen Kelly



A Prayer Of Thanksgiving

Lord, I thank you for my sight,
For the absence of darkness,
And the presence of light!
The many beautiful scenes I behold,
Are more precious than possessions of silver and gold!
I thank you Lord, for being able to hear,
Familiar sounds falling on my ears!
I hear a grandchild’s laughter,
And within my breast,
I realize just how much,
I am abundantly blessed!
The embrace of a loved one,
And the touch of a hand,
Strengthens, reassures, and makes me feel grand!
Ah yes, I thank You for being able to walk,
And oh what a blessing is the ability to talk!
Lord, let me convey to others the good news I’ve heard,
And otherwise learn to measure each word.
Thank You for each breath and each beat of my heart,
And yes, thank You for each functioning body part!
I am forever grateful for the plan of salvation,
And for being born in America,

A truly blessed nation!
Lord, I thank You for the things I possess!
I often take them for granted, I confess.
I am blessed being able to work each day,
To make money for the bills I have to pay.
I thank You for my family, dear Lord!
How sweetly we can dwell in one accord!
We can worship together,
For our goal is the same!
It is lifting up Your Holy and Righteous Name!
Finally Lord, I thank you for being my Friend,
And promising to be with me until the end!

©Robert F. Dotson



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